Que. boy forced out of daycare following autism diagnosis 1

Que. boy forced out of daycare following autism diagnosis


A Montreal family says their son was forced out of a private daycare after he was diagnosed with Autism.

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  1. Okay…..but depending where that kid is in the spectrum….there is an issue of self abuse and physical abuse of others that can be profoundly disturbing to ALL OTHER KIDS

    1. @A L F WOW, I hope you are not working with autistics anymore if this is what you ‘think’ autism is. Maybe you worked with them when very little education was needed to do so.

    2. @Neon Wave my cousin works directly with autistic kids and specializes in autistic children, she gets covered in bruises regularly. She’s been hit with chairs, rulers, all kinds of things. Kids with autism should be in specialized care depending on how bad it is.

    3. @Nancy Neyedly lol
      You’re a maroon
      Autism hasn’t changed but the IQ of the passive outsider has dropped 40 points
      My condolences

    4. @Venture Ontario exactly……not all autistic children are self harming or violent….but a much higher percentage than the general population, that it has to be taken into consideration when schoolimg them or socializing them

  2. Some of these wounded birds are a huge distraction for a learning environment. Aggression in males as they grow makes them very dangerous in some cases.

    1. “Wounded birds”? Having worked with children and adults with a wide range of physical and cognitive challenges, I can honestly say I’ve never heard this term for the children with Autism. Interesting

  3. The daycare, and the provinces should face fines, and disciplinary actions! Absolute complete disregard for basic Human Rights!! Hopefully the Tribunal can help and will hopefully cover legal costs as this is absurd…. Under a liberal government this is what is ok!! This will be the norm….

  4. Is there a study, anywhere in Canada, that is ongoing, studying why so many children are being diagnosed with Autism? It seems every other child is being diagnosed with some type of learning disability and I think its time we find out why.
    As for this family, I can only hope they get the care their child requires. (Maybe hiring a dedicated ‘shadow’ for him, who can also be the ‘day-care instructor’ he needs, and they can play at home, interacting with others on daily outings that focus his abilities?)

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