1. @Mr W Putin RJB only the dumbest of Russians think that. The brave ones are protesting. The stupidest among the Russian don’t wonder why is Pootin arresting protesters and making accurate reporting illegal. They are not smart enough to wonder why is independent media disappearing.

    2. Putin, Biden, Zelensky, Obama,Hitler, Stalin are not much different, constant wars, high prices and brainwashing weak minded useful idiots

  1. It’s much worse than that: he thinks he’s a god… completely unaffected by the need to recognize other humans as his equal.

    1. That’s why he sends his GRU assassination squads all over Europe to kill his opponents, cause they’re delusional?

    2. @Shomari Nelson Be warned. Many places in the Bible warned against insulting GOD. In the Bible, in jude 1:14-15 there it said: 14Enoch, who lived in the seventh generation after Adam, prophesied about these people. He said, “Listen! The Lord is coming with countless thousands of his holy ones 15to execute judgment on the people of the world. He will convict every person of all the ungodly things they have done and for all the insults that ungodly sinners have spoken against him.” End quote.

      Don’t insult Jesus. Why should you insult the Holy Jesus who is fighting for humanity and even came to earth to live as human beings and in human form to suffer and die for our sins so that we could repent of our sins, after repenting of our sins and have faith in Him, God would then save us from eternal punishment and suffering that comes after death; and to take us to heaven to live with Him forever in happiness. Let us not insult the Holy Good Savior who wants to save people from the end of the world and the end of the universe, where God sends fire down from heaven to earth, to consume and destroy the entire universe, all the earth, all people, houses, cars, mountains, where everything on earth and the universe will be melted by the fire. And God will also save people from hell fire, judgment day and the lake of fire. How can you pay good with evil?

  2. The stupidity of this wealth is that you CANNOT TAKE IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU DIE! WTAF? So stupid. And he spends his days fighting wars and destroying lives running a sham of a government. What exactly is the purpose of this. If ever there was a definition of complete criminal insanity, we’re witnessing it right here.

    1. @Oheneba Kojo No he isn’t but he’s one of the worst and that is not an excuse to excuse him.

    2. @James Miller Fkn no dude, seriously? I come from a family who excaped this BS. This has nothing to do with the left. This has everything with the extreme neo nazi fake christian not so moral and less than majority right wing radical scumbags! Open your eyes.

    3. Putin is just in the grips of his ego and it is playing out on the world stage. Please read A New Earth from Eckert Tolle and learn about the human ego. it will open your eyes to human nature (and yourself too)

    4. @hofahome instead of reading a new earth, read the Bible. In the Bible, God speaks about giving everlasting life to righteous people in the kingdom of heaven on a new heavenly earth. After this present earth and universe had been destroyed by fire at judgment day, and then recreated into a new beautiful, glorious universe and a new indescribable, beautiful, heavenly earth.

      Where there is no death, aging, evil, sin, sorrow, pain, crying, sickness, disease, suffering, hunger, thirst weakness, tiredness, pollution and uncleanness. Only everlasting happiness with God. We must repent of our sins and come to Jesus now. Because after death, it’s too late.

    5. @YAHUWEHISMIGHTYMy message was to the original poster and my point stands about A New Earth. You probably judge it as a lesser truth than that of the Bible, but it adds an element of understanding of human nature and forgiveness that I never got growing up in the church. I have read the Bible and have read about NDE’s too. Where you aware that we have a life review after we die, and can see and even experience the ripple effects of our choices on others? My own father experienced this. There is truth beyond the Bible. And for the record I have seen Jesus and thus the Father. He told me “Do not worry, everything will be alright.” He really emenates pure light, love and peace. I wish others could experience this and understand for themselves.

    1. @Daniel Hensley
      I’m too busy trying to “get right” with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny to even think about having the time to “get right” with yet ANOTHER fictional character.

    1. @Michelle Iannelli ; In reality the Russians are living in poverty. Putin is jealous that the Ukrainians have a better life than the Russians; that’s the reason he attacks Ukraine; not because of bio-weapon, that’s a big lie.

