1. “Donald Trump is going to come back and judge the wicked,” hahahahahaha, so many things wrong with that statement

    1. @Chadillac Nobody is obsessed. We’re just having fun watching all this morons getting disappointed each time by prophecies that do not happen and still believing it is the „truth“

    2. @Todd Innis72
      Yeah, theres no working in the double standard no more, not for me… If you support the Antichrist then u are the disease.
      CNN is a corporate beast system brainwashing operation

    3. That is a pretty funny idea! I wonder who decided that Trump was coming back to judge, sInce that’s obviously Jesus job!!

  2. “ I dont think Jesus would be welcomed in the American Church today.”

    I agree. Conservatives would look at Jesus and then demand to see his immigration papers.

    1. preacher if a preacher would say that he is not a a Christian Christians wouldn’t do that

    2. people that supported Donald Trump and claim to be Christians turned people away from God by their example

    3. @Helena McGinty He was non violent, you sure about that? I am not a Trumper, I think Qanon is ridiculous and I am not a member of the evangelical church but how about you not pretending to know something you’re ignorant about.

      *”Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” – Matthew 10:34*

  3. America please invest more in mental health 😂 I loved it when she said “I’m not even sure Jesus would be welcome in an American church” 🤣

    1. Yeh say absolutely would be stoned for telling those “Christians” to love their neighbor as themselves, that whosever hath no sin to throw the first stone, what you do to the lest of them, you do to me. They would ABSOLUTELY want to throw him off a cliff. Have NO doubt

    2. @bubblebryan Evil is known by its deeds. watch and learn as leftist destroy our life cupcake

  4. Some people are so gullible. They want to see the world in a certain way. When someone confirms their desires, they will accept everything they say without any filter. The fake reality becomes their world and they start rejecting everything that’s in front of them. It’s hard to bring them back because they won’t listen to anything that contradicts their fantasy.

    1. @J Groovy Yes, after mental isolation, it’s physical isolation. A lot of times, the only way they get out is through death.

    2. @Ter Tarantulas That’s one thing, but what about common sense? It’s not because something is said in the media that you must take it as gospel. That’s true for the right media also. They only show what they want to show. That doesn’t give a true picture of what’s really happening.

    3. @Mike Finn Tons and tons of questions as to how they came into their beliefs. If you ask enough questions, some of them can realize that they didn’t reason their way into their beliefs, they were fooled, radicalized even.

    4. @1776 SAR SUSAN CONSTANT I’ve been researching MK Ultra and Operation Monarch almost a decade I sure as hell didn’t need you to point that out. I am also well versed on what cognitive dissonance is all about I’ve spent the past two years trying to penetrate the cognitive dissonance of the brainwashed, although I have failed at every try so far

    5. @Johnnie Honey  Whether or not a person believes in qanon or Trump…Do you not agree that sątąnists, hųman sącrifïce, pęd○phîlia an trąffiçking exists? It absolutely does exist!

    1. @Sadie Stoltzfus Tell your sister Trump met Melania in a topless gentleman’s club and she posed naked for a magazine a while back. You can google photos of her naked on NY Post “Melania like you’ve never seen before.” I’m sure you don’t want to see the photos, but it would be hard for a Christian Trump supporter to justify the photos. How the heck is Trump a chosen one for the Christians?

    2. @Sadie Stoltzfus So sorry that you have to go through this within your own family. My sister is nuts too. She thinks the National Enquirer is real news, and believes anything that Rush Limbaugh tells her to think. She has become so full of hate, conspiracies and vitriol that I can’t be around her anymore. I too think that QAnon leaders and beliefs are full of evil darkness. Q is obviously Ron Watkins and he makes his living off of pornography and white supremacy. Not many things more evil than that.

    3. @Humble Courageous And Trump was bestfriends with pervert Epstein, and there is a story of a teenager that was assaulted by the two men. She brought charges but then revoked them after she and her family were threatened. Trump wished Ghislaine well after she was charged with trafficking. It’s amazing to me that these Trumpists ignore such startling things like this. Mind boggling.

    4. Really Cheryl? And you don’t think telling a three year old they can change gender or can’t call somebody a her, she, he or him isn’t evil? I think you’re all blind to your own evil, too consumed by your rigid beliefs in your own warped and twisted ideologies to see truth.

  5. I remember being told, in church growing up, “In the endtimes, many will be deceived.” I’d say we are there.

    1. 🙄 you realize people have been saying this since before any of us here in these comments were even born, right? at what point do we just admit we’re wrong and stop trying to guess the apocalypse?

    2. @Red Rock I believe in verifiable facts and science. We discover god or heaven or hell then I’ll happily believe. Oh wait, thousands of years and nothing lol. Religion has always been population control and for some time tax free.

