1. i love how she seems to be just on the verge of cracking up,
    even when relating the most harrowing of situations.

    1. @Homeless Guy I am fully aware of it – she was not on the verge of laughing about anything. She was showing what the OP interpreted as a smile / near-laughter / happiness but if you can read emotions beyond the face then you can understand that this is far from the truth.

  2. Can we just toss out all the Jan 6 insurgents and take in actual freedom fighters like Masha? Seriously.

  3. Maria should know that millions of American people literally millions – applaud her and think she is a hero!

    1. She is a hero being Brave enough to Leave Russia to get asway from Putin’s Reign of Terror . We all applaud her .

  4. Wow she got out!
    Glad she had an opportunity to speak here- what she knows, she can be a powerful positive force in Russias next transformation…

  5. I hope that she does not return to her country (Russia)…even if it means not seeing her family and friends again. She and other Russian refugees need to focus more on their safety…

    If I was Russian, I would want no association with Putin and his evil supporters.

    1. She Should never return to Russia and just come to the United States . She would be safer here .

    2. I hope she does return, but to a free Russia, free from tyranny. Russia will need people like her to become a normal country.

  6. Go Masha!👏I love the attitude of the members of this band. Fabulous humans. More power to them.

  7. Is it necessary to reveal how she escaped her monitors, it deprives others of the same or similar methods.

    1. Not so clever to reveal it though. More people could have used it. Now it’s out in the open.

  8. Good for her, to get out. Very brave. She’s an important voice and I hope she increases her public voice against Putin and the war.

    1. Yes she is brave and I admire that. I Hope My descendance do the same and get Out safe from Russia to the United State .

  9. yo Maria, you did the right thing, you are right, how can Russia now exist? Some things must change. Keep strong, keep fighting, show us the way. And, please, do not go back to Russia until Putin is gone..it is 110 percent too dangerous for you now.

  10. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, March 30 1953

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