Puppy given second chance after trauma | Animalkind 1

Puppy given second chance after trauma | Animalkind


This sweet Chow Chow's future was hopeless until one couple saw a glimpse of who she could be. 'I said, 'Go get the dog. Please go get her.''

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Nala's leg was in need of serious medical care after a car accident and her future seemed hopeless. That was until a young couple saw her sweet smile on Atlanta Humane Society's website.


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  1. The “owners” who never had the cast removed should have been charged with animal abuse and prohibited from taking in any future pets !!!

  2. I’ve had 2 dogs in my lifetime , both lived into their 13th year . My last dog was a Chow Chow , a Black Dog named Karac , I miss him dearly . He was Great with our son as he was growing up . When I saw this video I couldn’t help getting a bit teary eyed . I’m 56 and both of my dogs played a significant part of my life . It’s been about 20 years since
    my last dog passed and I would really enjoy sharing my last years with another special Canine . Thank you for giving this Beautiful animal a chance to Live , a chance to Love . Animals are great for the Human soul ,

  3. Beautiful eyes ; what kind of breed is the puppy? It was by the grace of God that these two wonderful people came into her life and saved her. It was truly a blessing. I can’t imagine what her previous owners were thinking when they so foolishly decided to not take her back to the vet to have the cast removed. What would be the point in taking her to vet after getting hit , to get treatment if they weren’t going to follow up with her care? They should be charged with neglect. Thanks to her new family, she will have a happy and safe life now. God bless

  4. Looking after a dog is hard work – really hard work. If you’re workshy, please, don’t get a dog.

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