1. No tolerance for those who refused to do they job unlike dirty congress you have in the US where both parties lie’s after lies to feed on the taxpayers money.

    1. @Daniel Ivanov zelensky is already begging for weapons, because they are losing the war , why beg for more if you’re winning? 🤔

    2. @YL915 I personally don’t believe that Adolf Hitler was a great leader. He had a small period when he was the chancellor of Germany and managed to lift the country out of poverty. But after that things took a serious turn for the worst such as killing off the disabled and mentally ill,then the Jews and Slavic people. So I know exactly how the Russians,polish and Ukrainian feel about those who revere Hitler and his ideologies. Neither do I admire Joseph Stalin. A dictator who killed many of his own people. And surely you are aware of Joseph Stalin’s Holodomor the deliberate attempt to starve the Ukrainian people into submission. Many Ukrainians were transported to Siberia and were replaced by ethnic Russians and that’s why they have the problem that we are witnessing today. But the invasion is not about saving Russian people from tyranny. It’s about conquering Ukraine for its resources of wheat, grains and fertilizers. Salt mines and gypsum and many other minerals are bountiful. Possible natural reserves of untapped oil and gas. Also if Russia keeps Crimea and gains all of Ukraine’s ports, it will have major control over the Black sea shipping lanes. And with control over Ukrainian airspace, all European air traffic would have to divert to a longer rout to get to the middle East. This will give Russia a superpower status that Putin desires. So it’s not about liberation. It’s about rebuilding Novorussia. So many young russian lives will be sacrificed. I hope that you’re happy with that trade off.

  1. “Do you not understand the magnitude of the disaster that I have personally caused to all of you?”

    1. @Ryan You mean Trump. Autocratic guys will always blame other people for their own mistakes. That’s a necessary part of their tactic of staying in power.

  2. “Sorry Mr. President, but there is no money to pay for new aircrafts. You and your Oligarchs stole all of the money. Remember?” 🤣

    1. @Ibrahim Touman yeah, I’d hope they are developing a new engine since it was unreliability of the SaM 146 that led to many companies dropping the SSJ100

    2. @jsean g Not exactly you have to understand that this money was hidden with the help of western companies which benefit from russian oligarchs. It’s extremely hard to trace it.

    3. …the reason Alexei Navalny as first poisoned and then arrested and thrown in a gulag after he returned. Navalny put together a two hour long video about the depth of corruption in Russia that aired here on Youtube (subtitled) a couple years ago, focusing on the 2 billion (USD) palace that Putin was having built on the Black Sea Coast southeast of Crimea.

    4. @Vale Visa …looks like it’s time to confiscate more washing machines and microwaves for the processor chips. Makes me wonder about all the looting of appliances in Ukraine. Either soldiers were stealing them to replace the ones that the government already confiscated ot were sending them back to be cannibalised. Putin better hope their pilots don’t accidently set those new helicopters to “spin cycle”.

  3. Fun fact:
    „Let‘s discuss this after the meeting“ is Russian for „You might accidentally fall out a window after the meeting.“

    1. @Elaine Karlsson Doesn’t matter, since your politicians are ready to push civilians into their fate by increased inflation, increased Crime rate and Homicide rates..

    2. The ruznazi genocidal goon is desperate and that can only make him sicker. A vicious cycle 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

    1. @Gabor P Thankfully, there’s a whole process that stops biden from doing anything to damning. BIden could literally be a sock puppet and America would still run fine.

      The moment your leader has a lapse in judgement, who can tell him no?

  4. The trade minister should avoid windows and stairs at all costs…feeling sorry for him. This could resemble Austin Powers but the stakes are high and the rapports are dangerous.

    1. Feel sorry for the trade minister? Everyone at that meeting is part of the problem if no one agreed to work for Putin and his war it would not be happening the people hold the power not one man but in Russia putin holds the power because the people like those at that meeting are Weak and self-serving. Throw him out a window for his failure Putin so the rest of the world can laugh at you and him.

  5. Putin: “Get it done in a month!”
    Official: “You don’t have enough money to pay for it.”
    Putin: “If you don’t get it done, I’ll send you on a free vacation out a 12th floor window!”

    1. Not that I am taking sides, but some of our own ” officials ” could use some of the heat to get things done, and I mean at home .

  6. Blaming other people for his own mistake in starting a war. Imagine a CEO blaming managers for not performing on his order of inventing a Time Machine

    1. Putin has fallen victim, as so many have before him, to the ‘Autocrat’s Trap’. He surrounded himself with ‘yes-men’ ( who’ve been too afraid of ‘accidentally’ falling out a 50 story window, or drinking ‘bad tea’ , to cross him ) for so long that he’s become complacent and succumbed to hubris. He can’t hear the words, “it can’t be done”… and woe to those who dare to say it to him now. I guess it’s up to the Ukrainians to show him the truth. 🇺🇦🌻💙💛Slava Ukraini!

    2. …I actually worked for a CEO who acted just like that. Not just the managers were blamed for failures, but workers as well. He was such a skinflint we were required to finish jobs on ridiculously tight deadlines (promised to clients by his daughter who was Marketing VP) with old equipment that was prone to breaking down and underpaid workers.

  7. That guy name is already on the death note 😢 poor guy. The second that he said “we will try to get it done in month” we all knew that it will not get done in a month.

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