Proud Boys Threats Cancel Clark County, Nevada GOP Meeting 1

Proud Boys Threats Cancel Clark County, Nevada GOP Meeting


A Nevada Republican meeting was cancelled due to alleged threats from the Proud Boys. Nevada Independent Editor and MSNBC Political Analyst Jon Ralston comments.

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    1. It’s the same conservatives that wouldn’t consider adding a supreme court justice a year out from Obama’s end of term because too close to end, but pushed theirs through within a year of Trump’s end of term. No bigger hypocrites than the Republican party.

    2. @Luis Rosales yet it’s the GOP who are cancelling meetings in fear of their own base — imagine that.

  1. Wow..Republicans openly supporting far right hate groups. Who could have seen THIS coming?

    1. @UC60Ow-KymgL0zE6046lcvEA

      Ohhhhhhhh. I touched a nerve. Am I right, mass shooting Kathy?

  2. Here yah go. Have fun dealing with what you created you “conservatives”. Thanks for bringing violence and extremism to American politics.

    1. @Lynn World The only news you guys are interested in are conspiracy theories…you’re all a bunch of loonies!

    2. @Lynn World As Miranda Priestly said, “Did you fall down and smack your head?”

      Holy Jesus! You’re a nut bag.

    3. @mark kimbrell Rightwing Republicans at it again. What a tragedy, please stop giving them guns

    1. Gremlinn7, actually there were terror groups among the anti abortion groups. Several were involved in bombings of abortion clinics, and the murder of doctors.

    2. @wee huddy not surprising – in Canada the ‘Conservative Party’ is farther left than the US Democrats they don’t have a right-wing party it’s just Left or More Left.

    3. @A LT Same in all the G20 countries . UK , Australia and New Zealand’s ‘ conservative ‘ parties are way to the left of the Democratic Party . None of them would dream about removing universal healthcare .

    1. @P1 Smith Nope.
      They only wear LGBTQ Kilts.
      Yellow and black tartan.

      You figure out why they chose “yellow”.

    2. Nancy Ross it was stated last week on social media because he didn’t PARDON them and their attorney was talking about TRUMP and how he lied and brainwashed his supporters because proud boys are still locked up in Washington. They also said that they are no longer supporting him. They said F TRUMP.

    3. They are no longer his boys because he left them and they are still in jail in Washington. They said F TRUMP and those other supporters who are still locked up said that he lie to them for 4 years and they are in jail because of a lie their attorney said.

    1. @Opera Singer Obviously you are not smart enough to figure that one out and I could educate you but go ahead and stay bitter and confused.

    2. @Rusty Shackleford Don’t doubt the rainbow sh*t for a minute.Your kinda thing huh? But yeah, Democrackheads cheated.

    3. @Br1gHtBVrN Cause it is a waste of money but they better watch it cause if the truth comes out this will also backfire.I have seen the evidence of this being a Democrackhead staged event.

    4. @CHEESEHEAD : if they’re all taking the same marching orders when they vote, what is the MEANINGFUL difference?

    1. @Gregory Youngs, have a hamberder and some covefe and stop letting your emotions get to you, spanky bone spurs isn’t coming back to save you!

    2. @Vicki Richardville for your information the only person I rely on is myself !
      It’s a shame the Biden administration wants to bottle feed the video game generation .
      That’s socialism , next step communism , after that repression.
      You poor souls .

    3. @Gregory Youngs, Lmao! Sorry you got you’re little fifis hurt! Keep crying over your mango Mussolini and he’ll let you have conjugal visits with him!

  3. What’s hilarious about the Proud Boys is they got their name from a Disney show tune.

    1. They only do it when marching for unrest, doing it to protect fellow citizens would be considered unmanly.

  4. The proud boys vigilante terrorist group needs to be watched closely, they were in on the Jan 6 insurrection!

    1. @Bill Rodriguez you catch on quick it’s just too bad you haven’t figured out why yet. You do know that the supreme Court ruled that their job is not to protect you on multiple occasions and that they are not obligated to put themselves in harm’s Way on multiplications right? They can arrest you for laws that don’t exist and you can still be incarcerated and have to defend yourself in court f*** the police yo the system’s broken this s*** harkens back to the time of slavery but you probably don’t know your history either I’ll give you a hint you’re racing towards it I’m not your f****** enemy yo

    2. @Rusty Shackleford is a Jim Crow 2.0 Democrat racial hatred klan member. Spew the crossover Big Lie.

  5. These government members should have these groups arrested for their threats of violence.

  6. Are they going to be dealt with like terrorists now or are they going to be given candy and a pat on the head?

  7. Is there anyone connected to Trump, including family members, who isn’t a criminal, liar, in jail, or under investigation?

  8. It was all fun and games until Republicans realized the terrorists they nurtured and encouraged will go after them too. Poetic justice at its finest.

    1. Its great to see Republicans eat themselves but also a bit scary to see how many of them agree with white nationalists and right wing terrorists.

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