Public Health Officials on Face to Face Classes | TVJ News - Sept 7 2021 1

Public Health Officials on Face to Face Classes | TVJ News – Sept 7 2021


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  1. The vaccinated children should be very well protected from the pestilence, why fear the unvaccinated if the vaccine is meant to protect.

  2. The fact of the matter is the Ministry, behind the govt has absolutely NO idea what they are doing. Children have the strongest immune system, unless they have serious illnesses., so why mandate that they be vaccinated when the teachers aren’t, doctors/nurses, police officers aren’t being mandated. Also, fine, have school online but provide the necessary resources to these students. Figure out a system, make it fair and execute it properly. SIMPLE

    1. @Alicia I blame this mess on social media spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt. Which is why there is a lot of unnecessary push back.

    2. @Alicia to be fair it has not been made mandatory but again the precedent already exists for children getting vaccinated for infectious diseases before going to school, it’s not like this is the first time. With all due respect to parents they are not doctors or medical experts, and this is more a matter of schools being safe for children to attend which is the govt responsibility. Also public schools fall under the govt supervision so they can mandate it but again they haven’t done that. They just won’t open until they feel it’s safe yet.

    3. @NavieDaBoss I just don’t like that they aren’t doing better at supporting education. There is lack of attention in that area.

  3. Strange enough the crisis only gets worse when the new school year is about to begin. Also even with vaccination the pandemic has been escalating. The long term effects will most definitely be felt when it’s too late as many children in less fortunate situations are the ones being impacted. The END is upon us and JESUS is our only HOPE. Normalcy as we know it will NEVER RETURN.

  4. What this Doctor is saying make no sense people’s should’ve the right to make they own body what they want to do with it some people’s say no 2 coviD shot and some say yes that ok but who doesn’t want this poison in there body leave them alone they still need to live and go 2 school and anywhere they want to go

    1. This government is dishonest. First they say the vaccine is not mandatory but yet still the citizens are been forced to take the vaccine. The first doctor said UNTIL all the children are vaccinated. If it’s a choice why is he saying UNTIL?

  5. Either way the online platform was being used worldwide before the pandemic , Jamaica just started this later it will take some sensitization before it will be accepted. Online is the safest now it never needed any professional to see that. We should be more focused on the success of the online platform and its delivery than any hidden mandated agenda.

  6. With the widespread indisciplined behavior in Jamaica, children are better off doing virtual learning. The problem is owning a technological tool & access to the internet. Parents need to supervise their children. Some of them are just going out on the streets when they should be going in. Lack of supervision is a great issue

  7. Why do these people fail to understand that vaccinating our children is a mistake. They have the greater immune system and there will be consequences.

  8. So many people have been vaccinated and there is close down days yet its spreading so rapidly…doesn’t that tell you something.

  9. Here’s my question:
    How the hell can you have herd immunity from a vaccine that doesn’t provide immunity from the virus itself??? C’mon people wake tf up

  10. I am wondering if the doctor who is talking about the children who take the vaccine should return to face to face class if him and his relatives take it

  11. The PM allowed dream weekend etc then now locking down the country and preventing persons from making a living to correct his many bad decisions. Why not partial lockdown instead so people can work to feed their children and pay their bills.

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