Pulmonologist At Chauvin Trial: Oxygen Deprivation Killed George Floyd | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Pulmonologist At Chauvin Trial: Oxygen Deprivation Killed George Floyd | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


  1. Look up Video Police Leak for the full bodycam videos (over 1 hour in length) released 08/2020

    You can hear Floyd yelling out that he can’t breathe before they even took him out of the car and put him on the ground per his request.

    1. @ma,ma gee’s gospel I’m done with you I’m married to a black man BTW yep huge black man loving women so 😱also our kids would suggest otherwise I’ve never been racist but thanks I’m just all about details and facts . Just because I don’t see the intent to murder doesn’t mean I’m racist nor does it mean I don’t find the whole thing very sad

    2. @Beastbombshell it can also be from having a knee on your neck can it not? Or do YOU know everything

    3. @Beastbombshell It is third degree murder, whether it’s part of the official charges or not is irrelevant. comprehension is hard, huh?

    1. @OutdoorIndoorVariety notice how ignorant rightists try to find reasons to blame floyd, even if they are lying

    2. @Barbarian King rightist that’s a new one lmao. Guess that means I’m always right but better than being always wrong

    1. @Dylan D If anyone thinks the police were out to protect property in either of those two situations, he’s a moron.

    2. @Dylan D And in that one case, you have a rare, actual case of police abuse. Actually, a case of murder by police. That’s one great big fat exception to the rule.

    3. @Gregory Pankow Agreed, but you’re expecting contextual accuracy from someone who statistically is likely to have bought the big lie, unlikely to ‘believe’ in science, and think democracy is their right but not really yours if you happen to disagree.

    4. @ThiccDaddy69 You have biden derangement syndrome. I never mentioned democrats or biden. I also didn’t vote for Biden in 2020. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of the statement made.

    5. @Brian Oconnell How about John Crawford III? Philando Castille? Tamir Rice?

      Or was that the big fat exception cause Daniel has a winning complexion?

    1. fentanyl them thangs too lethal bro..he swallowed a bag of it man.. Yall tripping I’m black and he killed himself end of discussion

    1. @Jay Paige
      Robert A. Middleberg, PhD, F-ABFT, DABCC-TC, Laboratory
      Toxicology Report
      Report Issued 05/31/2020 18:44
      Hennepin County Medical Examiner
      530 Chicago Avenue
      Minneapolis, MN 55415
      Patient Name
      Patient ID
      46 Y
      DOB 10/14/1973
      Positive Findings:
      Compound Result Units Matrix Source
      Caffeine Positive mcg/mL 001 – Hospital Blood
      Cotinine Positive ng/mL 001 – Hospital Blood
      4-ANPP 0.65 ng/mL 003 – Hospital Blood
      11-Hydroxy Delta-9 THC 1.2 ng/mL 001 – Hospital Blood
      Delta-9 Carboxy THC 42 ng/mL 001 – Hospital Blood
      Delta-9 THC 2.9 ng/mL 001 – Hospital Blood
      Methamphetamine 19 ng/mL 001 – Hospital Blood
      Fentanyl 11 ng/mL 001 – Hospital Blood
      Norfentanyl 5.6 ng/mL 001 – Hospital Blood
      Cannabinoids Presump Pos ng/mL 012 – Urine
      Amphetamines Presump Pos ng/mL 012 – Urine
      Fentanyl / Metabolite Presump Pos ng/mL 012 – Urine
      Morphine – Free 86 ng/mL 012 – Urine
      See Detailed Findings section for additional information
      Testing Requested:
      Analysis Code Description
      8050U Postmortem, Urine Screen Add-on (6-MAM Quantification only)
      9096B Alcohol Screen, Blood (Forensic)
      8210B Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) Screen 2, Blood
      8052B Postmortem, Expanded, Blood (Forensic)
      8756B Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) Screen 1, Blood
      Specimens Received:
      ID Tube/Container Volume/
      Matrix Source Miscellaneous
      001 Lavender Vial 2.8 mL 05/25/2020 21:00 Hospital Blood
      002 Gray Vial 0.6 mL 05/25/2020 21:00 Hospital Blood
      003 Lavender Vial 5.75 mL 05/25/2020 21:00 Hospital Blood
      004 Light Blue Vial 2.5 mL 05/25/2020 21:00 Hospital Blood
      005 Green Vial 1.3 mL 05/25/2020 21:00 Hospital Blood
      006 Red Vial 0.75 mL 05/25/2020 21:00 Hospital Serum or Plasma
      007 Gray Top Tube 8.8 mL 05/26/2020 12:20 Femoral Blood
      008 Gray Top Tube 8.8 mL 05/26/2020 12:20 Femoral Blood
      009 Gray Top Tube 8.8 mL 05/26/2020 12:20 Femoral Blood
      NMS v.1

