Psychiatrist: ‘Donald Trump Is Delusional’ Even Out Of Office 1

Psychiatrist: ‘Donald Trump Is Delusional’ Even Out Of Office


Dr. Lance Dodes, retired Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Donald Trump reportedly making false claims that he will be “reinstated” as president by August and why “lack of power is the thing Trump can’t stand and doesn’t acknowledge.”
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  1. 74 million people are blindly following a crazy guy. I want to hear a shrink tell us how we deal with THAT

    1. @Angela Canete Oh dear, another loony supporter of the world’s most prolific liar . It’s people like you that have destroyed your country and your country’s reputation.

    2. @Martin Shewfelt Yet another loony like Angela Canete who can’t see what damage they’ve done to your country and it’s reputation worldwide. We applaud Biden for doing his best to repair the damage.

    1. Lol very true Mary is very smart she nos him better than anybody remember she grew up in the family

  2. Trump becoming “more psychotic”?

    I didn’t know there was any room to move in that direction.

    1. TampaDaves
      Well the Democrats set the target so until Trump gets as psychotic than them he has plenty of room

    2. Yes he is getting more and more mentally off. Alit can happen before 2024. Trump u will not be there.

    1. @TakeNoGuff But We Speak of what Drumpf knows nothing about… there’s a difference.
      Oh, wait… is that You IVANka?

    2. @scott bowling Show us the False accusations… and as for the fraud… YOU need to run to the WHITE house… contact Jared, or Stephen Miller, or Mike Pompeo, or Kayleigh “never McEnany” sense… or Mike Pence, or Moscow… and show them Your proof. You’ll be rewarded so Bigly… You’ll become Director of the FBI!

  3. Trump​ ​has never lived in the real world, his whole life is a fantasy. Sad to be so unhinged your whole life and somehow believe that in fact you are blessed.

    1. @John B i heard the qupublicans yelling about locking Hillary up the other day talk about living rent free! She is so irrelevant yet you fools still whine about her

    2. @John B Let’s get something clear here, John: #45 has been a danger to this country and still is, given the nature of his cult. He doesn’t live rent free except to those he cons. We’re ready to make any future talk about him in the past tense. Bring him to justice; remember what he said about Schiff and treason merely for the congressman doing his job; it should be applied to him.

    3. And the Republicans are the same to make him think they’re following him just bc their afraid of him. I’m not afraid of him and they deserve to be primaries.

    4. @Jim Keogh Oh brother…….. “Afraid” of DJT. Interesting. He was.a good POTUS. He did what he said he was going to do. He lost the election in 2020 due to lies and fraud. The current idiots in the WH are pathetic. A frail, bumbling old man and a laughing hyena. Yikes we are doomed

  4. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” – Voltaire

  5. “Steals the steal” is his worst lie & most money making con. However, having to repeat the lie has made him looks insane. His supporters do like his kool aid.

    1. Robert – He could care less about how he looks or sounds to us. It’s his base he only talks to. They lap it up like cats at the milk bowl, and that feeds his ego even more. A real insight was when he told the rioters from 1/6 that “we love you, you’re special”. Sums it up as to what kind of people we’re dealing with here. Dems better wake up and be ready… we’re very likely headed for actual physical civil war. They are not going to stop.

  6. … “delusions of grandeur” and he has had the condition all his life and has managed to gas – light his followers …

    1. It’s weird to watch people, like more than one, lining up to ‘buy a bridge’

  7. Demension headings toward Altimer. He keep repeating himself like my late mom He can’t help himself He losing it He going mad Cause he stress out My late mom was just chilling like a child

  8. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”

    Trump is getting more and more delusional that he needs to go to jail now

    1. Voltaire if he were still alive, would Say DJT, is cut from the Same Cloth Charlie Manson Was !!!! What a Shame People Have to Be so Nasty and Cruel !!!

  9. The fact that he even thinks he can be re-instated shows he had absolutely no idea of the workings of Govt of which he was like a child put in charge of.

    1. Sad thing is you people still believe msm…officer sicknick ring a bell? Indict trump…do it please!!!!! You won’t..your argument is baseless and you’ll expose your corruption even farther..btw how you liking fauci lol…

    2. @Sammy Flores a greedy old man that’s net worth went down 1.5 billion in office and gave away his salary,you people need to read the headline and look up what delusional means..get ready cause orange man RAD is coming back..very soon!!!!

  10. The GRIFT That keeps on giving-its all about filling his pocket s off those who fall for the-BIG-LIE.

  11. Simply put, the Man is out of touch with reality, delusional, as well as just plain CRAZY!!!

  12. trump: “I will be reinstated by August”. Translation: So keep those donations coming..I’ve got a lot of legal fees….

    1. Well let’s hope they do because he one very dangerous person n all those delusional people that follow him makes it dangerous.

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