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  1. Always loving queen ifrica INTELLIGENT artist, l love how she answer the questions them. That’s what I found very real and disturbing about the Ms Elaine Ling story I was watching and listening carefully you could see that something REALLY happen, God have a way to show up people only time will tell

  2. Lim is telling the truth why would she come out and call names and have herself out there like that she have nothing to gain but to loose and that’s he reputation people come out and don’t call name I’m not sure about those but people who call names are very brave and courageous when a woman say rape I see more women come again them what wrong with our modern days society plse support our ladies

  3. Well said Queen Ifrica…eloquently delivered as usual plus offering sound advice to the victims of abuse.

  4. hueman are suffering from a deficiency of self respect and love which is the result of a traumatic episode they had to endure so to regain what was taken from them they victimized everyone who they come across with attributes of who they were before they were traumatized but what they are really doing is devastating children. It is never ok for one to violate another but when big violate small jail fe dem nasty behavior

  5. Always refreshing hearing from her .this lady is such a blessing for all women who are afraid to speak up and I give thanks for her.πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜šπŸ˜š

  6. Love Queen Ifrica she is very inspirational ❀ I love the message she gives. She love her woman and kids. She is a true advocate for people whom are scared to say anything. I was there when she spoke to the Prime Minister Andrew Holness at the regga festival 2019.

  7. It’s always a breath of fresh air to listen πŸ‘‚ queen ifreka… such an intelligent and talented artist… πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ’•

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  9. I am really tired of these allegations and nobody is calling the men them names, and let the people beware of them. More than accusing people of rapes and, nobody is saying it is who. I am not saying that some of the victims is not talking the truth, but they have waited too long. To come forward with their information πŸ’β€β™€οΈ, I have worked in several rape cases in the court. The very 1st time I worked into a raped case is in 1977,in the home circuit court. So I don’t understand the intricacies about the evidences, to proved a raped case. The case should be reported to the police without delay, so that the police can protect the circumstantial evidences. I don’t know if some of them really understand the nature to proved a raped case, because the female or females should be taken to the doctor. By the police so that the doctor can looked for the various evidences, like penestration into the female vigina. Also the semen or sperm into the female vigina, collected the clothing of the victim or victims as evidence. If someone is going to waited for 31 years before you come forward, with your allegation. Under what circumstances the police can arrest the person, there is no evidences to substantiate the victim claim. Becaused the police have no evidences to make an arrest, because they does in the United States. Some people strongly believes that it can done in Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡²,it is two different laws. Becaused I heard some people is talking about RKelley, when the parents. Willfully putting out their young daughters to RKelley in order to get a record deal, and after certain amount of years going by. They are making claims that their daughters was under age, all of those parents should be charged for adding and betting. To commit a felony, and the government is claiming that they were under age. I am going to show you the double standards by the government, it is only when someone has allegedly is. Claimed to have fun with someone who is allegedly under age, the government is recognized them as juveniles. But when they does anything that is wrong, the same government is. Not calling them under age ,also they are juveniles anymore. The letters of the laws shouldn’t be like that, it must either that at certain age. That they are a juveniles, or an adult, in any civilized society. Their is a definition for each laws,and you cannot just change the laws to facilitate your emotions. I am not condoning with any wrong doing as such, because I strongly believes. That if a guy truly raped a woman πŸ‘© without her consent, he should go to prison. Just like how some women raped men too at gun πŸ”« points, it not only man raped women. The women does raped man πŸ‘¨, and sometimes several women raped young boys too and. I am not hearing nobody is addressing how many women in Jamaica, and around the world. Has given men several children which is not theirs and, sometimes ending up in prison for child support. Becaused they cannot afford to pay their child support, I am not trying to make any form of excuses for the raped victims. But if the women is talking about abuse to them, but nobody is talking about the abuses. What the women them did to some of the men, just like one of my friend.When he filled for his 3 children to come to the United States, not one of them belongs to him. So tell what the women them is going to say for themselves now,so I would like to know. If that is not abuse, because you are given children which is not yours and. The women them does know it is not yours and, you haveto kept working over the years. Supporting someone else children which is not yours, I would like to hear πŸ‘‚ some people addressing the situation. With these jacket children, which some of those Jamaicans women. Given to men which is not theirs, I want all these experts elaborating on this subject ok.

  10. I feel so irie seeing the Queen give thanks for this interview I’m sure there’s others that miss the I.Even better right person to interview as an Artist.Give Thanks.

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