1. Once he remembered Turkey was in the mix, he realized it was either, “rejoin” or sink a ship under a NATO flag, and risk a war with NATO.

    1. @James Dawson Because Biden is on meds and has no idea what’s going on. They are all dancing to Putins tune and its pathetic. Never would of happened under Trump and you know it, stay in denial

    2. @Donald Trump JR I agree, none of this would have happened under trump, he would have just let russia get on with taking over ukraine. I don’t particularly like biden, I think they found the most boring man they could after trump and chose him, but he’s supported ukraine and I can’t fault him for that.

    3. @James Dawson Keep telling yourself that you Trump Deranged individual
      Trump held everyone in check and you know its true

    4. @Donald Trump JR I’m british, I only saw it from the outside. He looked like a s**t stirrer, who fed conspiracy theories, promised things he never delivered, spread intolerance, was a greasy, moralless business man, who constantly played the victim and shifted the blame. He seemed like a terrible, ineffectual human being, let alone president. Honestly he seemed exactly like kim and putin, just in a country that has mechanisms to stop dictators

    1. @JOHNNY B GOOD You didn’t notice the double quotes around “good will gesture”? Otherwise, great sentiment!

    2. ​@JOHNNY B GOOD Putin was never in any danger of attacking Turkish battleships. He b*tches and moans and whines the day away about the “danger” of NATO but he knows NATO would never attack Russia first. Russia has their most advanced aviation in airbases left completely undefended on the border to NATO nations, ffs.

      He understands that the only thing NATO is a “danger” to is Russian aggression and imperialism. The last thing he’s going to do is actually get himself into a NATO conflict.

    3. I think you’ll find Ukraine and the UN and Turkey will just ignore the end of the deal and continue. Nobody is interested in what Russia thinks about it any more. Russia’a power to ‘do things’ about anything, inside Ukraine or outside is gone. That ship sailed… and then caught fire, then sunk mysteriously in a storm, after being hit by an autonomous boat! Soon Putins power to ‘do things’ inside Russia will be history too!

    4. @Pauly Beefs You are a child to be talking in such a lame and short-sighted manner. Russia has massive power over world economies. That is what the issue is about. It’s not about the “nUmBeRs oF sHiPs”. It’s about safe passage and guarantees.

      Ukraine simply violated the terms and Russia did exactly what it should have done, withdraw safe passage and threaten the enemy of economic meltdown if they attack Crimea. In this sense, Putin is playing very smart. Russia will not have to expend any military to Crimea as long as this treaty is maintained, that’s why he renegotiated and came back in. It is a huge military advantage for Russia, it eased the “load” off of the Army, Airforce and Navy to be protecting Crimea, they can use their forces elsewhere.

  2. Turkey was very proud of its mediation in achieving this deal if Russia withdrew then relations with Turkey with go sour Russia can’t lose any more allies and trading partners

  3. The Russians are asking why Ukraine attacked their fleet? Should ask them why their are Russian troops on Ukrainian land.

  4. It seems that Putin got a lot out of this deal. You could look at it this way: In the long run, he probably had to allow exports anyways or suffer terrible losses. But by temporarily claiming he won’t allow exports, he secured a deal and managed to save the Crimean bridge from being completely destroyed by a second attack. I really hope Putin loses this war for the sake of international order, but we must not underestimate this guy.

    1. Are you one of the people who thinks karen plays 5d chess when he’s actually just incompetent at 2d? From what I saw he cancelled the deal hoping to put more pressure on europe, trying once again to hold theworld hostage over food. but ukraine sent the ships anyway and karen realised that he couldn’t sink them without turning africa against him. So he came crawling back to the deal for whatever scraps of leverage it gives him. He didn’t think things out and made russia look weak, again.

    2. @Janzzen Theoretically, he could break the deal again in retaliation for another attack on the bridge. it’s weak, but the more he escalates the less cards he has left to play.

  5. He came back to the table quickly after his Bluff. Putin was told that he was about to lose more of his warships. It got serious on the black sea for a few days. To much Team work was getting together against him after the deal was made. Grain $$$.

  6. Good thing Turkey stands in between. Russia would have totally abused the situation. Props for Turkey for handling this.

  7. This guy is an amazing communicator. A true diplomate. A grandmaster of diplomacy.. One of the best on the global geopolitical scene at the moment.

    I have been really impressed by President Erdoğan of Türkiye leadership on the world stage, in response to Putin Regimes illegal invasion of Ukraine’s internationally recognized territory…

    Dispute the economic challenges facing his country, President Erdoğan has come through as principled, fair, balanced and clear eyed.about what is at stake. Empathetic to concerns, and straight forward and reasonable about acknowledging and addressing them.

    Great diplomatically, all without giving offence to either side of this troubling conflict.

    They understand the Alpha male kinetic language, probably speaking it privately, but are humble and diplomatic about it publicaly.

    You CAN be firm, STRONG and FAIR, and people WILL follow and TRUST in your leadership.

    However, if you are firm, strong but UNFAIR, they will NOT TRUST your leadership, or follow you.

    It is a strong indicator the leader is humble, serious and mindful about his ‘Duty of Care” to his people and country.

    Makes sense, doesn’t it?

    Both these gentlemen may be key in any post war peace deal that is binding and honered by future generations of Ukrainians, and future generations of Russians, going forward

  8. Grain corridor goes no where near Sevastopol.

    The Ruzz ships in Sevastopol were firing missiles at Ukraine so are war targets.

  9. I’m confused, didnt Russia invade Ukraine? Maybe Putin should consider leaving Ukraine? Putin seems to think that Ukraine needs to come to the table for peace talks, he should show a good faith compromise and GTFO of Ukraine.🤨💟💙

  10. Putin made a U-turn on the grain deal because the Turks now have the strongest navy in the Black Sea and Putin’s pitiful reputation would get even worse in Africa if he attempted to stop shipments with his Iranian drones

  11. Like you had a choice. You have no “black sea fleet”, and Erdogran said that ships were coming under Turkey’s protection.

  12. The issue of war and peace in the 1960s was particularly acute. Many Western politicians wondered whether the USSR could unleash a full-fledged armed confrontation, what it could result in… The question of whether Russians want war was often asked in an interview with the poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko during his foreign trips.

    The idea for a poem and a song with an answer to a fateful question was suggested to Yevgeny Yevtushenko by singer and actor Mark Bernes: “We met at some exhibition. I told him at some point: “Write a song about the war, write whether the Russians want war or not.” Yevtushenko picked up these words, began to improvise feverishly on the spot…”

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