1. This:
      _Several hospitals in Florida, South Carolina, Texas and Louisiana are struggling with oxygen scarcity._
      _Dr. Ahmed Elhaddad, an intensive care unit doctor in Florida said that he’s frustrated and “tired of seeing people die and suffer because they did not take a vaccine.”_

    2. Meanwhile on Australia their staff is severely short because they care trying to force vaccines on the doctors and nurses so they quit ,somethings up

    3. Who would have thought this possible in the country they keep calling the best country in the world. We know it’s not.

    4. @S McDonald crock of lies from the media !!!
      The obits ARE NOT increasing in my surrounding areas !!!

  1. All elected Texas officials, especially Abbott, who are responsible for anti mask and anti vaccine rhetoric, should be charged with negligent homicide! This type of emergency was predicted and they ignored it.

    1. This: _Several hospitals in Florida, South Carolina, Texas and Louisiana are struggling with oxygen scarcity._
      _Dr. Ahmed Elhaddad, an intensive care unit doctor in Florida said that he’s frustrated and “tired of seeing people die and suffer because they did not take a vaccine.”_

  2. Hey guys! Do remember Mark Berbier from Florida who called himself “Mr.Antivaxx”. Yeah he died couple of days ago from covid. 3rd conservative radio host to die from the disease…

    1. And you’re celebrating someone’s death thinking it’s normal. Yea I’m definitely not taking that vaccine lol

    2. @Nick Dionne A year in a half to prepare for what? People refusing to get vaccinated. Those same people overwhelming the health system. Costing millions maybe billions and putting health care workers lives in jeopardy.

    1. @Lolli Licker It cannot continue like that. Their body, their choice, their consequences. No anti-vaxxers in ICUs.

  3. Smh THIS is what we’ve been trying to avoid.
    May he rest in peace .
    I’m a VET’S daughter VETS deserve way more than USA gives them.

    1. @Lolli Licker WTF are you going on about now?! Pretty you you and the rest of your “we” don’t own ICU beds and wouldn’t know what to do with them if you did

    2. Texas has seatbelt laws, speed limits, bans on smoking in workplaces and even bans on alcohol in some counties. And wouldn’t you know it — even vaccination requirements for school-age children, at least for diseases not named Covid-19.

    1. @K L flu is a category which contain may viruses unlike covid. Flu vaccines are usually vaccines against most of what is prevalent virus at that time. Flu vaccines work against the virus it’s designed for but then there is always the chance that you get infected with another one which was not what it was designed against. Also flu viruses are highly mutating virus unlike covid. There is no flu-19 vaccine which is against a particular virus and it works partially kind off. I am not an expert in vaccine, but this is my understanding please feel free to correct if the information is wrong.

    2. @Carl Fisher As I recall, it was a Republican CIC who got us into the war AND a Republican CIC who negotiated our surrender, so …

    3. @Catloverplayer Where did human souls go before that god was created by humans ? all people before the book ? No heaven ? if heaven you have to say that human created god 3000 y ago and retrofit heaven for humans before that. if no heaven for then the same, you have to say god was created 3000 y ago. IT’s a start up regarding evolution. Be strong you won’t find heaven. If you are weak just believe in it ! you’ll face the biggest lie of all time at your death

    1. @Wes Ash Oh the medias only profit stream comes from outrage porn. It’s what gets clicks and comments for advertisement and data they collect. They sell fear and outrage only for the most part. Which you are correct both sides do it and it only brings on more violence. Till we hit a tipping point. That will be fun. , 2A all the way.

    2. @Nick Dionne – Wrong, my friend! The hospitals have been dealing w/Covid since it began. It’s not about the incompetence of the medical system but the incompetence of stupid ppl who won’t get vaccinated bc they believe the medical community is lying to them then when they get infected they go running to the hospital or call an ambulance bc they now want the ppl they say r lying to them about the vaccine to save their lives. Why r these ppl going to the hospitals and expecting nurses and doctors to save their lives? If they didn’t care enough about their lives to get vaccinated, why should anyone else care about their lives once they get infected, especially when they take beds away from others? They shouldn’t in my opinion. The unvaccinated Covid patients should be tossed aside, that’s the choice they made when they chose not to get vaccinated.

    3. @Jane Doe Amen Amen Amen! I couldn’t agree more with you! They don’t trust the Dr.s enough to listen when they tell them vaccination/ masking is best for EVERYONE! And it can and will save their lives! But they have to sign paperwork before being admitted into the hospital for the care they receive. Yet they’re not questioning what is going to be put in their body at that point? Just save their lives. It’s hypocrisy at it’s finest and killing people! Not to mention the gentleman died in Texas… Another State under the extreme mismanagement of another Cheeto Jesus bootlicker!

