Psychiatrist On Trump’s ‘Dangerous’ Response To Coronavirus Crisis | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. He looks insane. He looks like he’s on the edge of becoming those psych ward patients the extreme psych ward patients

    1. @Quiche Lorraine…… I like the way you think there Quiche !!!………….dear god there are some really misinformed people on this site………they have swallowed the leftist bait…….hook, line, sinker, and boat……..sad……..

    2. @LM Parker I happen to be “one of those folks” and am in no need of anyone’s “sympathy”. I practice sound prevention measures and use homeopathic treatments when I do get sick. I save up for basic medical care and am extremely reluctant to utilize social services as there are others who are less able than I am.

      Viral disease come and go…and Trump is advocating using common sense in aiding oneself to minimize their risks of contracting Covid-19. I can respect him for that.

      You folks need to open your eyes up to the smoke and mirror show you’ve been watching that is sponsored by Socialistic Democrats and others whose only goal is to put money in their pockets and instill fear at unreasonable levels in the under-educated general population

      In other words – for the love of God – take off the blue shades and stop drinking that blue kool-aid.

    3. @Jaimee McDivitt Wasn’t feeling bad in the first place just dumbfounded by the rush to condemn a man when all the facts are not in yet by people who are obviously victims of fear monsters.

      Thank God I had the grandparents I had – good country folk who encouraged one to be self-reliant, to remain calm in the face of adversity and not give into irrational and so far unfounded fears.

  2. Trump: “So the CDC says science will be required to fight this coronavirus.”

    Aide: “Yes sir”

    Trump: “Isn’t Pence into science?!”

    Aide: “Pence doesn’t believe in science Mr. President.”

    Trump: “Fantastic! We’ll have him head the taskforce so the economy can get moving again.”

  3. When has Trump demonstrated any knowledge of the stock market?

    Apart from attempting to manipulate it and make $$$ like his father did.

    1. @JoAnn Holmes You need to read and listen to this short video:


      UNHINGED: Democrat John Garamendi threatens President Trump’s son
      with physical violence:
      “He should not be near me when he says that. There would be a serious altercation… Don Jr. had better not get any place close to me. It would not be a healthy situation.”


    2. @patricia lafountain Trump doesn’t understand money or the stock market. He’s lost billions and failed miserably in business.

    3. Stock market rise due to bond and buy back, now America has a massive corporate debt, if Federal Reserve doesn’t lower the interest countless of companies are going to breach over the summer

    4. Oh I think he’s done pretty well so far – especially as he is self funding unlike previous administrations….Bernie Sanders has just joined the millionaires club – not by his own business acumen but by paraciting off the tax payer.

    1. You have to seriously wonder about his supporters IQ or mental state. Do any one them ever bother to check him claims ? Have the lives improved since he took office? I guess they blame all their problems on the Deep State.

    1. @ricksspeekin Hate-filled, hate-obsessed, intolerant MSDNC can’t help but spin the virus into anti-TRUMP attacks. They are a caricature of a news organization. It’s like watching a SNL skit it’s so preposterous!

      This obscene dribble they spew is anti-American propaganda.

    2. @French blue8 Hate-filled, hate-obsessed, intolerant MSDNC can’t help but spin the virus into anti-TRUMP attacks. They are a caricature of a news organization. It’s like watching a SNL skit it’s so preposterous!

      This obscene dribble they spew is anti-American propaganda.

    1. @Rick Slade yes thats true, If I had investments ect which I don’t because I don’t have money to play with then I would care. We have casinos here -lol The stock market is not in my world, I worked for a company which had profit sharing and I invested my profits into share in that company- cashed out and retired

    2. @John Galt “ECT”! You have a wish to undergo electro convulsive therapy (but cannot for lack of funds)? Well, that explain a lot re your posts. Thanks for sharing such personal information. BTW: I suppose it can be seen as an investment in your mental hygiene.

    3. @Stanley Klein They used to do that at Napa state hospital, if I wanted to that, i’d just stick my tongue in the wall socket.

