Putin on nuclear weapons: ‘Threat is growing’ | USA TODAY #Shorts


    1. They already won Ukraine is a mass graveyard they won’t be rebuilding any condos on top of body parts.

    2. @charlotteg.2994  Already won, Ukraine is a mass graveyard. Smoke from missiles and aebestos is so bad it is even lung cancer central in Ukraine and Poland. Not to mention, the Western world had to drop their global warming bs and pick up shevels of dirty coal to keep warm this winter. After they their sanctions on Russia blew up in their own faces. Nothing about what we are seeing is a win for Ukraine or their proxies NATO.

  1. Ah. I figured as much. Defense is the best offense.
    His argument is he doesnt need to use the nuke and likely wont be the first to use it.

    I see america being the first to use it.
    We do everything horrible all for “a just cause”

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