1. And gosh there’s so many people he has to avoid, what’s the world population now? 🤔 Oh ya so that’s 8 Billion less a handful, rounded up I make that 8 billion!

  1. FYI Ireland embassy in Moscow has 6 staff while Russia’s embassy in Dublin has 37 staff when Russia has a lot less business in Ireland than Ireland has in Russia. High time these ‘diplomats’ were sent home. You know they are up to no good. Check out your country embassy numbers

    1. @jamie malone and the fact that you hide big corporations so they don’t have to pay tax in the countries that they earn most of their income from.

    2. It is not that simple. Ireland will need Russia if England tries to go back to good old days of stealing from others instead of working for what they have. Folks are already concerned about issues with border closing and messing up local economy. Russian people are stuck with Putin but English empires record of crimes against Irish people is very long.

  2. These comments are certainly all over the place. Only thing for sure is I feel very badly for the people suffering.

    1. @Tadhg Cronin kek. I mean everyone on the world who is not a war hungry murderous orc. Not my fault that this excludes a lot of Russians. That’s entirely their responsibility

    2. Can’t understand why the Ukrainian forces haven’t taken out where the missiles are coming from even if from Russian soil. Ukraine has a right to defend themselves

    3. @yeanah USSR made Bandera because Russia was allied with Hitler. What did you expect? The only reason Russia fought germanyw as because during the war, Germany suddenly did a surprise invasion on Russia. Good ol’ days of USSR. (rolls eyes).

  3. “The price the West will pay for supporting Ukraine will be very, very high.” Perhaps, Mr. Putin, but the price we would pay for *not* supporting Ukraine in the face of your illegal invasion would be far, far higher — a new wave of militaristic expansionist dictators around the world, loss of freedom, and significant destabilization of the world order on which everyone depends for food supplies, energy, trade, security, etc… Pain and suffering in the near-term to build a safe and free world over the longer term. We know the risks. We know the costs. We choose freedom. We choose progress. We choose survival. You will find that the Ukrainians, the Europeans, and the West in general are far more resilient than you have calculated.

    1. @Himars Dogystyle You’r narrative by itself proves your sheep credentials; Why do you require enforcing it by saying: bahahaha ? Why can’t you simply say: hahaha ?

    2. @Kitty Cat Hey, you forgot to mention : Self Destruction. Imagine when Trump returns in 24′, you fools will wipe each other out.

  4. I remember that in person security council meeting on Feb 21, and that was the day when everybody knew russia would invade ukraine and the bizzare staging of that was truly a sight to behold.

  5. Ukraine is going to have to rally on getting through this winter. I have faith in them and know it won’t be easy but they will be okay.

    1. @niburu fukwit russia invaded ukraine or dont you understand that third world twat, or did you miss that , russia responsible as ukraine was shooting down russian missiles

    2. @rand mayfield Ohh North Korea lmfao, I’m sure that will be top quality winter equipment if it’s from North Korea

  6. Who cares if Putin makes a rare appearance? The rarer the better, until one day he doesn’t appear at all and the whole world can be so much happier and better! Slava Ukraini!!!

    1. What are all you Russian trolls going to do after Pooty Boy is gone snd Navalny’s people start rounding up Pooty’s enablers? Defect NOW!

    2. @Phyllis Because they are a kinder people. The Ukrainians are fighting a good war (no civilian targets) and winning. Russian is fighting a subversive war, attacking civilians and losing. I am hoping for a war crimes trial and The Hague when this is over.

    1. @karl harrison 10 dead orcs O dear , how sorry very sad , never mind – havent you been conscripted yet ?? 10 dead russian orcs invaders who murdered civilians , flattened cities and homes , stole every washing machine and toiler , raped , tortured civilians etc

    2. @Joey Llewelyn I’m sure they would like to Fuk off back to Russia, But NATO keeps wanting to get close since 1990. They are as close now as they are going to get. I guess they can’t get enough.

  7. He had seen Zelensky at Kherson, just few Kms form the frontline, and decided to show he too could came some meter out of his bunker for some minute.
    What a hero.

  8. Expert opinion on Putin making an appearance: It means he made an appearance and spoke a few words.

    1. Amazing nC stupidity of western citizens.!!! Absolutely fascinating how stupid and dumb they can be.

      Putin has been travelling all over Russia, went on a state visit to India, Belorussia, held 4 hour press conferences, received nearly dozen world leaders in moscow,

      Been to conferences for in Russia with dozens of world leaders in attendance, just 2 weeks back spoke at the Vadlai club meeting.
      He attended 6 country military exercises in far East of Russia!!

