Putin blockades hundreds of civilians inside Mariupol steel plant | USA TODAY

Putin blockades hundreds of civilians inside Mariupol steel plant | USA TODAY 1


  1. If you want to know more about what’s going on in Ukraine, check out these independent channels and journalists:
    Patrick Lancaster,
    the Grayzone,
    the Jimmy Dore Show,
    Richard Medhurst,
    the New Atlas,
    the Last American Vagabond,
    Max Blumenthal,
    Aaron Mate,
    Scott Ritter,
    the Duran,
    George Galloway,
    Gonzalo Lira,
    John Mearsheimer,
    Glenn Greenwald,
    Alex Cristoforou,
    Alexander Mercouris,
    Anne-Laure Bonnel.

    1. @Artha Mabon exactly.
      Since you mentioned a fiction writer, .Stephen king’s fiction is better than MSM ‘s, in my opinion.

  2. Russia set up streets and times people can come out to surrender or leave. I’m thinking the troops inside don’t want to loose the only thing keeping that factory standing.

  3. After doing some thorough research and viewing several “Azov Battalion” clips, I can tell you that those aren’t civilians. They are armed combatants.

    1. This group has a program similar to sending your kid to military camp. They have been doing it since 2014 and it’s for 8-16y/o. Only after this Russian invasion, did they start to take their camp to the streets. In no way do I condone what they stand for (supposedly 10-20% are Nazis), but they’re fighting the same war all their other brothers and sisters are fighting. Not sure if they’re there to protect kids or if they use kids. Being a group that regularly works with kids, seems normal for them to be seen with them though.

    2. @Sleepy Star ask Putin, that’s what he said. Usually in my experience, when you make a barrier, you tend to be on the side you don’t want anything to “come through”. Case in point, come out. If they want to go in through the barrier they made, what’s stopping them?

    3. @Kurtis Lawler
      those militant groups are very trained
      but they are good for small operations

      versus the russian military train for capturing regions

      its really woth to watch a video how they captured mariupol and its vicinity

      one head orchestrating
      and the hundreds of thousands of soldier step same
      thats why despite the new weapons west sending ukrainien army way behind the russians compared how they organized

  4. Youtube is getting to full of this video. I think i have see it from different news channel at least 5 times a day !!

  5. Incorrect translation: “so that a fly wouldn’t be able to get out”.
    Correct translation: “so that a fly couldn’t fly through”

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  7. I wish I could wrap my arms around those innocent children and tell them that everything is going to be ok. My heart truly hurts to see this. There’s got to be some way the children can be saved out of the madness.

  8. Ahhh…… The civilians could leave anytime they want, except they are being held hostage by the Azov militants.

  9. That’s a big fat stupid lie. If viewers actually believe that I just have to accept that some people are simply ignorant of the entire US/Ukr/russ situation.


  11. Citizens are already returning to Mariupol, so wth is this crap? I have family whose come from there now returning there!

  12. azov holding them for hostage
    they telling them they can not come out

    why ukraine playing this game?
    tell the location and russia wont fire and they can walk out

    theres the video, children wishing for to go out and soldier telling them no
    its ukraine who play games

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