1. A land locked country with no functioning airport or rail links, and its surrounded by a-hole countries.
    Good luck with that ūü§£

  2. It takes a true career politician to make all of this buffoonery and disregard for human life in the Middle East look like an accident

  3. Kudos to Qatar on caring about the most important thing of all: the ordinary people who will be impacted by this calamity and in working with all sides on ensuring we avoid an even bigger disaster.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em That is such a crock. Why do you believe that propaganda, kid? When Trump left office IN JANUARY!!!!, the Taliban held maybe a third of the country, was taking casualties every week from American air power. No American citizens were stranded in the country, and our military controlled most of the major cities. Bagram didn’t fall until AUGUST, SEVEN MONTHS after Biden took office. Biden has shredded EVERYTHING THAT TRUMP LEFT HIM, which was all good for this country and its people. Biden was under NO obligation to carry out “Trump’s” plan. He was always going to do it his own way, and he ****ED IT UP COMPLETELY! No honest person can think ANY of this was Trump’s doing. You’ve been lied to, kid. A LOT. You really need to start seeing the reality of the world, and thinking for yourself. Seriously, grow up!!!!

    2. @Herb Superb dude, you literally parroting war hawk propaganda like half of every talking heads in mainstream media and you’re calling people sheep. You trust the same media that was cheerleading George Bush when he started a war in Iraq over false pretenses. The first president who had the balls to get us out of war that was lost over ten years ago and you’re crying about it. Just be happy our troops aren’t in Afghanistan. It was a foolish war that we had no business fighting in first place

  4. Dr, Umoru you are a God sent to my life I am now totally free from HSV-2 after using the herbs I got from Dr, Umoru on his youtube channel.

  5. People who are complaining what did you want Joe Biden to Do extend it another few years ? 21 is not enough you need a bit more? or just tell us how would you like it done and hope you understand that if you stayed longer it will cost many more life’s , and for nothing at least he had the balls when he became president to stop one big mistake that turned our army to for profit . Actually credit to both Trump for signing the deal and Biden for sticking to it , the exit not ideal I agree but also not horrible Taliban been cooperating and behaving and if u tell me we shouldnt work with them, remember Japan we worked together after dropping atomic bombs, Germany after WW2 the media are war mangers dont polysize this ur brothers and sisters coming home were they should be so be happy

    1. Are you braindead? Trump set up a time frame for both civilian evac and precaution withdrawal during April when the Taliban couldn’t mobilize, and Biden CHANGED it to Sept, removed most of the civilian and military precautions, and CAUSED this fiasco. Sept was perfect for the Taliban.

      When all of Europe and the other G7 leaders asked Biden to extend the removal period so all foreign nationals, US and otherwise, could escape, Biden refused, and started doing news conferences where Biden admitted his handlers said he shouldn’t answer any questions, like a puppet dictator.

      Why would Biden refuse? Does he want our people to stay captured? Does Biden serve the Taliban? They are Zealots, they will continue to bomb and kill innocents.

      If we need to extend the deadline by a few months to get everyone out, thats the most sane and humane thing to do.

      What are the Taliban going to do if we had a president that served the US and extended the deadline? Refuse? XD

      Even with their stolen weaponry, we outgun them 1000 to 1 AND more importantly, they are out in the open now. We could drone strike 90% of them in a heartbeat if we asked and they refused to give us access to all those Americans civilians and other foreign nationals left behind.

      But no, Biden created a situation so bad even Jimmy Carter is jealous.

    1. Like paying them HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of American taxpayer dollars (money his regime took out of YOUR pocket, provided of course, you have a job), to get our hostages out. That’s coming, and they’ll try to hide it.

  6. FUN FACT: Loosely translated, the word ‚Äútaliban‚ÄĚ means ‚Äúsmelly impregnator of sheep‚ÄĚ.

    1. @Abdi Mohamed grow up kid, war isn’t some kind of joke. Thousands of Afghanis and coalition forces were killed and you’re acting like a clown. Pretty sure that you never had to fight in war, so you should keep your stupid mouth shut.

    1. The GOP is in no way shape or form like the Taliban. They’re a problematic organization, as is the DNC, but your attempt at establishing similarity is laughable.

  7. *Qatar plays key role in dealing with Taliban.*

    And they have a far better news organization called Al Jazeera English.

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