1. 1 Elon Musk has positioned himself as a fighter for the environment, but invests billions of dollars in maintaining and mining bitcoin. Although bitcoin mining takes 121.36 terawatt hours (terawatt hours) per year (which is more than the annual energy consumption of some countries), as well as the release of a huge amount of thermal energy when operating equipment for mining bitcoin and for generating electricity (for example, Wa Parish power plant, the largest coal-fired power plant in the United States, generates 4 thousand megawatt hours, that is, it needs 10 years of operation to provide an annual consumption for the total mining of bitcoin), which does not contribute to the fight against global warming. And where is the statement of the most famous environmentalists “How dare you”.
      But it is interesting that in the US-controlled states and politicians who have carried out coups d’etat in their countries, or illegally dismissed presidents by changing power, each of them has open bitcoin wallets. And most of these revolutionaries – current governments and officials, have or have had connections with the US State Department and charitable foundations and foundations that provide financial support to countries, democracy and journalism (such as the Soros Foundation, the National Endowment for Democracy) and it is not in vain that Soros invests money in bitcoin, because it is almost impossible to track it.
      Now imagine billions of US taxpayers’ dollars with the help of bitcoin transfers go to incomprehensible events and to the pockets of government representatives and gangs in countries that support racism, Nazism, there is no tolerance for representatives of different sexual orientations, and instead of introducing democratic norms, this money goes to corruption …
      Billions of US taxpayers’ dollars go into the pockets of so-called patriots in such countries as: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Iran, Iraq, Czech Republic, Poland, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia.
      And bitcoin ideally performs these functions, because it is almost impossible to track it, but do not forget that it carries another function – the function of a banal fraud (casino), because there are people who, on exchange rate fluctuations, receive excess profits (for example, one statement of support for bitcoin Elon Musk raised it is in price, and later, when he said that he didn’t support him that much, bitcoin dropped. Strangely enough, he received these billions by selling bitcoin at the peak of his growth, maybe he plays bitcoin roulette and on the trust of his fans, to make a profit)

    2. @Russell Mania This virus is a laughable joke. It’s weak. And there are more than 12 different drug combination therapies that can cure it. Only the morons still believe in these variants.

      Last week alone, Taiwan reported 31 more deaths by AstraZeneca, and 22 more deaths by Moderna. And ONE person died of COVID. The risk to benefit ratio is 53:1. I love cherry-picking facts to prove the Democrats wrong.

    3. Lol. The virus is the actual poison and those more than a couple vodka shots you had before commenting something as stupid.

    4. you write this as you are munching on a pesticide filled strawberry or sipping on a cola spiked with phosphoric acid …(toilet bowl cleaner)

    5. @Russell Mania Virus is less scared of you. The virus regards you as nothing more than a host waiting to be infected.

  1. Delta Dawn what’s that flower you have on
    Is it a rose of days gone by
    Didn’t I say I would be meeting you today to take you to my Mansion to the sky.
    That is what I thought of when you named this strain DELTA .

  2. “NO math!! NO science!! NO real data!!” scream the CDC & Dems.

    “We’re issuing political MANDATES and everyone must obey!!!”

    1. We sure do have a lot of people disobeying “mandates”, are you sure they “must” obey? Are we not in this position because they are free enough to make horrible decisions? Maybe I simply need to update my definitions of “must”, “obey”, and “mandates”.

    2. @Sparky’s Imagination : That’s true. Trumpophiles are instructed what to think, not how to think. They follow their orders, with the potential of violent consequences for breaking ranks. Focks tells them, “not,” to get the vaccine, and they follow orders, without thinking, fearful of how they’ll be torn to pieces if they get it. This, despite the fact that every single person who told them to, “rebel,” was a conformist, and they ALL got their shots. They don’t want those nasty viruses, they just want your hate, your ignorance and for you to follow your orders like a good little trumpster 🙄

    3. @Gabe Dudley : Nothing but hurt feelings, today, Gobel? Can’t do much with your butt hurt, Karen. 🤷‍♂️ See a proctologist? 😉

  3. I’ve been getting booster shots once a month; not to be safe but because they give you a $5 off coupon.

  4. “we had to create the pandemic to stop the pandemic…” attributed to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

    1. If you take your QANUT meds, America will welcome you back into society…stay away from CAPITOL and guns, TRAITOR

    1. Don’t know where you are …..testing location near me …..employees are always sitting outside due to no business..[ free testing }

  5. I’d also like to hear Laurie Garrett’s opinion on whether the CDC mask-wearing advice is too lax. In other words, since it’s so easy to wear a mask, why does CDC say vaccinated people only need to wear a mask in covid “hot” zones. And before that recent advice, why did their advice encourage vaccinated people to completely stop wearing a mask? There’s a risk of infection in zones that aren’t as hot, and the vaccine isn’t 100% effective, so continued mask-wearing appears to make the most sense.
    It sure looks like CDC injects political thinking into what should be based just on medical science… if for example the reason why they say vaccinated people don’t need to wear a mask in as many situations as unvaccinated people is to create an incentive for unvaccinated to get vaccinated, that’s not based on the medical science. I would prefer CDC not issue ANY crude guidelines, and instead just provide data and their risk assessments for many scenarios.

    1. @TrueWord369 BudaBudy I’m thinking for myself, not obeying. I do NOT approve of the CDC guidelines, which are too lax. You’re just a troll.

    2. Are you a “Scientist” ? What’s your education ??? Thinking for your self, could mean “STUPID” !

    3. @TrueWord369 BudaBudy I don’t like to brag. And then you’d probably just accuse me of lying, since you’re a troll, who’s too stupid to have seen for himself that my earlier comment did NOT reflect obedience.

    4. @Ter Tarantulas Did you forget to remove it from the plastic packaging before wearing it?

  6. *Pharmatech lobbyist. Let the CDC announce when the boosters are advisable. If Pfizer had it’s way, the government would be paying for a new booster every two weeks.

  7. The people that didn’t support Hitler’s NAZI attack against Jews were “STUBBORN” !

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