1. @Jhun Hoon really who he incised? France ?uk? Germany ? As I know it was opposite way of trying to occupy Russia and Crimee

    2. @CSK Vision once ur country will have interest he ll become also person of the year ,, it’s all about business and interesting

    1. Hess such a unintelligent human he could never understand logic like that .There nothing in his head but worms that’s why someone should drop a drone on his head and stop this madness he clearly is a crazy man of the worst kind

  1. There has been negative reporting about Russia using cluster bombs , the negative being that they have been outlawed ….understood about the effect on multiple troops …and also understand russia’s brutality being well demonstrated

    1. @John Rogers I think the hand behind the back is more about all through this the disadvantage Ukraine had is no nukes vs many nukes. Knowing being too successful might increase the chance of them being used against them.

    2. So… the disadvantage is that Ukraine can’t compete militarily with Russia…. which is why the Ukraine has the advantage of western assistance. Russia has the advantage of assistance from the beleaguered Iranians. Who’s help would be preferable regards unrestrained assistance?
      The Ukrainians engineered there own inabilities, and when Biden was VP, it became common knowledge that US help came with the requirement to reduce corruption. They did not help themselves then, but now beg assistance for not having helped themselves. Doesn’t seem right to me, as Ukraine thereby demonstrated that it was not our friend… not a trustworthy ally… but a corrupt entity

    3. @John Rogers because Russia can hide behind it’s border & pummel Ukraine for weeks now but Ukraine can’t retaliate for having their civilian infrastructure blown to smithereens?!? Russia is bombing Ukrainian cities every day, for weeks now, from behind their border then Russia says “not fair!” When Ukraine responds with _ONE_ drone versus the _HUNDREDS_ of bombs Russia has hit them with?!?

  2. “We are not Retreating. We are Advancing in Reverse.”

    I repeat : “We are Advancing in Reverse. We are not Retreating.”

    Vladimir Putin’s

    1. @Red Bird Yep more Russians being drafted to go die in Ukraine to feed the ego of Putin,must be all that winning!

    2. Putin acted like a badass, but turned out to be a joker.
      Zelensky acted as a comedian, but turned out to be a badass

    1. @Jar of Mikeys facts Putin himself knows the truth that if Ukraine were to get good weapons he wouldn’t stand a single chance that’s why he keeps saying he will use nuclear if USA and other nations gets involved.

    2. ​@Michael Murphy responding like that shows you’re nought to smart yourself if you base that on a name. Pitty, you should try to hide your xenophobia

    3. ​@GS and Vietnam, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Syria and many other places. The US is good in bombing civilian targets like Hiroshima and Nagasaki; a war crime they’ve yet to answer for.

  3. Russia is complaining about attack in their home from the country they are actively invading?! I don’t understand the logic😂

    1. @Senninha mcl But do you think Pootin has a death wish? Not just for him but his daughters and family and his ‘ people”? Russia’s stockpiles mean little when France, Britain, USA, Germany maybe? , all have weapons as well.

  4. The question should be very simple: Russia hasn’t banned these weapons therefore these weapons can be used against Russia. Russians often emphasize how important the principle of reciprocation is in diplomacy. It should be equally as important in war which is an extension of diplomacy.

    1. @Larry Clemens it fits if Russia use them, as we know they do (including against civilians), but Ukraine has captured Russian stores often, giving a limited supply

    1. @hotrod9441

      and the Russian’s cut Brezhnev’s political career off at the knees for that kind of thinking, which kind of shows what kind of people the majority of the Russian policy makers are truly like.

      speaking truth to people with backward and demonised thinking is like farting into a hurricane.

      utterly pointless.

      The best that Brezhnev could have done was prepare his exit from Russia, speak his piece and leave, because it sounds like he was a ‘good’ Russian.

  5. the last guy to speak was spot on. 100% agree. why should we let others invade and kill our women and beloved innocent children….. and then punish them by saying “naughty boy“ . needs to be a hardline somewhere.

    1. @mickey thompson =🤡
      But no war? No billions of taxpayer money wasted, laundered, and lost?
      Fine by me. You’re just a war monger.

      And remind me again why Biden lifted the sanctions on Putin’s pipeline?
      Just to help Putin get rich and make Russia great again?
      Why is Biden trying to get the Venezuelans, Iranians, and Saudi’s to pump more oil? Is he trying to make them all rich too? Or does Biden just love dictators and totalitarian regimes? lol

    2. @Liberals haveitallbackwards Immigrants keep your food prices down,pay taxes,even your Walmart knows that🧠

  6. *I AGREE with Former defense secretary Leon Panetta’s statement to react to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest comments on the war in Ukraine!*

  7. Mr Panetta is absolutely right – Ukraine must get all the weapons it needs to win this war. Ukrainians defend not only their homeland, but also all of its neighbours and all of us, who reoresent the civilized world. Are we not obliged to help them?

