1. Declaration Of Independence: Basically, ‘We The People’ in mass, can alter, and if necessary abolish, ANY government that ‘We The People’ and ‘We The People’ alone determine is not keeping us ‘safe and happy’ and to set up another government that ‘We The People’ and ‘We The People’ alone determine will keep us ‘safe and happy’. Not only is it our right to do so, it is our duty to do so, per the DOI.

  2. Police officers have an “indemnification” from criminal and civil lawsuits. In the UK police officers have liability and have been sued personally.

    1. That’s why your cops suck at their jobs. I watched a video of these idiots trying to arrest someone, what a joke. The cop ran away lmaooo but I guess if I getting sued for everything you do then I’d run too.

  3. It’s high time we disband state controlled police. And empower citizen elected Sheriffs. Let’s get back to the roots of our Constitutional Republic!

    Posse Comitatus!

    1. I agree. We are the dejure police. The unorganized militia as codified at Title 10 USC sec 246 and the great Second Amendment..

    1. What do you mean. Im not accusing I just don’t understand what your comment means. Like what do you mean minority justices?

  4. No it’s not….Chavin is going to prison ..the other 3 plus chavin plus the department will face civil liability

  5. Qualified immunity is a doctrine introduced by hateful, racist judges used to protect hateful, racist police from accountability.

  6. Take it away from Police, then take it away from every Judge (all levels) and all legislators, State and Federal. Dolts.

  7. Too many people who want to discuss the murder of Mr. Floyd as just a “bad apple” cop issue are ignoring one incredibly important question: what made those cops so comfortable doing that in broad daylight with spectators around and the murder being filmed? Part of the answer is that they assumed they have qualified immunity. Cops never fear repercussions for their actions because they never expect to be held accountable for them.

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