    4. @Wes Ash – the Covid vaccine is covered by the same government programs as all other vaccines. Anyone can go on the media and all kinds of false claims. A vaccine given to millions around the world isn’t going to cause tremors or muscle spasms in just 2 ppl. But if those 2 ppl can prove those symptoms r from the Covid vaccine, they can get an attorney and file for a claim through the appropriate government programs, not the media. Every vaccine is covered by a government program. If u live in the US, u’ve been getting vaccines since u were an infant and vaccines have been a requirement to enroll in in-person school, more vaccines required for some jobs, and more required for service members. U weren’t born yesterday. Did u have a problem w/all the other vaccines? Ur at much higher risk of getting infected, dying, or having to live w/long Covid than u r at having any risks from the vaccine. The decision is easy, the vaccine poses much fewer risks than the virus.

  4. From a retired SFC in the US Army with several combat deployments, my heart goes out to the family. As mentioned below, yes Texas needs to fire their elected officials! glad I move
    d out of Texas…

  5. I’m seeing “My kid my choice” in schools in my area. What about THIS woman’s (kid) ???? There is no excuse for unnecessary/avoidable admissions. My heart goes out to her & her family. Not fair at all.

    1. @S McDonald : Not according to the Judge in Michigan who dismissed the case. Some times “legal”, “medical”, and “common” definitions can differ. Additionally “Genitalia” and “Genitals” are not the same word, perhaps if the law was written “genitalia” the case may not have been dismissed.

    2. @J Kasten Yes, I do. Google is your friend. There are plenty of legitimate sites you can peruse. I suggest you reacquaint yourself with your internet buddy and check them out. Border patrol doesn’t want them to stay any more than you do. And Biden has been imploring them not to come because they figured that once Trump left office, they’d get a free pass and they decided to test his resolve.

      Their expectations were sorely disabused.

    3. Anyone who will not accept safety measures, PARTICULARLY for their children, is guilty of negligent homicide. They should be held responsible, as a consequence.
      They are responsible for the deaths of children, whose age keeps them from having a choice. They are not parents, they are “owners.” Slavery no longer exists.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr no it’s Trump who ignored it. Wtf do you need to understand it is the Presidents job to protect people from threats. So if Fauci caused the virus, it’s bc Trump didn’t STOP him

    2. @Hollywood Dodger yes we still trust the CDC. We are not like you ski can be brainwashed into believing some nefarious scenario exists when they’ve been forth coming about literally everything, even the things you all complain haven’t been covered, have been covered to tug point of delirium!!

    3. @Anon Nympho Dude They’ve been wrong about everything regarding this virus. 2 million dead? Yea, nowhere close.

    4. @Hollywood Dodger lol. They’ve been wrong about nothing! Literally nothing. And wtf is 2m dead of Americans or world wide?

    5. @Anon Nympho Dude See this is the problem – did the vaccination make you lose your memory or were you always this forgetful?

  6. When you lose your parents you are an orphan. When you lose your husband or wife you are a widow or widower. When you lose a child there are no words. This is heartbreaking. God bless you ma’am.

  7. And THIS is the real consequence of all the lies spread by right-wing media. I hope they are held accountable.

    1. I remember the occupant of the White House and 2% harris saying they weren’t going to take the Trump vaccine

  8. covidiots should be denied emergency help,
    and given ZERO priority. let their “freedumbs” cure them.

    1. @Jelli Rollz Take the pledge if you refuse to get vaccinated. I solemnly swear on my life that I will not burden the medical field or go to a hospital if I contract the virus, because of my refusal to get vaccinated. I will stand by my decision and understand that the virus can be deadly and/or leave me with long term medical conditions, but it is solely on my shoulders if this happens. If people don’t want to get vaccinated, fine, their choice, their decision. However, if you choose to not get vaccinated then you have also made the decision to not burden the medical field if you get sick. If you die, well once again it was your decision to not save yourself in the first place. I honestly don’t care if you die or have long term effects from the virus, your decision, just stay away from those of us that want to live and don’t want to get infected…your choice isn’t ours.

      While many Americans refuse to get vaccinated, they and their families are being left with thousands of dollars in medical bills from Covid. Recent information published showed that the US has more than 147 billion dollars in debt from unpaid medical bills. Even those with insurance can be left with thousands in medical bills if hospitalized. Bills that will wipe out any family savings, college funds and retirements. Many of the people that are refusing to get vaccinated are also the uninsured. If they die those bills, then become the responsibility of their families and the American taxpayer if it’s from a public hospital. No one can force you to get vaccinated, again that’s your choice, but as you can see, you could be doing more than just long term damage to yourself, you could also be wiping out your family’s financial future…when you could have easily protected yourself and family from such a disastrously devastating outcome.

    2. Yes totally agree they want to walk around without a mask fine sign-off you won’t go to a hospital once you get real sick real fucking easy.

    3. @Jelli Rollz Is there a cure for Cancer????? Also, Cancer, is Not a Political Hostage, like COVID19 is, by the GOP and Trump!!!!!

  9. “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
    Notice – “promote the general Welfare” Politics got in the way of saving lives.