    2. Well they been suffering since it there !!!! Do you think this is new? You said wrong thing even now or some cop don’t like you your in Siberia and check if you don’t believe actually don’t incase you monorted

  3. Dostoevsky published -The Idiot -1868.The leading character Furst Myschkin says -In the West they always expect us to come with the Sword.How right he was

  4. Wow that’s amazing he lives in a palace yet the Russian citizens are oppressed and live in little tiny apartments with little broken furniture that he provides them so totally disgusting this needs to be investigated however it would take to just kick this man in his behind and let him pay the consequences And also pay for all the damages hes done to Ukraine and their schools and churches and their urban areas

    1. Our politicians live in mansions and yet there are homeless people accounting for a large percent of our population in America, what’s the difference? While the Native Indian live in squalor. Hypocritical!


    3. @Shomari Nelson Gas prices have nothing to do with the democrats or the Biden administration please educate yourself you sound like a trumper who’s blind and brainwashed Almost most likely a Russian troll

  5. Doesn’t matter he is now in hiding! And will always be from now on! He won’t be able to go anywhere without huge security concerns!!! His life as he knew it is over!

    1. They got Osama in the end, all tyrants end up the same place as everyone, in the morgue. He certainly does not have friends. Everyone now is going to either avoid him or be annoyed at him for this. Not much gained. He might do a facelift?

    2. He’s going to move to his billion dollar palace and hide out. But the world will find him he will never escape.

    3. @RDU23 When you can comment using correct language, spelling and grammar you may attract an audience who can interpret your silly ramblings. Before then , pay back all the wasted funds you accumulated during your school years, what a misfit you are. What a waste of educational funding you demonstrate.

    1. “Don’t send prayers, they don’t work send something useful” Lmao stfu… The world has send weapons, money and ammunition to the Ukrainian government to fight… The world is doing what it can without starting a nuclear war…. If we send troops, WWIII breaks out and Putin will most likely be the first to launch a nuke…. Be thankful that we are helping, but I’ll continue to pray for you while still living..

    2. If you farted instead of prayed, at least they could smell it. Prayers are just you talking to yourself, a very empty gesture that only makes yourself feel good but doesn’t affect anyone else in the slightest. Shed your weird religious indoctrination and delusion.

  6. Putin’s logic: “You don’t need to officially own properties if you own the WHOLE country”

    1. It would be really sad if something happened to that mansion of his, like totally destroyed, and his boats, too.

  7. The funny thing is that by trying to prove how much of a global power Russia is, Putin ended up proving the opposite: Russia’s military proved to be rather weak (much weaker than previously thought), Russia’s economy proved weak and very vulnerable in case the West cuts ties, and the only thing with which they currently have leverage – gas/oil – is going to become less and less meaningful, as the West will now greatly speed up efforts to wean off of its addiction to Russia’s gas/oil.

    1. @Drummer they are weak. Even Trump says they’re economy is pretty weak. They’re military equipment is screwed as well

    2. Are you kidding…calling Russia weak. You really think Ukraine (a little country) has a chance against Russia? I think we are all being lied too. Russia is not part of the global reset (Agenda 2030), and Putin went out of his way to tell them so. Globalists need to see Russia taken down, and cannot do it without help of other world countries if the reset is to work. Go to the World Economic Forum site, and check how many countries are already part of it (192)….that includes Canada and US. Russia is the only super power left to stop it. The Globalists want to make Puten look bad (so other countries will come on board to fight). Russia is not a communist country since 1991, and do not want it. Anything you hear, you can’t believe these days. FAKE NEWS is continuous. Not saying Puten is a great man, but Klaus and the WEF are taking over the world… and KLAUS Schwab is insane, the man you need to worry about. Go to your countries government website, and type in Agenda 2030, and it is there to read. Every country shows the same information. This is communism, property taken away, freedom taken away, meat will be rare (they want us on plant food), they say “you will own nothing, and be happy”, and on a monthly income plan. You might start liking Puten. Why does Ukraine have so many biochemical plants (like Zelensky does not know). Ukraine is part of the World Economic Forum, part of the reset.

