Qualified immunity: Kevin Byrd vs rogue federal agent | USA TODAY 1

Qualified immunity: Kevin Byrd vs rogue federal agent | USA TODAY


Kevin Byrd's legal case will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court after a Homeland Security officer tried to fire his gun at him.
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Kevin Byrd's ordeal began in the parking lot of a bar near Houston, where he says a federal Homeland Security agent pointed a gun at him and threatened to “put a bullet through his f—ing skull.”

Byrd had gone to the bar early in the morning on Feb. 2, 2019, to find more information about a car crash that left his former girlfriend – and the mother of his child – in the hospital.

Byrd says that as he tried to leave the parking lot, agent Ray Lamb, the father of a driver involved in the car accident, jumped out of a truck with a gun in his hand. According to a lawsuit that Byrd would later file, Lamb attempted to smash his car window and threatened to "blow his head off.”

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  1. The first video from USA Today in awhile that has more likes than dislikes. Are you all actually reporting on what the people find relevant?

  2. Police should have to qualify for Qualified Immunity based on their actions. It shouldn’t be a blank check!

  3. Using its “throw down” weapon of course it failed, it had no intentions of sticking around. They are taught shoot, drop and walk.

  4. How and why has America, the land of the supposed free, allowed this to happen in the first place. What happened to the land of the free, what is it going to take to get back to We the people.
    A man could have died and there is no recource, that is just plain crazy and you guys have to suck on that one…Crazy!
    I know society is not perfect and its the best working model working in most countries , and I know law enforcment have a tough job, but I`am just glad that Kevin Byrd is still alive.

    1. This is Communistic Talmudic Judaism! Learn it, Live it and Hate it! End the fraudulent US Federal Reserve and this WILL end it all!

  5. We need White America to push Police Reform Act. Black Americans had being fight for Police Reform Act for the last 400 years.

    1. @Dave Scott That’s kind of the police’s job; You know, the one they’re not doing? Hence the police reform push. So they do their jobs instead of trying to murder civilians in revenge for their intoxicated children getting into car wrecks.

      “I’m not worried about derelict firefighters, but if we could just do something about all this fire.” -Dave Scott

    2. @Dave Scott You’re more likely to be shot by a police officer than a felon. Sorry, what was that about stats being on someones side?

    3. @Steven Tatlock more likely to be shot by police officer? Who is criminals with guns is that what you’re speaking of then yes I agree with you. The numbers clearly back you up on that I agree with you 120%, thank you for making it clear.

  6. Qualified Immunity is actual an illegitimate practice to shield officials from lawsuits and prosecution for wrong doing.

    Qualified Immunity is not a law. It’s a so-called “doctrine”. Its notable use was during the Civil (Constitutional) Rights movement in the 1960s. In 1967, The Supreme Court used it to shield cops from being sued by Civil (Constitutional) Rights workers. Against the SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The Unity States) oath to defend and uphold the Constitution. That includes Constitutional Rights, that means Civil Rights. Qualified Immunity is actual an illegitimate practice to shield officials from lawsuits and prosecution for wrongdoing. Normally, defendant’s cases are heard, and then based on evidence and testimony and circumstances they are found innocent or guilty and punishment is mitigated base on duties performed. If the actions were in “good faith” then official can be absolved or punishment mitigated. Quite often the actions are abuse of power and sheer incompetence.

    It should also tell you Qualified Immunity is actually an illegitimate practice. It’s actually obstruction of justice. Immunity for wrongdoing by government officials.

    Morale Compass, True North is Truth and Justice.

  7. Just because you can’t sue the cretin, doesn’t mean you can’t kill him. He tried to kill you, didn’t he? In the old days, you could retaliate from a safe distance with a high powered rifle.

  8. ‘Qualified Immunity’ is an INCENTIVE to commit crimes, INCENTIVE to become a LEO just so you can commit crimes & INCENTIVE to ignore crimes committed by other LEO’s. Legal racketeering, organized crime.

  9. Since qualified immunity was pulled from thin air in 1982, police behavior has gone unchecked and here we are today. Kinda like signing away liability on “medicine”.

  10. The big mistake he made was telling the officer to “go get the security footage”. If that officer had destroyed the footage, he’d likely be in prison today. It’s likely the police would have thought of the footage anyway, but don’t give them that idea. Thankfully that officer was a good cop.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not attacking the man for it – he was under tremendous pressure and stress, and it’s hard to think strategically in that situation. Just remember one thing if ever get arrested or even detained and questioned: DON’T talk to the police. Simply ask for a lawyer, and keep asking for one.

  11. Like so many laws or “doctrines” and Qualified Immunity is only a doctrine, there was good intention by the creators of Q.I. It had a specific purpose. That purpose has been convoluted from the way it was written to be a legal loophole for bad cops doing injustices knowingly and getting away with it. Cops without Q.I. Would need two things…….
    1. Enough education in Law to do their
    job properly
    2. Carry their own liability insurance
    A more efficient cop could mean a reduction in the force, better public relations, and restoration of faith in law enforcement

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