    1. I hate the idea of cluster bombs, but if the Russians are using them on Ukraine, then it’s not unreasonable for Ukraine to ask for them. At the very least we should issue an ultimatum that if Putin uses cluster bombs again, we’ll provide them to Ukraine.

    2. @Pamela Bowers Ensuring global stability is a way of helping American citizens. Isolationism never goes well – we are part of the world, and what happens in it affects us, so we should do what we can to ensure what happens is good for America and Americans.

    3. ensuring global stability buy funding a proxy war next to a nuclear adversary, yes that’s peak stability 🥴

    1. Keeping in mind Russia surrounds a great part of Ukraine before the war even started. They havent advanced much for a much bigger country

    2. The same logic he used when Ukraine took back the entire Kharkiv region. All the Russian trolls where like “it’s a trap and all part of the plan” 😂 Losers …

    3. Putin acted like a badass, but turned out to be a joker.
      Zelensky acted as a comedian, but turned out to be a badass

    4. Surrounded? Bruh they occupy enemy territory, thats like saying America was surrounded on all sides in Afghanistan

  8. Finally an analyst that says Ukraine has the right to defend itself!!! All others are just : oh no,this can be escalatory…

    1. @Robin Lillian i know,but still all ex CIA/military/MoD say the same bs,this man actually says what most people think.

    2. Look clown, cluster bombs are not defensive weapons. Have you ever seen war I bet not. Cluster bombs are purely offensive and you commenting in this shows your true ignorance.
      War kills people, both sides.
      You see it from your screen but not one of you have seen war.

    3. @RustinPeace where did I mention cluster bombs? I was talking in general, ae : the attacks on airbases deep in Russia… So before u try and lecture me,how about u learn to read first… Kind regards from a 🤡

  9. Ukraine absolutely has the need and the right to respond to attacks from Russia even if the response requires Ukraine to strike deep within Russian territory. Russia cannot be allowed to continue to launch attacks on Ukraine from behind their border with impunity. The idea of Russia being basically given “free shots” at Ukraine is nonsensical. It is just and it is right for Ukraine to strike at the very source of attacks on them, on their people, and on their territory.
    Russian territory needs to be put at risk by defensive efforts of Ukraine to repel the Russian invaders.

    1. @𝓢𝖍𝓪𝓭𝖔𝔀☠𝓡𝓮𝖛𝓮𝖓𝖌𝓮𝓪𝖓𝖈𝓮 I agree with you 100%. Ukraine would hurt themselves greatly if attacks were made on Russian civilians. They would be no better than Putin who targets Ukrainian civilians. This cannot happen if the Ukrainians want support from NATO and the west to continue.

  10. The moment russia attacked Ukraine, it has given up the right to use nuclear weapons in self defence. The whole situation where russia can attack Ukrainian teritory but Ukraine cant fire into russia is an absurd…

    1. So you’re saying Yemen, Haiti, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalia should attack on US soil. MAybe bomb where US nuclear weapons are.

    2. @Terry Smith I don’t think he was saying that at all because those countries were not mentioned in the discussion.

      But let’s suppose that any of them did. What do you think the American response would be, him? Did you see what happened to Afghanistan when the US demanded that the Taliban give up the foreigner Osama bin Laden? They stayed there for 20 years.

      Or they could do what they did in Iran and bomb their enemy from drones, for years if necessary.


    3. This though has mixed reactions with ukraines Allies it’s making the USA and uk distance themselves to the point of probably going to abandon ukraine while Germany is encouraging them to attack Russian soil

    4. @Jewel Screaming Chango8387 utter nonsense, sounds like Kremlin 💩
      The US make it clear their weapons are supplied for self defence, not attacking Russian cities.
      Germany rather forgot that Hitler wanted to colonise Ukraine and that Ukraine & Poland suffered the most in WW2. They have tended to be far too soft on Russia and listened too little to the powers that know Russia better, from closer association.
      Vladolf Pootin’s begun correcting this historical error and the Nazi Kremlin barbarism is plain to see as they conduct the war aim of genocide.

  11. Just a reminder – USA signed a Security Assurances for Ukraine in 94. A few days ago was the anniversary of signing the treaty called Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances signed by: Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States. China and France.in 94. Ukraine agreed to gave up their nuclear weapons. Ukraine had the world’s third-largest nuclear weapons stockpile. First point of this memorandum was “Respect the signatory’s independence and sovereignty in the existing borders ” Was it only paper worth nothing according to US government ? Is it forgotten because Russia wants increase territory and rule half of Europe ( next will be Poland and Baltic states)?

    1. So the lesson that the world can learn is never give up your nuclear weapons. You may be safe and fine for decades, but you never know what the future may hold or how other nations may change. Such is the way it is with humanity.

  12. Russia’s warning of increasing nuclear threat means Russia is, currently losing the war in Ukraine. Otherwise, why would Russia make such a threat if it’s performing well on the battlefield?

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