1. Tax payers, in the future. Sometimes you need to spend money to save money. It may cost money to repair a roof, but it will be more expensive to fix the devastating brought about by a year of doing nothing.

    2. @Jakob Peter Raahauge But if it’s your roof, I would prefer that you spend your own money and NOT public money to pay the repair. Most of these long term care homes are PRIVATELY OWNED.

    1. This is not a new “giveaway.” It is part of a previous spending package the government offered to the provinces, one which Conservative Doug Ford complained was not enough.

  1. Here we go yet again, public money (note that I didn’t say tax money because this is borowed money) is used to fund private companies. Most of these long term care homes are privately corporations.

  2. Are you investigating financial sources for the 18 spies who signed that letter, particularly the CSIS chief, Yves Fortier?

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