Putin On BLM Protests: 'I Think This Movement Was Used By Political Forces' 1

Putin On BLM Protests: ‘I Think This Movement Was Used By Political Forces’


Russian President Vladimir Putin shares his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter Movement with NBC’s Keir Simmons.

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Putin On BLM Protests: 'I Think This Movement Was Used By Political Forces'


  1. The interviewer very clearly asked Putin to comment on BLM! And then he denies he did? He was only asking about hacking, right.

    1. He said question got brought up after Putin brought up racism while speaking on the hacker issue. But you’d need to go back and watch a couple seasons of Blue’s Clues and get a refresher on context clues to understand that, I suppose.

    2. It’s called a follow up question. Putin brought it up, the reporter wanted him to continue the line of thought.

    3. @Joe Hicklepickle I’m not surprised that Joe Hicklepickle is the name of a failed cult troll.

    4. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid – Not surprised, but shocked with MSDNC lies. I think its the effect of climate change at their office.

  2. 0:12 sure you did – “what do you think of the black lives matter movement” was his question

  3. At 0:26 he says “What do you think of the Black Lives Matter Movement?” Then you wonder why people don’t trust the news? I heard the interviewer ask about BLM, and get an answer about BLM. What I didn’t hear was anything about Cyber Attacks. So within the context of the video…dude answered your question. Regardless of the answer, stop trying to mislead people into believing you never even brought up BLM to begin with, and he just decided to jump to the topic on his own.

    1. Almost like this channel was hacked by Russian hackers, so they would make a joke out of this reporter

  4. The reporter said Putin moved the topic to BLM but in the interview, he literally asked Putin what he thinks of BLM?

    1. What I’ve observed about the media is this:
      whatever the media says, flip it around.
      “There is absolutely zero evidence the virus escaped from a lab.”
      Correction: the is a lot of evidence the virus escaped from a lab.

      “Independent news sources on YouTube is swaying public opinions with misinformation, which is dangerous for our democracy.”
      Correction: We are losing viewers like crazy, and it’s getting harder to indoctrinate the masses with truthful and accurate reporting of the news in a way we can’t control.”

    2. @William M Trump exhorted his base to revile journalists because he loathes transparency and fears the power and influence of a free press and, of course, his base accommodates him by squawking “fake news” like demented Pez dispensers at the drop of a hat.

    3. @William M You are funny. How long has sb in youtube is irrelevant. If you cannot think independently, you are just as useless.

    1. @Валерий Заподовников I guess you’re not part of the younger generation then huh? Seems they are out supporting the opposition getting beaten and arrested.

    2. @Валерий Заподовников Ahh I see. Still holding on to the anti progressive racism and prejudice I see though. Did you know we all carry African genes? That your great great great … grandfather was indeed black and African?

    3. Wait…whataboutism is bad now? Because the leftist media used whataboutism all the time when it suits them. You people are idiots.

    4. @deepbigeyes we do not have any black people in russia, so I never cared about this everything is racist BS. Nobody calls anybody racist here. And most are not racists, I never thought about the color of skin before those BLM nutjobs thought to burn couple of cities.

  5. Your that statement was not true, he answered the question you asked him about his thought on Black Lives Matters

    1. Putin actively wants America to be a totalitarian (Republican) country. That is what Putin understands.

    2. @ruth depew–Straight from Bill Ayers’ Rules For Radicals(Call your opponent what you see in the mirror). Projection much??

    1. Hunter Biden already did when he accepted 3.5 million from the former Russian mayor. Got some of the 10 percent for the big guy with dementia.

    2. Yeap, from a man to a man ! Don’t go to sleep Joe , don’t subestimate Putin’s intelligence .Remember your medication Joe !

    3. And for God’s sake don’t tell him “That if you don’t agree with me you ain’t black”…. because he isn’t

  6. Reporter: Putin just brought up Racisim and deflected..
    Let’s show the clip..
    First line from reporter: what do you think of BLM?
    Putin: answers
    Reporter: as you can see he just brought it up.. LOL WTH?? People are brainwashed. Sadly.

  7. Joey literally scratchin his head at one point and in another video wandering. Someone make it stop..Its just insane. Putin is right.

    1. Yes, what kind of craziness now. I guess he thought they would know to edit out his question. Frankly, Putin’s response wasn’t cringeworthy.

  8. Is this serious? The reporter literally just asked about BLM.

    Then Putin have a very thorough and proper response.

    Reporter- Orange Man Bad oh wait I mean RUSSIA Russia Russia!!!!

  9. The fact he’s out doing these interviews with all the issues he has going on back home I think is basically putin’s swan song.

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