Psychiatrist: Trump Became The Same ‘Sadistic, Tyrannical And Cruel’ Person His Father Was | MSNBC


  1. Omg. And this guy has the nuclear codes! Remove him already! Shame on them REPUBLICANS that DEFEND HIM!!

    1. @Joe I highly doubt they gave it to him they’d be one of the morons then, maybe they gave him fake ones to pjay around with to brag.

    2. @Gary D I think we’re safe….he hid them in the same box with Stormy’s phone #…..and he can’t remember where !

  2. ‘There’s a word for that. It’s called sadism…it’s consistent with being a psychopath.’ Yep. I’m convinced at this point…actually, at many points ago. Again, I’m going to follow the experts.

    1. Lead Gen Magic : My wife is AFLCIO; my children are NYPD; my father was a llama and I have hemorrhoids. Go figgya !😁

    2. I would bet a gazillion dollars the psychiatrist puts on women’s clothing every night. Just look at his eyes. Expert my foot

    3. Joe …. You need God in your life Joe. You should start by praying for his mercy. Then give up your evil ways. Finally vote for Donald Trump on November 3 and you will be redeemed.

    4. Toni Douglas You need God in your life as well Toni. What you have said is blasphemous. You need to repent or surely you will suffer the wrath of God.

    5. OUR Lives Are At Stake, The EXPERTS Know Best, Not This Moron In The WH And His Administration.

  3. George Leger
    5 hours ago
    Trump has no imagination, no creativity, no real education in science or humanities and no recognizable humanitarian impulses. All the vital qualities that make us truly human. Unfortunately he is barely a real human being. The real tragedy is his large number of supporters. It is an unexpected and frightening eyeopener that Trump has made most of us more realistic. We are now much more jaded politically. I believe it is a good thing.

    1. @Steve Sloan I agree. If Russia wants to destroy America, he definetly wants a lot of left wing, hate America voters to come out on election day.

    2. @Charles Darwinson Actually, Putin (i.e., “President” for life) is a totalitarianist dictater who is right in line with Hitler and Trump. And as such is antithetical to Constitutional Democracy, NATO, and the free world.

    3. @Inde nmc Good response. Very pithy. You all must be very educated. I can tell. It takes at least 2 years in university to learn to be this ignorant of facts. So I hope you are glad you owe tens of thousands of dollars just to hate. You could have got that free from 5 Black Panther meetings.

    4. @Steve Sloan
      And I suspect trolls are overpaid, undereducated and malignant narcissists. Just like their beloved master.

    5. Charles Darwinson
      So you enjoy Trump’s sadistic and cruel behavior?! So you must also be a psychopath who doesn’t care or have empathy for other human beings. How Christian of you.

    1. @Diane Hooper She is broke! She’s using you suckers. Maybe not you, personally. Ruddy stupid.

    2. ​@john emeigh Only if I let her and I bought her book to see what his niece has to say. I have been around long enough to know what kind of person 45 really is and he’s not been very nice at all. Many people have all come to the same diagnosis of his mental condition. One doesn’t need to be an expert to see there is something radically wrong with him, however I did take psychology in college.

  4. Is there not 1 positive thing thats been said about The President this year? This book is one of the many nails in his coffin that will make him lose in November.

    1. I’ll say something positive about trump. As idiotic and dishonest as he is, he has more intelligence and integrity than his supporters.

    2. @Diane Hooper I am more American than you. Obviously. Even people from Switzerland are more American than you. You are not a patriot. You hate America. I do not. And while i do not live in the USA, I am much more a patriotic American than you are.

    3. @Charles Darwinson More American than me? I do not hate my country . Oh my a psychic are you? Keep on dreaming in your little world that anti-trumpers hate America .Bye,I need not bother myself with your grandiosity and false assumptions .

  5. You don’t need a PhD in psychology to see these attributes in Trump. He is obviously a despicable person and in no way appropriate for a president. Trump should not be around people in any capacity.
    What does this tell us about his supporters? Enablers, or determined victims?

    1. Let your hate define you. You can join the dark side. That is your right. Hollywood right now is deleting millions of twitter posts and accounts since Epsteins gal is in jail under serious guard.

    2. Diane Hooper you need to consult with this psychiatrist for you are seriously demented. On second thought don’t consult with the psychiatrist because he is seriously demented as well as the clown asking the questions. Boy are you gonna need some serious drugs on November 3. Your reality is most people’s nightmare

    3. Jock Young no Jock, or can I call you Mr. Strap. YOU need the dictionary. Liberals love to call people names. Fascist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. etc. You do this because when you run out of facts, which is usually before the discussion even gets started, name-calling is the only card you have left. Mussolini was a fascist. Do a little research on him. Trump is a leader and he will be Re-elected by an unprecedented majority on November 3. Truth be told !!!!

    4. Inde nmc ….you know I gave up name-calling when I was in the third grade. Unlike A delicious Cabernet Sauvignon, you haven’t aged well. You should look in the mirror and see if you like what you see. My guess is with all your name-calling and childish behavior your mirror is going to tell you, you stink!

  6. The Trumpets are still gonna shoot the messenger. It doesn’t matter that they were duped. They’ve decided this is who they hitched their wagon to and they’re taking the ride, facts, evidence, or reality be damned. Who would get on a plane knowing the pilot hasn’t read the weather report, inspected the plane, and decided he wasn’t going to listen to air traffic control because he knows more than they do? That sums up Donald Hitler.