    4. @John Galt………… My mom spent two years in the now defunct Agnew state hospital, in the South Bay………..born and raised in the Bay Area here……..

    1. @Jeremy Jk I am not a democrat nor a republican. I am non-american. But I also think Trump behaves as a grown-up toddler. If a question is tough: but Obama, but Hillary. Not adressing the issue, but pointing to some one else. Many times it is even not true where he is referring too. He is regular whining as a small child, using variations on: it is not faiaiai….r!!! In my mind I see then pictures of a 2 year -old having a temper tantrum.
      He never takes responsibility for anything. Like a child that is home to late and gets into trouble because of it: but, but, but, but John (his older brother) was late two weeks ago and did not get punished and it is not my fault I am late. Mary wanted me to have another slice of pie and she gave the others a slice first and I couldn’t eat that fast because little Pete kept talking to me. Mary and Pete should get punished because they made me come in late… ..Wha, wha.
      I cannot remember a normal grown up reaction. He is or clearly lying or he blames someone else.

    2. @Debra Watson Only if he gets it himself. He will accuse Pence then and is not making him his running mate. He will fire some leaders of the CDC because they didn’t protect him but that is because they were always antiTrump etc. etc.

    3. @Quiche Lorraine What is a scam? The corona virus? The professional? The way professionals want to deal with the treath?

  4. What does a moron proclaim: “I know more than the generals! I know a lot about the stock market! I build the best buildings.” Simplistic declarations from a know-it-all moron. Never once has donal stated an actual knowledge based fact. Just these simple utterances.

    1. @Billy Cole II is a whataboutist who has no grasp on reality. Go on! Go to a trump rally and get coughed and sneezed on …

    1. @Danny Big D You aren’t grounded in reality, and seemed to have moved into the fantasy world of Malignant Narcissist, djtrump.

  5. Reminder: It’s doctors and researchers and the folks who believe in science that inform us and not a clown that doesn’t believe in global warming.

    1. @Andrew Freshwater – BUT check out the implications and results from that 2 degree temp increase. This is causing catastrophic climate events like we’ve never experienced before, and in a very short time period. Australia has NEVER had the massive fires before affecting most of that continent like it had this year.

    2. @Andrew Freshwater Yes, I agree completely. I am sorry to have caused confusion.
      In the 80s nuclear power was ramping up. Not only CO2, but acid rain was a big problem back then.
      But the oil industry managed to fund movements against nuclear power (fission).
      Well, then there were some issues… 😉
      Let’s hope ITER will be a success. Our best chance to clean electric energy on a BIG scale!

    3. @Danny Big D ……..Thank god another voice of reason, in a sea of stupidity…………I bet the Rothschild’s are happy with how this climate hoax is playing out……….show a few pictures………put out some false data…….and bingo…………they buy it………..hook, line, sinker, and boat…………..Democrats are so easy to manipulate……….

    4. @Just For Fun yes, I agree. I was challenging a previous comment regarding the 12 years IPCC report. There are fires burning in every continent yet people still deny the reality.

    1. Hannah P………..That’s only because you don’t have any money………….cheer up……..Bernie is coming, and he will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams………trust me………

  6. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone else say out loud the BLATANT FACT that Trump is a psychopath. It’s astounding.

    1. Many people in the media have stated this as a possibility and then there is also the book published last year in which 37 US psychiatrists and related specialists discussed the possibility, but not even Dr. Dodes’s comment on air 2-days ago should be taken as “fact”, blatant or otherwise. The good doctor would be the first to agree with me, I dare say, that his is a mere professional opinion, albeit one given by an eminent psychiatrist.

    1. mrt57rn that’s why he put pence in charge of it, so when it all blows up, Pence can take the fall. What’s disturbing is how quick Pence was to jump at the opportunity to fall on his own sword to protect Trump. That is really disgusting and disturbing, these sycophants will be the end of this country

  7. Trump in his dying bed,  “if he gets that far “, he would say, “Ohh  no I am not dying”

  8. What mental health? He blames every negative thing on his “Enemies, ” and every positive thing is his own doing.

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