Putin Joins Pro-Trump Chorus In Making Excuses For January 6th Rioters 1

Putin Joins Pro-Trump Chorus In Making Excuses For January 6th Rioters


Rachel Maddow shares recent quotes from Vladimir Putin in which the Russian leader downplays the severity of the January 6th insurrection in a way that echoes excuses made by Donald Trump and his supporters.
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  1. Yeah! Their in Kahoots!
    Talk about National Security!?
    What could happen, with them having “Friends” in the government or military!?

    1. @ɯ⃟s⃟ı⃟x⃟o⃟ɹ⃟p⃟ɐ⃟n⃟Ὁ not sure how you come to that conclusion from my comment… you need to work on your reading comprehension.

    2. @AnaBananaCapacabana That’s a fair statement. Not all Russians are bad. Let’s just refer to the bad Russians as “Republicans” from now on.

    3. @Shadow Vox What’s wrong with you? Do you also avoid eating chinese food. Do we need a russian hate crime bill?

    1. When the Democrats help the Chinese cover up mass murder,what would you call them? Fauci and the Democrats partnered with the Chinese to cover up mass murder!!!!! You supported them.Lowlife.

    2. @fantasy_*Taurus B ot maybe therr is only a story in the alternative facts world of trumpians and thier cult leader. Let me guess the pillow guy has all the goods ? Why didn’t trump’s DoJ do anything about the crimes ? Keep grifting the grift deplorable.

    3. @Jamalynn Paris Life is simple it just depends on how you live it. The way I see it with you is you complicate it…. and probably more then it needs to be. I can guess your relationship with others is probably questionable

    4. @The Dani Do’s Your question you may have , are out there you just got to make those calls. You sound ignorant , angry, sad, desperate, me me me. Lol

      Take care

  2. So I guess according to Putin that makes the Jan 6 insurrectionists, also honorary communists? Me casa, you casa.

  3. The T’Rump claims he’s the rightful President …. does he claim to be the rightful King of France as well?

  4. Daddy Putin is worried his involvment comes to light in duo process. And this is a sure sign HE WAS INVOLVED.

    1. That’s all trumpsollini really needed, his ‘friend’ putin giving his objective opion on the Jan 6 trumpsollini boys readiness.

  5. Pudding knows the Thumper lovers are gullible enough to buy into his BS ,ofcourse he is saying all that and will probably say more in the days ahead.

    1. Exactly Putin poisons or jails anyone who dares to stand for truth or justice he’s all about helping trump I wonder why

  6. harsh punishment…by Putin
    the guy who imprisoned Navalny
    He needs the Orange puppet so his hackers can destroy more companies

  7. Ironic when you considerthat Putin is imprisoning nonviolent pacifist Jehovah’s Witnesses as an “extremist religion.” He is also seizing their properties. All because they do not belong to the Russian Orthodox religion.

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