1. 🍉Le Yucheng, the then deputy minister at China’s Foreign Department who this past February said cooperation between China and Russia was without limits, has been demoted to China’s National Radio and Television Administration, which is far less powerful than Chinese Foreign Department.

    1. 🍉 Le Yucheng feels favorably inclined toward Russia because he majored in Russian Language and Literature at college and used to work at Chinese embassy in Moscow for a couple of years in total. Most importantly, if the relationship between China and Russia had became the most important one which Chinese Foreign Ministry has to take care of, he could probably have been promoted to Minister of Chinese Foreign Ministry. Therefore, it was natural for him to say “the relationship between China and Russia is without limits”. However, to his surprise, it was his selfishness that forced him to leave Chinese Foreign Ministry he loved most.

    2. @Tony Green I’m more interested in the struggle at the top. Who do you think is Xi’s greatest rival in party? Any rival is a potential ally (at least for the moment. Lol) 🙂

      Example: Stalin and Trotsky. Politics exist even in a single party.

  2. Xi is like: Dude, how are you supposed to help me against NATO if you can’t even dominate the poorest Europe country right next to you? 😂😝

    1. @Mark V The first capital of Russia was the city of Ladoga (Russia), then Novgorod (Russia), then Kiev. Russia began in the city of Ladoga.
      150,000 Russian soldiers are fighting against 40,000,000 Ukrainians. Not bad: 1 to 267😉🤣

  3. China was supporting Russia in the beginning of the war but since the war is taking longer than expected, China is starting to step back.

    1. The only thing I heard about between China with, Russian invasion into Ukraine was. China asked Putin to wait till after Olympics…

  4. China doesn’t want anything to do with Ukraine. Xi is like, “Yeah that’s quite a mess you have there. Sorry to hear about it.” lol

    1. @chutong zhou “Even Financial crisis of 2007–2008 didn’t make any country collapse”
      This is different. China was in trouble long before Putin’s war caused global inflation.

  5. That painful moment on the school yard when that unpopular kid wants to be your friend right after he took a beating and you know he just wants your protection.

    1. More like the loud bully(Russia) asking for the other bully(China) for help but doesn’t want to due to the risk he will be disliked by both the unpopular and popular kids. “Business comes first”mentality after all.

    1. @Ahmed 🤡🤣Georgia and Moldova once also supported the United States. So what? From this they began to live better? 😄 Sense from your support? Only more destruction

    1. @Jacky chen I know is very said situation for China Russia enemy is strong 🤑 dollars and euro’s fighting to yuan and ruble

  6. “As he [Xi] prepares to grant himself a third term” is the difference between the U.S. and these two. Wondering about the optics of this still?

  7. I looked it up, and in 2020, we (the usa) purchased about 400 billion worth of imports from China. As much as China may not like the USA, and us supporting Taiwan, we bolster their economic growth and stability quite a bit. So we do have some power in our relationship with them…

    1. @Kevin Colson new silk road are mainly focused on smaller countries in Africa, asia, middle east and southamerica

  8. I see it like this: before the war they flipped a coin on who should do the invasion first. Xi used a double headed coin and called tails XD

    1. @Taylor Sure but India still want to do trade with Russia. They doesn’t want to pulled out from this SCO organization. Even modi know the future are in Asia not the USA 🤔

    2. @Ryan lex the future is in the west because the world uses and depends on their inventions and innovations. or maybe you want to name a single invention from the last hundred years from the asia?

    1. @michael dy shouldn’t have been in Afghanistan in the first place. No one, repeat no one has ever successfully invaded and controlled that country…ever! And this is attempt number four by most historians reckoning.

  9. If these two wanted to talk about top secret topics do you honestly think they would broadcast their meeting? They can easily meet in private….the things that they talk about in public is planned well ahead of time…… We’ll never know what is really going on with these guys. All we can do is strategize and game plan for their next move.

    1. china will go with whoever the potential winner is, they was far too fast to “support russia with no limits” and now they suddenly are 50/50 balanced and wish for the war to end soon… took a very fast turn

  10. When you use terms like “friendship with no limits” youre intetionally evading other terms like “Allies”. Talking about friendships, do you guys consider a “friend with benefits” your spouse? yeah, me neither.

  11. 2:10 Seconds. The visuals for the “Chinese Economy taking a beating”. Whoever put the video together has a sense of humour.

  12. Proud of America after watching their smart measured way they are conducting foreign affairs these days. Proud of the Ukrainians for standing up strong

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