Queen unscripted: 'Are you supposed to look like you're enjoying yourself?' 1

Queen unscripted: ‘Are you supposed to look like you’re enjoying yourself?’

Queen Elizabeth joked around with G7 leaders while getting photos taken, asking 'are you suppose to look like you're enjoying yourself?'

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    1. Rules for thee not for me! These hypocrites are jokes of the highest order. What they’ve done to society in the last year for the sake of “public health” is a crime against humanity.

    1. I think the Queen has paid dearly for her crimes and they’re just putting on a show for now to pretend she’s still around. Same with JT. Same with Biden. I expect the same with the others shown here but haven’t followed them too closely. Time will tell if I’m right or cuckoo.

  1. Socialle distance on the picture but then all come together 2 seconds later. What a bunch of nonsense.

  2. When the Queen does burns they are smooth! Note the grammer you not we. She just parent chastised boris infront of the grown ups and he knows it.

  3. who cares. we must end the state of emergency in all the provinces and repeal the law so we are never in this situation again.

  4. There they are folks. The ones that tell you what to do. And laugh at all of you while you do it.

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