  8. There’s nothing forever in this world!
    I can’t imagine being wealthiest person suddenly it’s gone 😳

  9. Besides the accumulation, imagine how much Russian wealth was extracted by these oligarchs and distributed to Western banks and real estate brokers. The complicity in the West should be addressed

  10. We’ve known about Putin’s immense wealth for years. How does a man supposedly earning $140,000 a year wear a watch worth $500,000? It makes no sense to ask how rich a head of state is, since he has control over the whole of the assets of his country.

    1. How does American government officials have four or five mansions on their salaries? They have the inside information on anything that going to happen days in advance. They have money from big companies wanting help getting bills passed that’s called greasing the wheel. You think they get elected to help the voters in their state, that’s who they forget first. A lot of the times they own property in a state they don’t live in just to be able to run in that state.

    2. @Sprezzatura people in government office specific in USA know when the stock will go up most politicians in America are rich because of that

    3. @Sprezzatura Even when it’s time to come together to take down a dictator you republicunts STILL try to destroy America because your orange p3do daddy LOST!!! THATS UN-AMERICAN AS F*CK!!!! You fake “pAtRiOtS” are the true traitors!

  11. One method to take assets is to simply take it, then wait for someone to scream to see if those forces and assets belong to whom. The official paper trail may be gone, but you don’t need to find it to confiscate assets. The police do it all the time with the civil forfeiture confiscations with ordinary people. Why not use the same methods with much wealthier people that don’t represent themselves.

  12. After Putin jailed Khordokovsky for ten years, other oligarchs asked Putin what they had to do to avoid a similar fate. Putin’s answer was: a 50% cut.

  13. As a British man, I can say I’ve spoken with a good few ordinary Russian folk as much as I’m an ordinary British citizen myself. My speech here is somewhat beer induced but factual nonetheless lol, anyway… The Russian people are tough but they are good people, they’re kind and even sweet at times but they have good sense of morality and don’t suffer fools gladly for sure. I hope the Russian people don’t have to suffer economically because of the tyrant in power nor do I wish some of the things that come to my mind when I read a recent speech from the tyrant who has spoken of, and I quote ‘purification of the Russian people’,. If that doesn’t sound like Hitler then I don’t know what does… Russia has great potential, they have good, intelligent people who can be a force for good in the interests of the world and humanity. I hope a regime change can unlock this door to allow the Russian people to escape and flourish. I will one day travel from St Petersburg to Vladivostok on the trans-Siberian railway, I hope I can do this soon in a Russia that is happy, free and thriving!

    1. @jude jackson They probably don’t know what has happened in Ukraine. Putin has barricaded the Russian people away from the truth. Perhaps when this is over those who don’t know or even more importantly those who turned away from the truth will be forcedto dig the graves of murdered families in Ukraine, listening to the anguished cries of survivors.

    2. Chris Davey..why is it so difficult for you to understand that Russia is simply defending itself ? Why ?

    3. I’m not so sure the “ordinary Russian folk” who are murdering innocent men, women, and children in Ukraine deserve such praise and goodwill any more than the Germans who murdered innocent men, women, and children in death camps deserve such warm fuzzy feelings.

    4. @Dramit 46 🤣🤣🤣 Russia defending itself by murdering tens of thousand of innocent civilians IN UKRAINE? Do you really think anyone is so stupid as to believe that?

    1. I don’t get what Boris Yeltsin was thinking…. How on earth could he hand over Russia to this guy.

    2. @Michael Lee He wasn’t thinking!
      What if Gorbatjov had had a chance? I can’t see it being much worse than a KGB agent

    3. @ECLECTO yes he was and he is not just any ordinary person. The odds, If you google for an ordinary person to be President are 1 in 300 million. SO this comment is stupid and the 21 dunces that like it as well. Must be Biden voters.

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