      Yeah CNN just makes am headline saying unusual appearance of Putin and the idiots wake up and like zoombies start chanting weird things.
      It’s amazing it like drugged animals🤣🤣🤣

    1. @FelixS Séverin That’s okay, I know how to do research. I know for a fact Fox news is not factual, at least not outside of political reporting. They’ve been sued before and they were allowed to lie because they’re considered “entertainment”. They’re also being sued by Dominion over their lies about said company’s voting machines. I hope we saw what happens to them like we saw with Alex Jones and hopefully they’re brought to their knees

    2. @RayTheObserver If we didn’t fund it, there wouldn’t be any Ukraine. Don’t you understand why we support it? Putin plan for Ukriane is “genocide”. Even the hcaust survivros denounced Putin. You have to be kidding me.

    3. @Forrest Rous No news agency is going to be perfect, that is why they have credibility and it’s ascale. If anyone was allowed to sue Russia for it’s lies, (which they can’t) it would be at least 4 per day. Every single thing in REussia TV is fake

    4. @FelixS Séverin Sure and don’t get me wrong, if there was nothing else on I would tune in to Fox News. I would just approach it with the mentality I usually have which, “what’s the kernel of the story here?” and most likely would just cross reference it with other sources. I am fortunate to live in a country where the media isn’t completely state sponsored

    5. Many have. Hitler ,Hussein, Gaddafi and Mussolini come to mind, but it wasn’t nice. Our former leader won’t experience such a fate. He’ll probably be exiled to his home by the sea, which will be a fate worse than death for him. That’s the way we do things in America. We don’t execute or jail our Presidents. I don’t know why; we just don’t.

  9. My comment to Darhan below : Your description can’t be better, Bro. You nail it. Truly, the cost Putin will pay will be immeasurably immense indeed. In addition to yr description, the history will always remember his unprecedentedly cuelty n atrocity which will haunt all Russians now n in the future. They will never feel save abroad n always walk with the feeling of guilt n shame n remorse. Tq 4 sharing. Gbu, Bro

    1. Cool story bro. I’m Russian living in the U.S. and have dual citizenship. I don’t walk around in shame for the US’s idiotic and illegal invasion of Iraq. Just like I don’t walk around in shame from Russia’s idiotic invasion of Ukraine. “Collective responsibility” for a government’s actions is only something that low-intelligence racist ignoramuses believe. Also, fun fact, literally nobody I know gives a damn about me being Russian or not. Has had zero effect on my business. Keep living in your racist bubble though.

  10. “Some people in the business community have spoken out”. Then they feel so bad about it they dive out the nearest window…

  11. -10 degrees Celsius is 14 degrees Fahrenheit and here I am as a Californian shivering and getting a cold when its 45 degrees… I’ll pray for Ukraine 🙁

    1. @Tadhg Cronin You have a problem with that, Igor? Of course you do. You’re losing the blunder you call a war, your Muscovy will be a swamp soon, and you’ll not only not have toilets, but no potatoes as well. Keep posting propaganda. It shows how desperate you are.

    2. It’s -21 Celsius here with a windchill of -30 where I live and it’s only going to be colder in the next 5 months

    3. @19watcher86 possibly because she’s talking about Ukraine and they use celsius, as does the majority of the world except the USA.

  12. I feel terrible for all these people there. Really anyone struggling like that.
    No power or no home now.
    I feel so lucky I have a home and I’m safe here. I don’t have much but I have everything I need compared to so many people in the world. I wish the majority of people could work together, prioritizing what’s most important for people…Love and Peace ✌️

    1. 🐤💨@Brandon West
      Say g’day to momma Babushka
      Is the filthy old trollop still living under the same Siberian bridge ?

    2. Scott Pitner. Yes, every day I think about it, I look up at the morning sky and tell myself I don’t have to worry about a bomb coming at me.

    1. If you’re not vaccinated, it is perfectly reasonable to fear Covid. And Russia’s Sputnik vaccine isn’t as good as our mRNA vaccines, so maybe Russians should still fear Covid.

    1. that table actually was quite short for Putin. Watch the video of him having a discussion with his generals. That table was way above 50 feet long.

  13. Un ucraniano en la ciudad liberada de Jerson dijo estas frases…
    -No tenemos luz.
    -No tenemos agua.
    -Pero tampoco tenemos rusos…
    ¿No es hermoso?

    1. A Ukrainian in the liberated city of Kherson said these words…
      – We don’t have light.
      – We don’t have water.
      – But we don’t have Russians either…
      Is it not beautiful?

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