    3. @Barbie Dahl you can look at whatever you want but it’s proven evolution, biology, physics, and mathematics. All you got is a book of stories and blind belief to answer things you can’t understand. lol, I don’t care, not my problem

  6. “Qanon is attractive because it speaks to explain how the world is, the battle between good and evil” Dude you are so close. Evidence is what is important. It is almost like using a book written in the bronze age to explain the world.

    1. @playaflydre3000 Run on sentence, try again in english.BTW I attended grade school in the 50s when they taught us to write and spell lill dude

    2. Gregory Ferber
      That’s funny Greg given that your own current president believes what’s written in that bronze age book.

    3. @Pete Chmielowiec thanks for letting me know you really dont have nothing to say lol so you go to grammar lol bye lil dude lol

  7. “Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest” 
    – Denis Diderot

    1. @John Tyson As does any damn news organization, so you have nothing exclusive to CNN in that statement. Journalism is an extremely important profession, you would never know a fraction of the things you know without journalism. If it happens in another city, or state, or country, or continent, you are ONLY aware of it due to journalism.

    2. And then they will still never be free because they’ll have to answer to dictators and despots. Pretty stupid quote Carolyn.

    1. @Maggie I believe my comment was very clear. I refuse to ally myself with evil. Religion is evil. The religious freaks who try to sound “reasonable” are the worse. If you don’t understand why I mention Cheney and the rest is because you obviously are not following political news. In a way I like Trump. He is destroying the GOP.

    2. @Shali Wow, Shali…you’ve shown yourself to be hatefilled and a spiritual imposter. You say flowery spiritual things and then send a thumbs up/thanks to @Heritage Karma who says hateful thing after hateful thing. What a disappointment you are. Thanks for the deceit….it’s woken me up frauds like yourself. I’ll never make this mistake again.

    3. @Kim B , Not “is” spiraling out of control. It “has” spiraled out of control. Some people are easy to con. Figure out what it is that they want to hear, no matter how bizarre it is. Then give them frequent and hefty portions of it. Bingo, brainwash job done. It’s easy to brainwash someone when they’re asking to be brainwashed.

  8. I live in a southern red state and this is why we abandoned going to church for the last 4 years and we do it at home, I won’t expose my kids to extremists

    1. brettjamesmiller Republicans wait until the babies are born to starve them to death. Where’s the difference?

    2. @Dina Wow! First one I’ve heard of coming out of the “Cult.” Maybe there is some hope for the rest.

  9. I’ve noticed it for years and to be honest my heart is broken over and over Everytime,every place,every online Christian site,the places of worship have been hijacked..how could the true believers not see what’s going on? It’s time to take to wake up! Time is short.
    God help us (true believers)

    1. Go ahead and ask god for help. Just remember Prayer is a lot like masturbation, it does a whole lot for the person doing it but nothing for the person being thought about. Keep that in mind

    2. True believers don’t care that the church has abandoned all its teachings to push the lies and conspiracies of Q because they’ve been trained since they were children to NEVER THINK FOR THEMSELVES. That’s the point of the church. Indoctrination. One of us. Don’t think, just do as we tell you (even as we openly defy everything we tell you the bible teaches).

    3. @Sledzeppelin Better tell that to your current president since he is a believer of what is written in that Bible too.

    4. @Thyalwaysseek Yep, I know. It’s fucking ridiculous that our best choice was Joe Biden. Still waiting for an out and proud atheist to run for president and win, but we’re probably decades away from that at least.

    5. @Sledzeppelin Yes it is fucking ridiculous and embarrassing that your chosen leader is Biden, I don’t see much difference between him and Trump tbh.

  10. I noticed this a while ago with my Aunt. She’s fed so much nonsense from the pulpit and none of it has to do with the Bible. She’s gullible. I don’t expect we’ll ever get her back from the Q crazy.

    1. I am sorry to hear about that. Hopefully she finds her way back from the Republican Q cult.

  11. Thank you for doing this type of reporting. We need more of this information out there especially how they are targeting the Latino communities who are deeply religious and who are on Facebook and other social media platforms.

    1. Yes you can say we need this kind of reporting to help the religious . I hope you are safe at your end

  12. True! I have friends caught up in this because of their churches, and they are definitely brainwashed. I have probably lost their friendship because, now I am their enemy.

    1. If you are seeking the truth, have you ever tried to look into CNN news reports? Most are Fake news! the problem is CNN has full right to tell fake news others can’t.

    1. Same as me I will never trust anyone who stands with the congregation . I hope you are safe at your end

  13. “I’m not sure Jesus would be welcomed in an American Church today”
    Wow! She spoke the truth

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