1. @DJ Smithe yeah wrong again. More people, more eyeballs, more advertising 👉more revenue. You’re clueless.

    2. Advertisers are leaving and both Apple and Google are considering removing the Twitter app from their stores

    3. @DJ Smithe More eyeballs on Twitter means more ad revenue for ElMo from the advertisers who have not left Twitter.

  1. In my country, if someone uses the press to commit a crime, the press is also responsible for that misconduct. Seems the same principle should be applied in the USA.

    1. I agree, I remember “election interference” and when 2 years ago CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Politico, Psaki, CIA operatives Clapper, Brennan, 50 Intelligence Officials, and Biden were all part of their “Russian Disinformation Campaign” of the laptop and had “zero evidence” that it was Russian disinformation. A conspiracy to commit treason against the U.S.A and interfere in presidential elections.

    2. @Mr Rey But they literally did interfere in the elections. Disinformation through social media. They even admitted to it. I love how you guys live in an alternate reality. I just wish you’d stop trying to influence ours lol

    3. @Eugene S the platforms I mentioned are by far the greatest tools used by the press . That’s not even a debate. And the press uses them to manipulate and twist things while canceling and holding back other reports. Not even going to waste my time trying to debate something when it’s so beyond obvious .
      Your like sitting across from one of these woke folk , trying to have a logical conversation about 2 genders. Nope, no there’s not, that’s not my truth. Lol, grow up . What crime, as I said, if your that clueless . Stay that way, see how it works out for you. Oh and the new owner of “ the town square “ said keep the t shirts.

  2. What’s going to happen when the voice of the people is on a different platform?

    Do you think he will get the message?

    1. @GlassPipe Biden “Nonprofit watchdog group Media Matters for America published a report on Tuesday concluding that Twitter has lost half of its top advertisers since Elon Musk acquired the platform at the end of October.”

    2. @Brendan Hirshey Yep. Lost 50% of the top advertisers. If at all possible, It’ll be worked out by Elon. The void will fill soon enough. I might just have to finally setup a twitter account and pay my $8/month in support of that good old fashioned American free speech. The foundational cornerstone of America.

  3. “When he’s talking about the popular voice he’s talking about Russian intelligence.” 😀😃😅🤣😂

    1. Twitter being neutral in its enforcement of policy is literally the equivalent of “Russia invading” to these people. Thats how twisted and bent they are.

    2. @mike dx Russia, Russia, Russia. Didn’t you get the memo? The Russian dossier was a Democrat made up document and Hunter’s laptop is a real story, not Russian disinformation. Can liberals be honest about anything? If your party is so wonderful why can’t you and your candidates talk about ways to fix what is wrong in this country? Why do you deflect with Russia, lies and name calling. Why not use sound logic and facts to have discussions?

    3. Ahhhhh…. the ole “russian disinformation” operation. I always thought it was CNN that was supposed to start this, I was wrong.

  4. People in the comment section are like “so what” as if there isn’t a war right now, illustrating how opposing powers use social media. You’re acting like we’re still in the livejournal era.

  5. I’m sure Elon, all of a sudden, will no longer have a problem with “bot accounts”.
    They’ll be “restored” too.

    1. Already happening. Two fake accounts followed me from “women” asking how my day was within 24 hrs of starting an account. Elon just linked together major servers. Wich are going to allow a much broader cloud interface. Everyone is decieved and using this technology exactly like the Bible told us. A great harlot riding a beast…

    1. @T2882 I know right? Makes wanna worship our thermostats for saving mankind from extinction. Everyday I hear how secure it was makes me lose more faith.

    2. I find it hysterical that the same company was allowed to Ban and cover up a true story on our sitting president corruption on twitter is now a SERIOUS CONCERN FOR LOSERS LIKE THIS dude !!! – and where was cnn. Where was this hack !!!!!!!???

      No where to be found …. And then he’s talking about Russia and the Chinese who combined paid our sitting president like $30 MILLION…. I guess he forgot this !)???

  6. those things must be taken more seriously than musk’s management, Social media have tremendous power and needs to be managed in a way that does not jeoperdize the values of a society (like hate speech, or racial discriminations, or extremist behaviors…)

    1. Im guessing you attempting to write the mob laws for free speech?? I’ll stick to the constitution on this, thanks anyways for your hard work!!

    2. Up until now, racial discrimination of white people, far left extremist behavior and hate speech against white heterosexual men has been ok and even encouraged by twitter employees and those on the platform. No one who argues like you do has ever complained about it. When freedom is restored for everybody, you get furious. People can see through these grotesque double standards.

    3. @Walid Larkem whats worse, me calling you names or you conniving around to the community to say I’m problematic and I should be deplatformed, just take the insults on the chin and maybe give em back a couple, sticks and stones

  7. I don’t know why anyone with at least one brain cell would ever listen to Elon Musk again ? What a sad end to what could have been a great person 😢

    1. @Robert M don’t you mean freedoms you see fit? I am sure you have a lot of great ideas for everyone else’s money. 😏

    1. @Jason Lucas talking??? Never said a word. Scripted you must mean. No IDEA ?? Apparently you *DIDN’T DO WHAT I SUGGESTED* . Furthermore, suspicious, you *WON’T* . So on, with the near last wasted suggestion.

    2. @Dustin Heath You simplify the problem too much. Some people understand they are watching propaganda or falsehoods (like you do), but some people don’t, and others will slowly get brainwashed into more extreme far-right beliefs. Would you have allowed Hitler to spread Nazi propaganda on your news channels during WW2? I am not saying banning and censoring is the right way to go, I am just saying there clearly is a problem with the “free speech” absolutism when any bot or person can reach out to millions of people at any given time and abuse it – wealthy and powerful people will take advantage of this and manipulate people.

  8. This is chilling. Maybe before it gets too bad, people will just start leaving Twitter and ignoring Twitter, and Musk will realize that is not good for business.

    1. Better watch out bro, the Russian Twitter bots are coming for you. One day your relaxing, casually scrolling Twitter. Next thing you know your singing the Russian national anthem, squatting and chugging cheap vodka. Truly chilling stuff.

  9. Elon Musk: “Twitter is full of bots”

    **forced to buy twitter and fires everyone**

    Elon Musk: “Twitter is the voice of the people! No bots here!”

  10. It sounds to me like Americans are afraid to compete on a level playing field in a market place of free expression. Is that what I’m supposed to think?

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