1. @Игорь Жильцов Ivan IV murdered his son and heir in a fit of rage; is that not “terrible”?

  1. I note he referred to Peter the Great’s war with Sweden as a “taking back what is ours” moment and that “we” need to do the same thing. So, is Sweden now on the target list along with presumably the rest of Ukraine, Moldova, the Baltics, Poland, Finland etc etc?

    1. Yes, there is land that now belongs to Sweden (a Southern bit) that 1000 years ago, give or take, was a part of the Land of the Rus, Proto-Russia. Peter took part of it back, the marsh land that is now Saint Petersburg. Putin indeed does have grand dreams lol

    2. Fun fact: Peter the Great never “conquered” Sweden. He defeated the Swedish Empire in the Great Northern War and took Finland and the Baltic states (then collectively known as “Livonia”) from them as a war prize. However Russian rule never extended beyond Finland. They also ruled parts of Poland for a bit. Putin’s wildest fever dreams may extend out that far, but I don’t know that his realistic ambitions really go beyond Ukraine, Moldova and the Baltics (with Belarus joining willingly). That would restore the Soviet border and reunite Kaliningrad with the rest of the country.

    1. @JediMasterYoda69
      Most emperors, or wannabes, go that route. Till a member of the true believers shows that he bleeds after all…

  2. Well, if he was Donald Trump he’d be saying he was greater than Peter the Great. But the closest historical match to Putin would be Ivan the Terrible, whose reign put Russia on the path to the Time of Troubles. The appropriate name given his legacy will be Vladimir the Thief.

    1. @UCVp1tFPCPOPuuacMtjKKtNQ Between Putin and the Kiev Nzai regieme, you chose Putin unless you are a Nzai, then you would support the Kiev regieme who has bannened and imprisoned every opposition.

  3. Odd – Peter the Great was the greatest Westernizer of Russia – he admired the achievements of Europe –

  4. Peter wanted access to sea. Sweden held the Baltic Sea, and the Ottomans held the Black Sea. So he first decided to fight Ottomans, he took Azov from them but realized they are too strong for him to get Bosphorus from them, so he gave up. He went north, claimed the Swedish province of Ingria for himself, it is sad that Putin doesn’t know his own history. Also Peter beheaded his lover Mary Hamilton, took the head talked to the head for 30min, kissed her one last time and then threw it to his hunting dogs!

  5. Nope, read the books, Peter was a master in military operation and built your navy, Saint Petersburg a port to the Atlantic Ocean from nothing. You sir have committed the greatest Militarily blunder in all of history, Ironically beating out both Napolean and Adolf Hitler who did invade but did not retain your russia because they both froze there armies to death. Your Invasion has forced you to destroy all the infrastructure of Ukraine, the same factories that supplied materials for your war machine

  6. Peter III likened himself to his grandfather, and then his wife overthrew him. Now we shall watch and see what becomes of such a petty despot.

  7. sure let’s all go back to the 17th century when America was part of the British Empire, most of Europe was part of the Habsbourg Empire and France was ruled by Louis XIV, the sun king , fun times ahead, and of lot of wars to be fought

  8. Something is not right in his head. Peter the Great came to the Netherlands to learn about boatbuilding. Send Vladimir over, so the Dutch can learn him a different lesson.

    1. @S J Your comment makes no sense whatsoever. There’s nothing wrong with his English. CHEERS!

    2. @Adrian Veluz Doubtful.
      On second though, the Dutch aren’t running a kleptocracy. But I think they’d also prefer to keep it that way.

  9. I called it. He doesn’t want to recreate the Soviet Union, he wants to recreate the Russian Empire and crown himself Tsar.

    1. operations Barbarossa, invasion of Soviet union with help of Ukraine.
      now it’s payback with interst.

    2. @Mark Kane
      Yes, and remember the Ukrainian woman who put two bullets in Lenin? History may repeat itself, LOL!

  10. I find the comparison rather accurate. They both dragged Russia out of stagnation early on only to undo all their positive gains through bravado, political corruption and endless military conflict later in their lives.

    1. @Let the flames takeover more like Vlad the Inhaler… he’s clearly been huffing something lately 😂

    2. @Anthony Burton who Hunter Biden yeah we know😁 God doesn’t like junkies. Fun conversation sir👍bless you

    3. @Let the flames takeover
      Is that the best you can do? Really? While Putin Huilo craps like a harpy of the Motherland while singing “Follow me! Only I can fix it!”

    1. Would you rather have a drink with Trump or with Biden? you Be honest😁🤣 Gurls don’t answer, we know your opinion

  11. I have always wondered why some people must compare themselves to others, in this case Peter the Great. His own actions will determine if he was great or not. Putin has shown he is a despot and history will never forget

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