Qualifying for the World Cup | TVJ Sports Commentary - Sept 8 2021 1

Qualifying for the World Cup | TVJ Sports Commentary – Sept 8 2021

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  1. We do need a new coaching staff honestly because we got some excellent quality of players born Jamaican and overseas . We just need staff with better experience towards football so we could have me tactics with the ball and without . I understand that the players just playing what they know and that’s good but not good enough we need players to play what they know and what the coaches said … I’m speaking for the nation of Jamaica and we will feel bitter if the team don’t make it to the world cups when we got a better team on paper than 3/4 of the group we in !!!!!

  2. Have we done that
    Not since 98, and it will never be done again not with tappa. We a finish dead last in concacaf watch

  3. Hire the right coach.. man stop beat around the bush and say it.. TAPPA MUST GO! USA ,Canada and Honduras looks incredible. Tappa going to get out coach even if he gets the right mixture of players. Lose faith inna him man.

  4. Every time The World Cup come around we sing the same old song …… football is a burden to Jamaica when it should be financings it self ..invest in some good stadium in each parish capital make the whole country participate by buying tickets and support the league… oonu think most people wants fe go jungle Rema tivoli fe watch game …. We want get back without putting in

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