  2. *If I Were “The Defense” I Would Have Done “Anything & Everything In My Power” 2 “Make Sure” Dr. Tobin “Saw Zero Parts” Of The Witness Chair Today! Translation = Derek Chauvin Is “Literally & Royally Phucked & In a Major Way!*

    1. From MSNBC. In real life the prosecution is being wrecked before the first defense witness has even been called

    2. Prosecution is already toast. MSLSD is fake news. Get some better perspective and,,,think for a change.

    3. @Major Payne How is the live broadcast of the trial been manipulated for people to believe whatever MSNBC wants? I’ve listen to every single testimony while I work every single day. I actually listen to music whenever they are on a break and then commentators want to take that opportunity to give their opinion. I don’t need translators. I have gray matter. Stop accusing people of doing the things you do. LOL!!!!

  3. Just trying to remember the last time I, or anyone I know, accidentally strangled someone to death.
    Nine minutes is not an accident.

    1. @slim dude thats all they are holding onto….. like wth weren’t u all listening 😒… that why the DR shredded the defense to bits.. let them keep pulling on straws

    2. @Tera Tokomi the experts that testified today completely destroyed that argument you’re making here.

  4. Who would have thunk it?. This is the most damning testimony to my mind. He literally pointed out to 2 facts-his breathing pattern and co2 levels-that can not be explained by fentanyl. But that are nonetheless made sense of through asphyxia.
    Done deal.

    1. @Sovereign1917 because it is if no relevance. As I said, it is very unlikely for an addict to suffer an overdose precisely the same day and time that an officer places his knee on his neck as he is being restrained. What a coincidence that would be.

    2. @Beastbombshell it is not about proving as one does in mathematics. It is about which explanation makes the most sense of the facts, an overdose or positional asphyxia.

      So far, there are two facts that an overdose can not explain while asphyxia can. Namely his breathing pattern and co2 content.

    3. @Anthony drugs can cause asphyxia, but if they did, it would have been reflected on his breathing pattern. Necessarily. Which it does not. He was breathing normally according to experts.
      The co2 levels would have been a lot lower if his asphyxia had been caused by an overdose

    1. @Sovereign1917 no it didn’t 😂 the defense was trying to say that GF’s drug use caused his death and the Dr said otherwise smh. Check!

  5. Was Derek Chauvin having a bad day?…We all saw what George Floyd was doing 20 minutes before his death. Why aren’t we talking about what Derek Chauvin was doing 20 minutes before he arrived at that store?..Was Derek Chauvin also tested for drugs?..Did Chauvin have an argument with someone earlier that day?…..Looking at this trial it looks like the one on trial is George Floyd and not Derek Chauvin.

    1. Well hey… Chauvin is entitled to whatever defense he can come up with. But yeah, we all saw it and it sure looked like murder to me.

  6. The defense using the fact that floyd having drugs in his system being the real reason for his death is like saying yea, I shot the guy, but he had cancer.

    1. So true! It’s just very illogical thinking on the part of the side that has got nothing and is grasping at straws.

    2. @The Sage Millennial Well, first off, “communists” is wrong. We’re just people who want justice. Second of all, if you mean “leftists,” I’d like to point out that we win everything. The culture war, the presidency and White House, the senate, the house, and hopefully soon George Floyd’s trial will see justice. You’re part of a dying ideology, I suppose it’s not your fault that your mind didn’t naturally progress on its own.

    3. Grasping at straws the man had enough drugs in his system to be pulled over for OVI . Defiantly not grasping . They couldn’t exactly prove the drug combination didn’t not cause his death either . I feel like some people only hear what they want to hear from these testimonies

    1. Except it doesn’t prove intent to murder . I haven’t seen anything that proves an intent yet . The information is interesting

  7. Chauvin murdered George Floyd. Thank you, Dr. Martin Tobin for speaking and promoting the truth.

  8. Everyone has known from the beginning that if Chauvin is not convicted of murder , Americas cities will be burned to the ground ,and the jurors lives will be in grave danger. Period.

  9. With the experience and knowledge of the doctors that testified in Mr Floyd’s murder trial today, if it was possible those guys can create humans on their own.. wonderful great guys.. best witness since the trial began.. .

  10. So wild we’re pretending like the same fentanyl killing record numbers of people was nothing to Mr Floyd. He truly was a god

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