1. @Charles L Jones I can honor them because they knew that tyrants must be held accountable, given that people ARE THE GOVERNMENT and have a civic duty to reign them in, even if a rebellion is required.

      “Congress may carry on the most wicked and pernicious of schemes under the dark veil of secrecy. The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.” —Patrick Henry

      The above quote is apropos even today, given the surreptitious means by which the Democrats stole the election of 2020.

    1. @Baldrick’s Cunning Plan proud boys organized to beach the capital and organized to get as many proud boys to DC as possible. All of them dressed for physical combat.

    2. @Charles L Jones Fact checkers lol. We know all about the fact checkers. More like fact inventors to fit the narrative.
      Nobody works for you either.

  1. How so many people can join a group like this, blindly follow the words of one man, and commit actions in his name is just mind-boggling! The fact that they are glad that they did this and stand by their actions just shows how cruel and unsympathetic they are!

    1. @Ganieda Morgan Remember you can fool some of the people all of the time; you can fool all of the people some of the time… .. they fall into the some of the…. still seems incredible that people can be so easily dupped by such a freaking stupid #&@!

  2. I’m a nerd. I was watching CNN when this happened. It was crazy. The reporters, even on Fox, we’re shocked in real time

    1. @Obnoxiously_yours funny thing …..truth …..with validated evidence ……isn’t biased …..it’s just fact.

    2. I had coincidentally taken a sick day Jan 6th and was also watching the news. I was texting a mile a minute with my friends and family. We were transfixed. Texting OMG EVERYONE is in there!!

    3. @Obnoxiously_yours while the world watched what was unfolding with the American Government. didn’t happen? Okay got it!!!

    1. Its not a waste of time but its just frustrating because in the end, he still won’t get charged.

  3. It’s worth the time we waited for this thorough investigation – as frustrating as the waiting was.

    1. Don’t get too excited yet. If this doesn’t lead to any kind of action by the DOJ, it will ultimately amount to nothing more than an expensive show and tell.

    2. @Chris Albert Everybody should contact the DOJ directly. The Dept. of Justice maintains a secure website. It takes 3-5 minutes to visit their Contact page; the online form needs only name and email, and if you take a screen print you will have a record with a timestamp.

    1. I know this is serious, but
      I thought this was funny, as a math major..
      Future SAT math problem: “if the proudboys numbers increased exponentially AND tripled in number, how many members did they start out with?”

      e)all of the above

  4. I think those who were jailed should have their citizenship stripped, and be deported to some places like North Korea or Russia.

    1. @ Quons Lecn “….That or either too the Gulag’s or do just what the CONSTITUTION says, “TREASON IS PUNISHABLE BY DEATH”, those are the only options”!!! G-MOMMEE

    1. “….DEAR “(“GOD”)”, from Robert Wright’s lips too your ears IJN, may this be so, AAAAMMMMEEEENNNN”!!! G-MOMMEE


  5. I do wonder how many Republicans (politicians and voters) don’t condemn such words, behaviour and actions.

  6. It would be great if the GOP base would understand that being louder than the rest of the country does not mean your view is shared by the majority. It would be great if the rest of the country would understand that not standing up to the vocal minority is how democracies die.

    1. I’ve been a champion of not staying quiet…Always keeping fact based and kind about my comments, but forceful about my disdain for lies and liars…and you would not believe the amount of my friends that have personally come up to me and told me to stop. So I second this sentiment. It would be great if the rest of the country would understand that not standing up to the vocal minority is how democracies (or Republics if you want to nitpick the word) die.

    2. @Michae Dove absolutely right ! Get in their face and scream if needed sometimes it takes a little crazy to match and wake up crazy.
      Keep screaming brother justice is coming!✌️

  7. I am an outsider, yet I have been waiting for this eagerly. I truly hope for Justice for all Americans, whatever Colour and Creed. Justice must be served!

  8. Watching this from Canada it breaks my heart again. If our prime minister came close to doing all the things trump did he would be forced to resign immediately. I can’t believe republicans make no effort to make their party honourable again, this is mass mental illness. Don’t worry about your northern border republicans, absolutely no desire to visit crazy land! Would love to return and spend my money when and if sanity returns.

    1. @Dboy 66789 Oh don’t worry. Us Canadians are more than happy to stay put and are proud of those things that differ us from you. But I agree. Sanity will prevail down there in Chaosville! Best of luck! 🙂

  9. Speaks to the intelligence of these “proud boys” when this guy equates “tripling” to “exponential.”

  10. I hope and pray they all serve time in prison. How in the realm of this world can they not be punished, we the American people commit any wrongdoing in general we don’t simply get away with it we get punished. It just goes to show that wealth and influence is the ultimate currency to complete immunity to any wrongdoing. If your poor you are obligated to follow all the rules and are treated as such the bottom of the barrel. On the other hand , if your really wealthy and have a lot of influence well you don’t have to follow the everyday norms of the rules and regulations. It has been displayed already trump and every republican are still in power any don’t seem to worried about getting into any trouble because of their power and influence.

  11. ALL politicians regardless of their party should be held accountable for their actions if proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    1. Deflect the hell out of it, you go boy ! 🙄 just how exactly is this BOTH parties??? Yer nuts if you really think that – the truth is the truth.

    1. “…Nope, not unless they use the thing that these insurrectionist tried too do in the first place & that would be the CONSTITUTION, it states that “TREASON IS PUNISHABLE BY DEATH”, now that would be the eye opener of the highest deterrent an setting the example too make sure this is never tried again”!!! G-MOMMEE

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