    1. This analogy has to hit someone’s understanding of just how dangerous Trump really is, a VERY UNSTABLE moran.

    1. @Walter White On His Watch As President, Over 130,000 Americans Hav
      Lost THEIR Lives, Add That To His Alleged Accomplishments As Well,

    2. @Walter White Hey, Pal, It’s Quite Apparent
      You’re Not From This Planet, If You Hurry, You Just Might Catch That Rocket Ship You
      Came To Earth In Is Warming Up Now. Oh, And By The Way, You Might Want To Take Along Some Of Your tRUMPSTERS With You, Bon Voyage!!

    3. @Lynne Ninonuevo Would Come As NO
      Surprise, He’s Just That Evil And Vile, Poor
      Excuse Of Human Being. Not To Worry, KARMA Will Soon Make An Appearance!!

  7. As a kid, Trump probably sat in the back of the class entertaining himself by pulling the wings off of flies.

    1. Much worse. The little sociopath was probably kicking and punching the students in his immediate vicinity.

    1. slow motion ….Anyone who wants to support the police I’m with you all the way.. let’s support the Blue. God bless you slow motion and God bless America

    1. Well his father came from Nazi Germany….. & back then it was the “pure white race” ……no wonder trump’s a racist that thinks BLM is a hate – group……makes u see him for who he REALLY is……exactly what Mary says he is!

    2. @Amelia Cook Specious conjecture. interesting concept. I mean, I was born white in Detroit; now, I know that’s a problem, for some reason. I hope you’re right and I hope Mary is right! Might as well be, now.

    3. His father looks just like Hitler, evil, cruel, and very, very dangerous!!!! That’s their DNA. Very Dangerous for your country and the world. Where is a Stray BULLET when it’s Needed soooo Badly! Wake up America you’re in grave Danger. Good luck from overseas.

    4. @john emeigh did u know that there are 2 BLM? & that one is Black Lives Matter & they are the people u see since Mr Floyd was murdered & they are NOT a hate group
      BUT…….the other
      BLM is Black Life Matters
      & they are a totally different story…….now wouldn’t it be nice if trump did a bit of checking before he opened his BIG MOUTH saying total dis information.
      & I’m not American & I managed to check it out by myself…….. 🤔 how many little helpers has trump got to help him.
      Trump is just a nasty little racist.

    1. @john emeigh You really have a difficult time with reality ,don’t you? Logic is something trumpers don’t have along with no soul.

    2. @john emeigh Being educated doesn’t mean you have a soul or common sense. I know many folks who have degrees and they are clueless to facts not in books. Books do not teach empathy , a virtue psychopaths don’t have and never will, sort of like you.

    3. john emeigh People Like you are the reason we have a narcissistic, pathological lying psychopath as president. You are a typical pseudo intellectual trying to act, look and feel smart. You follow Trump because he makes you feel like you are changing something, but it is all a lie. You are not ready to accept that FACT. People like you put Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini into power and also followed Charles Manson and Jim Jones. One day you will wake up and see what you have done I hope.

    1. Well I have to admit that No President has Ever DESTROYED the Seat of the President of the United States or DESECRATED it like Trump has, no Question about it.

      God Help Us.

  8. DJT’s first 3 kids are all messed up. He’s given them all poor parenting and in some cases perverse ideas about appropriate relationships. I’m looking at Ivanka.

    1. If it were not for the loving care Melania has given Barron, I’m sure he would turn out to be a NARCISSIST SOCIOPATH and a LIAR just like his father. I don’t think Donald Trump was loved or given real values of family and has no idea how to love his own children. Marla Maples raised Trump’s daughter Tiffany in California, a long way from Trump and her other siblings and she had a loving caring mother as well, so at least tei of Trump’s children may have a chance at growing up normal.

    2. Melania keeps Barron away from IQ45. Her Slovenian speaking parents are raising Barron in a NY mansion. They don’t speak English so they don’t know what an A$$ tRump is! Melania does though!!!

    3. People tend to forget that Trump himself Said that he Left the Parenting to his Wife, Ivana Trump, ( at the time) and Don Jr. Said that he didn’t Really know his father until he was 21 , and he was spent time on Trying to please Trump, to curry his favor. So none of this is surprising, it makes sense when you Step back and Look.

  9. He is such a dangerous man, but more scary is, that millions of voters still wants him to be president😱😱😱

    1. @Rand Kocher ……..(“If President Trump says something you can pretty much take it to the Bank”)……..Which bank? Deutsche? The bank that gave Trump 2 billion in laundered Russian money? Because no other bank in the world will go near Trump with his record of incompetence and malfeasance.

    2. @Rand Kocher , thank you for your comment to me. It’s so good to hear, that you think Fox News is balanced and have honest perspectives. So stick to that channel. Stay home and try to stay safe.

  10. Send in the men in white suits to dress him in a straight jacket. This psychopath POTUS is killing us !

    1. @john emeigh …….. (“Most CEO’s have a couple psychopathic behaviors. Successful people, in general, do.”)……..There may be a little truth to that. But in Trump’s case he’s been shielded from having to be competent and from consequences all his life. Trump may be the most incompetent psychopathic president in American history. I don’t know if it’s more dangerous having a competent psychopath or incompetent psychopath. I guess he would be even more dangerous if he was competent. However wanting to detonate nukes in hurricanes is pretty stupid and dangerous.

    2. @Ash Roskell thanks for all that. I just “borrowed” your post about Bunker-Blob trolls. an intend to spread it around.
      you’re dead right, in that we need to put a stop to this….

    3. Ash Roskell every time i click on a video on this channel I get adds from the Trump campaign trashing Joe Biden, coincidence? 🤔

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