'Pure lunacy': See GOP governor's warning for his own party 1

‘Pure lunacy’: See GOP governor’s warning for his own party


Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD) warns his own party saying that conspiracies could prevent Republicans from retaking power in Washington.
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  1. lol bye bye GOP! I can’t say I won’t miss them, that party needs to burn down and start over if it wants to stay relevant

    1. @Drake Fire wow people are retiringing….not nearly as bad as literally switching parties and losing house seats because of mass migration…but here’s your participation trophy

    2. @Lori Nelson you mean from a single poll where like 2/3 of the people were registered democrats? What a success story

    3. @Mitchell N Wow, you really don’t realize what’s going on, do you? You don’t realize that people aren’t changing when they immigrate. God, this is rich. Even after Colorado flipped blue? You really don’t get that the Republican party is in the minority.

      Also, it was the Boomers who started handing out loser trophies. You should be aware of that much, at least.

    4. @Drake Fire people are leaving blue states…yes youre right they’ll probably keep voting for the same trash they’re running away from, doesnt change that they are running away from democrat territories. Keep bringing up Colorado though if it helps you sleep at night, your gunna need it seeing as youre loosing house seats in your states lol

  2. When they show or tell you they are crazy. Take them at their word, at least you know what crazy looks like.

    1. @Rock N. Roll
      Crazy is Jan 6th its not a left wing vs right wing issue both parties have extremes. It’s the continued perpetuation of the big lie. The right has no identity Americans are choosing sides and not coming together. I’m a vet so I have fought for both sides. I’m not a Democrat or Republican vet. I’m an American vet both sides need to get back to that the right has a lot of work to do

    1. oh no not my hamberders!!! tofu dogs too? hah…………..we win………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Kay Bel what the hell has that to do with all the B.S. bloody trump spewed out on behalf of the republican party.

    2. @Kay Bel For sure they are, yeah right dip stick but they all died with hysterical laughter when your inept narcissistic bloody trump was in office. Do feel free to name them though and back your belief up with some concrete evidence instead of your B.S. rhetoric.

    3. @Common Sense CNN invented RussiaGate and you probably still believe it. Thats how good they are at conspiracy theories. It’s literally the biggest conspiracy of your lifetime.

  3. Listening to republicans in 2021 is like watching a man dying of poisoning trying to sell someone a dead kitten as a cure for baldness.

    1. Hi Karl… the border? Republicans have been talking about that for a while now. Are you listening? Or are you CNN?

    2. @Black Ford demented 78 year old who can barely read his propaganda cards. I’m sure you’re so proud of such “leadership”

    1. @Ecureuil Superheros what was fake in this news? Video evidence they just showed here says otherwise…

    2. @wrayven • I honestly don’t think it reaches that number now. I’m sure a lot of them aren’t buying that okeedoke anymore.

    3. It’s offensive to the queer community to use it to mock the GOP. FIND ANOTHER LETTER TO TEASE THESE PEOPLE

    4. You’re kidding, right? What has Chins puppet Biden and his vile administration done to show any of them are pro-American? They’re trying to destroy our great country as fast as they can. Open your eyes!!

    1. Check out what Bill Gates wants to replace all meat products and consume plant based products.
      It’s easy for Gates to get the ear of the puppet president.
      Last I checked Gates is a true lefty.

    1. C N N = R u s s i a n c o n s p r a c i es are real. Also, C N N = there are no c o n sp r a c i es.

    2. Conspiracy theories like all black people are secretly controlled by all white people? That tin foil policy is now the foundation of the left.

    1. @Aron Deresse they’re in every friggin thread dude, russia invested 70 Billion dollars in disinformation this year. keep calling them out

    2. @Shree Wyche You better speak loud and far then. And whatever these Russian trolls say here, don’t believe them for a second, you hear me? Make everyone in your community know the threat is real, it is an attack

    3. C fo….I haven’t watch a television in my home in over three years. When Trump became President, I said ok he’s our President so I will give him a chance. But the tweeting wouldn’t stop which was shocking; watching the news became unbearable with the lies; yelling and screaming,rudeness; therefore, the televisions had to go. But, it’s time to bring them back out now

    4. @Shree Wyche I despise republican q anoners. I’m telling you to watch out for them, don’t let them intimidate you, but it sounds like you’ve already got that covered

    1. @Bea Conn W Virginia will never elect a Democrat who is not Manchin. Primary him and we lose the seat. I detest the man, but the writing is on the wall. We need to elect more Democrats so his dumbass regressive opinions won’t matter.

    2. @C Fo
      only an ignorant person would say no,, that being said.. you should take your own advice,, or not.. good luck

  4. Stop calling them conspiracy theories and call them what they are – LIES. I think we need to start punishing people for lying – call it a $500 fine every time you tell a lie.

    1. Like a lie jar. When these people have to start putting their money where their mouths are maybe those people will Stop with the BS.

    2. @Ectoplasmic Feedback A regulatory body, like in many other countries that are not as plagued by rampantly biased “news” as the US is. In those countries, the news is actually required to point out false statements made by those who are even guests.

      And how is the truth decided? By actual facts and science as proof, not opinion or belief.

      One can also run a media bias search on their “news” sources to determine how biased they are, who funds it, and the political affiliation. I always check the bias and eliminate the least reliable “news” sources.

    3. If we put a lie jar around the GOP, we could pay for the Infrastructure Bill and bolster up social security.

  5. These people are top notch looney toons! And it’s dumbing down our country! I’m so sick of it

    1. @A J Then provide proof of your claims… people like me I’ve always been willing to look. People like you just never have anything to back up what you say.

    2. @American Freedom So you believe they’re coming for your beef? Seriously how dumb is that? Even Fox News came out and said it was a lie. But you just keep kidding yourself. The brain dead Trump tried to over throw your democracy. The rest of the world sees Trump and the Republicans for what they are, fools. What’s the matter with you, are you not capable of critical thinking?

    1. Easy there little one. What you do with your relatives is ok with me. Nothing says lovin like stickin to your cousin.

    2. @Nathan Schumacher yep, and european and a poopin…….. In your pants. Hey! You and jobamaden have a lot in common. Poopy pants, dead from the neck up, can’t walk up stairs, needs a burping every hour. You know, the duh duh thing.

  6. If anyone hasn’t seen Brian Stelter’s interview with the former Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, I’d invite you to see what he has to say about Murdoch’s part in all this. Of particular interest is when he speaks about Putin

    1. Malcolm Turnbull didn’t have the courage to stand up to his own party when he was prime minister. He should stop whinging now that he is not prime minister.

    2. Yea it’s crazy he seems to care more about our country more than these so called “patriots” or the right wing. Love the part how he exposes the Murdoch family.

    1. C N N = R u s s i a n c o n s p r a c i es are real. Also, C N N = there are no c o n sp r a c i es.

    1. …ha! if you’re a regular viewer of CNN and/or MSNBC….do me a favor….go look in a mirror and see if you can keep from laughing after having said that!!!

    2. What ever happened to CNN Director Charlie Chester? He spilled all the propaganda beans for a blonde.

    3. @leroy Leach Right wing media has you living in an alternate reality with “alternative facts”. That’s their m.o. to fool you into thinking they are broadcasting “news”. You need to Google: how much does Fox News lie compared to other news networks?” There will be a reality check for you.

  7. “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

    ― Mark Twain

  8. These people are in a position of power and authority and are held to a higher standard. They should be held accountable for the LIES!!!

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