Quebec daycare crash | Two children dead, six in hospital

Two children have died and six others are in hospital after a bus crashed into a daycare in Laval, Que. Amanda Kline reports.

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    1. @Pls WaLuigi Dom Me well if he took drugs and then proceeded to drive a bus he’s still very responsible for what happened, tbh

    2. @Pika Yolo he never said he wasnt responsible.
      but theres a difference between “on purpose” and “i fucked up big time”

      .. tbh

    1. Cops charged him with homicide, so this is not a crash or accident. Obviously he intended on doing this, because how do you drive a city bus through a daycare

    1. @Leb Ular no, it’s not, and your opinion about that has nothing to do with this brutal incident or the demanded justice pertaining to it

  1. This is an unfortunate tragedy but this is a wake-up call for all parents, it’s time for you to start taking care of your own children, and not shipping them off to a daycare facility.

    1. @The Son of Zeus
      I couldn’t agree with you more, women need to stay home and develop a strong parental relationship with their kids instead of warehousing them at a daycare, and letting a complete stranger raise them.
      This is the main reason why kids are out of control these days No Parental care and no parental discipline.

    1. They will release the name at the prime time news probably or prolong this suspenseful drama as long as possible. If you want his name find some news channel from asia like Wion (world is one) or news 18. In a democratic country you don’t have the right to information. Nowadays better info is delivered to their masses by non-democratic countries. Believe me.

  2. Based on the reports of the witnesses, it sounds like the driver was very high on a narcotic, possibly meth.
    Or possibly suffering from severe withdrawal.
    Either way, this certainly sounds like a drug related tragedy.

    Those poor kids who died. Only 4 years old, I can’t even begin to imagine what that must be like for the families right now.

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