Public Beach Access Battle in Discovery Bay, St. Ann | TVJ News

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    1. What if they legally paid to have private access to it, taking that away without giving these owners back their $ is just scamming at that point.

  1. Join the U I C for a New and Better Jamaica. We need better governance especially with regards to beach access on the island.

    1. Then don’t sell them, you can’t sell a man land with a beach on it then take it away without compensating him for it as that’s just scamming and would make nobody want to invest in the country.

  2. LISTEN, Not in JAMAICA 🇯🇲!! This Island belongs to everybody born on it!! If him put on lock…take the gate down!

    1. Why don’t you try doing that on the north coast a see the trespassing charges you slap with!

  3. I’m a Jamaican living overseas and pretty soon ALL Jmaicans will have to pay for the very sidewalk that we need to use/ walk on in our beautiful country. Both political parties and almost ALL previous government(s) have sold out almost every piece of Jamaica without considering the citizens of Jamaica ( poor or rich) that need to enjoy their country without having to pay for simple things ( but needed) things like just going to the beach or enjoying the natural nature and beauty of our country without a COST…SMH!

  4. Yes, fight for your rights. Andrew Holnes is not for poor people. Jamaica will be better with a white government.

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