1. This woman has been my queen for all of my life . I’m a 62 year old man . It still feels unreal . I still shed a tear .

  2. The beauty shop at the mall
    Well you’re just another head of hair

    That’s alright, that’s ok
    You don’t feel important, honey
    All I’ve got to say is to the world
    You may be just another girl
    But to me
    Baby, you are the world

  3. I thought her journey through Scotland was conducted extremely well and the Scottish people who lined the route were a credit to their country. Thank you Scotland from down South.

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  5. Thanks for the respectful tone of this ‘video’. a lovely tribute from the US. I see some affiliate channels in US and even Australia ‘yapping’ about how much they liked the Queen, quite loudly actually, when I cynically believe some of the anchors are using her death to get exra views.

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