Putin makes rare admission about mobilization

In a rare admission, Russian President Vladimir Putin said mistakes were made while selecting the 300,000 men eligible to be called up during the current mobilization. CNN's National Security Analyst David Sanger joins John Vause to discuss. #CNN #News


    1. OMG this is so heart breaking I’m literally shaking and crying thinking of all the misery western Europe will face this winter. (I’m very empathetic and progressive) I really hope that one day Ukraine will be free and liberal so their women can be as beautiful as me.

    1. @Imtiaz Akand the next wave after taking Crimea,,,, Ukraine pushes in towards Moscow to create a neutral area of land between Russia and Nato countries using Russian territory.

  1. Ukraine should hold a referendum on Russian soil. Make a giant post to the world and Russia that this is now Ukrainian land.
    It’s the same stupid logic Poutine is doing.

    1. @Сталинский советский There is no glory to Russia, haven’t you that’s thousands of people leaving Russia? Even Russians can’t stand stupid Putin 😂

  2. Putin: “Mistakes were made”

    What he mean by mistake: Should have put soldiers in the borders before announcing the mobilization to prevent people from leaving Russia.

  3. He admits they have to correct the “mistakes”, i.e. incompetence of drafting old men, crippled men etc but he can’t see that his military is riddled with imbecility at every level. He actually thinks that he can win. That is clearly insane.

    1. @N P So, you just scraped a pass in your preschool trolling class and now you’re desperate to see if it actually works? Sad day ain’t it…..

  4. Mistake was made by Attacking Ukraine in the First Place.. They were not a national Threat. He has vision of the old Soviet Union coming back.

    1. @SLEEPER 972 exactly, he has Belarus on board, they are easy to start the process of re-establishing the USSR, then onto Ukraine, but he lost that fight before it even began. But if the unimaginable happened and he captures Ukraine, well why stop there. He would continue on until the USSR has been restored and even bigger than before. That’s why we should do everything possible to stop this TYRANT.

  5. I don’t believe a word he says and I don’t think he made any mistakes I think he is so pitiful and evil he would take people out of the hospitals take people with catheters to fight in his war he’s crazy and he’s evil.

    1. @Zerox Prime good point. I guess the fact that he is even saying a mistake was made proves the issues going on inside the country are too big for him and the oligarchs to ignore. If this keeps going the way it is, some of his cronies are going to back stab him.

  6. It’s not an admission, it is scapegoating. From Putin to the ministry of defense to the recruitment offices to individual officers going door to door.

    1. There were rumors that about a thousand professional US military were sent to Ukraine as officers, who are now fundamentally lacking in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
      The scheme is very simple. You allegedly leave the army, then sign a contract with a PMC that sends you to Ukraine. Contractual salary for junior officers, from $ 35,000 per month and above. It all depends on experience, position and skills.

      Also, under the contract, they simply recruit soldiers who form foreign combat groups of PMCs, the salary of an ordinary soldier, from $ 10,000, everything also depends on experience, length of service and profession.

      All this is paid for through Western funds associated with the Pentagon.

    2. @Товарищ Иван Just because you pat yourself on the back for something doesn’t mean it was a success or good.

  7. Thank you yes! Crimea was mind-blowing to me! Absolutely the entire world needed to demand rule of law at the time and absolutely smash Russia’s economy until they relented. That Putin could gram Crimea with no real consequence was entirely enabling.

  8. By admitting to a few very minor mistakes, Putin is hoping it will take peoples mind off the fact that its all one big mistake! He doesn’t truly care, but he’s hoping the Russian people will suddenly decide that he’s not quite the monster they think he is. He can now try to force Ukrainians to fight Ukrainians, while relying less on Russian men, which would also go down well with the Russian people.
    Good luck with that one Putin!

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