    1. @Hollywood Dodger .
      Politics is making conservatives wish death on themselves and anyone they encounter.

    2. @Hollywood Dodger No one who possesses a wee bit of intelligence can blame the origin of the virus on any political party. It originated in China. It’s spread in the US was aided and abetted by Trump calling it a “hoax” and then dithering in his response to it. The only news outlets that downplay the effects of the virus and decry masking and vaccine usage are FOX News, Newsmax and other Trumpian media outlets. Add that to the bullshittery flung by Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott and other Trumplicans who pander to their base, and the result has been an uptick in infection rates due to the delta variant. And it is true that some Democrats, Republicans and independents haven’t stepped up either.

    3. @Hollywood Dodger If you possess eyes and ears, you can view past videos and read stories of his and their speeches concerning his, and their, culpability.

      Once again, it is not Trump’s fault that the virus entered the US, but he did facilitate its spread. Either your reading and comprehension abilities are compromised or you refuse to have one person criticize your orange idol. Would you rather I blamed Biden to suit your agenda? And did you miss that little part where I blamed people of all parties who refused to take precautions? Dissemble, much?

    1. @Facts trump prejudice So, you’re accusing 325+ million Americans of not understanding “irony”. You must have been quite busy conducting that poll. I’m an American and no one polled me. And that’s ironic!

    2. @KLR KLR Maybe because those other drugs have been tested for 100s of years and your vaccine hasn’t. That’s not hard to process.

  10. Heartbreaking for him, his family and the medical professionals who tried to treat him but we’re overwhelmed with unvaccinated people.

    1. @LD What an idiot. He is talking about Hospitals have had 18 months to buy more ICU beds, build more hospitals, Build wings onto hospitals. You said they did get prepared. A vaccine has nothing to do with hospitals preparing or doing anything. That wasn’t developed by hospitals. The hospitals have literally did nothing to prepare. Just rack up large profits from the federal government. Their profits are way up in this pandemic.

    2. I can tell none of you guys watched the video. There are ICU beds open. Not enough staff is the reason. It’s in the video for god’s sake.

    3. @Nick Dionne
      How is it the healthcare systems fault there isn’t enough staff? It’s not like people can be pulled of the streets to fill the positions of doctors and nurses, etc.!!! Doctors and nurses also can’t be trained to be doctors and nurses in just a year and a half either!!! People like you seem to think you’re smarter than everyone else, but your comment just proves how unintelligent your truly are!!!

    4. @Nick Dionne why won’t they think it as all the ones who won’t take it now are the same ones who were praising Trump’s operation warp speed! You idiot!!!

  11. Their body, their choice, our consequences. This is about PUBLIC HEALTH, this is not about politics or individual rights!!

    1. @James Stewart Nothing is crippling our medical institutions. They said the same thing last year and it was not true then either.

    2. @James Stewart Amen. Their ignorance is why so many frontline healthcare workers are leaving the profession outright.

    3. @LoveBlue ???? You can still get/spread Covid if you are vaccinated. You can still end up in ICU if you are vaccinated. Vaccinations don’t prevent you from catching Covid, they give you the same odds as someone in their 20’s who can fight off Covid naturally without a vaccine. Kids are not at risk of dying from Covid. This is all based on WHO/CDC data. Stop spreading misinformation.

    4. ​@Hollywood Dodger So all ICU beds are filled with COVID patients and normal patients can’t get care, Are you high, dude? If that continues, it may be you who needs urgent care, can’t get it, and dies in the break room turned emergency room.

  12. This is how my Grandma died in May. Her kidneys failed while waiting for any hospital bed to open up in Oregon. She didn’t have COVID, but they had to just keep her in a holding pattern in the ER until a bed did open up a few days later across the state. By the time they got her there, it was way too late to save her. I am hearing more and more stories like this all of the time. This poor family, and other’s like it!

    1. Do You Have a Message For the Republican Party/THE GOP and Trump???
      If, No, then You Know Why Nothing Changes… I am not trying to be cruel, but Whether You Agree or Not the Blame Falls on the GOP and Trump… I would be so agree, if I were in your shoes…

    2. everyone on the planet who lost loved ones should take out a law suite against china for this damn covid.

  13. Having lost a child, I grieve for his family. Knowing the ignorance of those that refuse the vaccine, I have anger deep in my heart. I pray for comfort for his family. I pray for forgiveness for the anger I carry.

    1. I understand. That anger can fuel you rather than consume you. I feel you’re on the right path by expressing it.

    2. I refuse to allow unknown chemicals into my body knowing how the government is !!!
      They killed my ancestors!!!!!

  14. Sucks when the hospitals are full. Emergencies and such are gonna be a mess.
    Governor Abbot got some more explaining to do. He lets the lights and heat go out during the coldest storm in decades and now the hospitals are full up with Covid. One need only look at the type of legislation he pushes during this pandemic to understand his priorities.

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