Quartermilers Look to Shine at Jamaica's Athletics Trials - June 21 2021 1

Quartermilers Look to Shine at Jamaica’s Athletics Trials – June 21 2021


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    1. FACTS!. I was wondering the same thing except for Sawyers. If u watch his ncaa meets, He looks out of form

  1. I wish them all the best. However, if they are unable to run sub 44 seconds then the furthest they will reach is the semi final round.

    1. @Andre Sterling Nope. Sub 44. With a sub 45, they might (very tiny might) have a chance at making the final as one of the fastest losers. However, to medal they must run sub 44.

    2. But wont u think at least 44 mid would be decent enough. Only one person ran sub 44 this season and two people only got close. In world championships in 2019, All qualifiers for the final ran 44 and 2019 was a faster year than this one right now so far. So isn’t devoid of ligic to say you need 43 to make SEMI FINALS, not even the finals. There has been no championships or olympics where all finalists had to run 43 to qualify. You wouod onky get 1 – 3 peoole at most runnung 43. Plus, u would want to conserve your energy. If u go back to any olympics previously. Only the top 3 at most in the final ran 43. As a long Fan of the sport. Its absolutely ridiculous to say u wont make SEMIS if you run 44. Absolutely Devoid of Logic

    3. @D Cole Well said. Hence, why I said that if they are unable to naturally run a sub 44, then the FURTHEST they will reach is the semi finals. Clearly no logical quarter miler is going to run super fast in the heats as the first four and the four fastest losers will qualify for the semi finals. While in the semi finals it will be the top 2 and the 2 fastest losers. I honestly don’t see any male Jamaican 400m runners being capable of running even a mid sub 45. If you watched the 400m USA men’s Olympic Trials final, the winner’s time was 44.07 and the next 6 all ran sub 45. Only the 8th place finisher ran a sub 46.
      I would love for our beloved countrymen to do very well in the 400m. But, I have to just be realistic with what I am seeing now. Let us see what happened this weekend and take it from there. Right now, the top 3 I am seeing at Tokyo 2020 for the Men’s 400m are the guy who ran sub 44 from Bahamas, Kirani James from Greneda and Norman from USA.

  2. All the best but not expecting anything from them. However, I am hoping for the best though

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