Queens Borough Pres. In Wake Of Ida: ‘We Need This Infrastructure Bill Passed’


  1. didn’t they already pass that bill like a month ago? and doesn’t NY also have the largest budget of any state already? maybe stop misappropriating funds and actually use your tax payer dollars for what they are for, rather than lining pockets.

  2. When you go to a football game and hear the stadium of 30,000 yelling
    and it’s not just one stadium lmao🤣

  3. If it was real infrastructure only a 3rd of it is. The rest is special interests for the Democrats pass nothing. To expensive are you listening Joe Manchin. Hold the line the real rescue plan is coming 2022.

  4. Here come the good ol democrats again. Spending it on useless trash like the climate and never letting a good crisis go to waste.

    1. @B. T. I wouldn’t have voted for the 2017 tax cuts but you do realize that the top bracket only got a 2.6% (39.6-37%) reduction and it expires in 2025. Hardly a $1.9T break.

    2. @Anonymous User
      Apple, Microsoft, Netflix and Amazon pay next to nothing gramps.
      Sixty companies paid absolutely zero.
      John Deere and Prudential are both expecting another huge tax credit with other corporations expecting the same.

    3. @B. T. so who’s fault is that GRAMPS? not the company’s fault. if you don’t like the tax code, go ask your Congressman GRAMPS.

  5. “We need to spend over $3.5 trillion not fixing infrastructure. I’ll get my share of kickbacks, so I can go live in the Caribbean. That’s how this works.”
    – Queens Borough President Donovan “Grifter” Richards Jr.

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  7. Yes the devil and the vamps of the public school, the formal and the normal education. Folks want the best for their public school children. To bad the devil’s shadow lurking vamp has other plans. Yes the formal not the best not the brightest simply the most vamping vampire spell bound.

  8. The better Angel eye, of Swift Azure, seems to streak through these vamping Pelosi vampires like a hair frying lighting bolt. Yes the vampire fire alarm, on the Capital hill of Boston beans.

  9. Using a natural disaster that has killed people for political purposes. Interesting. Not surprised coming from a party that just killed 12 marines in Afghanistan though.

  10. Translation: give me federal funds that I can spend in my community. I get money and my voters don’t have to pony it up.

  11. to rebuild you need the bi-partisan infrastructure bill already on Pelosi’s desk. that and disaster relief money.

  12. So Democrats don’t care about roads and bridges…the REAL infrastructure.

    It will be interesting to see what the Supreme Court says about the “infrastructure” boondoggle they hope to ram thru.

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