1. Prayers and best wishes to Her Majesty and the family. Royalty or not, the loss of the matriarch is a monumentally sad event. Wishing for a full recovery.

    1. @Jason Eaton The late queen has very little to do with the formation of policy. It’s a strictly apolitical position, and she’s not even allowed to vote. It’s been awhile since British monarchs have had any real political power, and while I am no expert, I couldn’t tell you what Elizabeth II’s political views are.

      It’s a very different system than what we have in the US. In the US, the president is both head of state and head of government. But in most democracies, the role of head of state (mostly ceremonial) and the head of government (the person with the real political power) are two separate people. In the UK, the Queen (now King — this will take getting used to) is the head of state, but the prime minister, currently Liz Truss in the UK, is the head of government, and is the one with political power, and the responsibility that goes with that power.

      The purpose of having a separate head of government and head of state is that a head of state doesn’t get involved in the actual governing of the nation. It’s easier for a “neutral” head of state to unify the country because they are above the political fray. It helps keep the nation more united.

      How else do you think Elizabeth II has maintained such a high popularity for 70 years?

    2. @Joboygbp Edwards I think you need to recognize the situation. I’m in my mid-fifties, but both of us do not have a living memory of another monarch of the UK. That’s probably true of almost everyone commenting, and most people now living.

      Through all of the turmoil of the last seventy years, she’s been the one constant, and while it’s obvious that she was nearing the end of her life, the change is jarring, even for people not in the UK, or Commonwealth. The UK’s national anthem is now changed (It’s now “God Save the King”). The stamps, coins and currencies will all change, with the image of King Charles III replacing that of Queen Elizabeth.

      And as many reporters have stated, even among republicans (I am referring here not to the American political party, but to those who favor the abolition of the monarchy), Elizabeth II was very popular.

      Even the announcement was jarring, stating that the King and Queen Consort would be traveling to London today (the day after Queen Elizabeth’s death). The transition is immediate, and it hasn’t happened in 70 years. So yes, someone that’s 96 is obviously not going to live many more years, but it’s still a jarring moment.

      Also, at the time this video was posted, Queen Elizabeth’s death had not been announced. So many commenters were praying and hoping for a recovery, or at least a peaceful death. There’s nothing wrong with that, and ridiculing the expression of good wishes is in poor taste.

    3. @John Cronin I personally love the Queen. I just find it hard to believe that people find it hard to believe that a 96 yo is/was in poor health. What happens if Charles dies? Is Camilla the Queen or is Prince William the King?

  2. God bless the Queen and her family. This breaks my heart, she has always been a beacon of strength and graciousness.

    I am American, I love the Queen and her family; like I do our President Biden and our First Lady Dr Jill Biden. Along with our VP. All amazing and stoic figures in our lives.

    The Queen is at her beloved Balmoral which is no doubt a comfort to her with her family.

    1. I was born a subject of Queen Elizabeth and am currently an American voter, who voted for Biden. However, to compare QE2 to Dr. Jill Biden is… is ridiculous. I mean no disrespect to the current First Lady, but the two cannot even be compared.

      I actually expected her to be at Sandringham, but I may be prejudiced since my family sold much of the Sandringham property to the Queen Mum about four decades ago.

    2. @Bob A. Booey What is up with the misogeny against Michelle Obama? Why? Get a life…move on..get a pet…more than one brain cell.

    1. True love dies within a year of each other. From the moment he died. It was apparent she would follow. Seen it so many times in long marriages. 🌹🦋🌺🦋🌹🌈

    2. @Tee Tee Awwww, I’m so sorry to hear that. Grief is possibly *the* worst/hardest thing to experience as human being. You never get over the pain….it truly is a heart break. Last month my daughter would have turned 18…..everytime I see a dark curly haired girl with blue eyes I think of her and imagine that’s what she would’ve looked like. I’m in my mid 40’s and remember the day Prince (now King) Charles and Princess Diana married. I still have the Princess Diana paper dolls from my childhood (she came with glamorous outfits as well as maternity outfits for when she fell pregnant with Wills.) I’m from “across the pond”, but I’m a quarter Scottish and have always loved/admired Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana. I’ve been to London & Derbyshire and Scotland. I love Great Britain and its people. I’m so sorry for the loss of your Queen and I’m sorry for what you’re currently enduring. I’ve lost all four of my grandparents (one passed before my birth) over 20 years ago…. and I saw how much my parents suffered. I heard/saw that Harry was an hour late in being by his late grandmother’s side —— reminds me of my father….he had walked in on his father taking his last breaths….and he always blamed himself for not getting to Hospital sooner…..he never got over it.😢 This is a sad, sad day. I cried when Prince Phillip passed last year after my birthday, and cried all day today. What a wonderful woman her Majesty the Queen was, and what a great life she lived.Her legacy lives on forever! 
      My sincere condolences. ❣I wish you the very *very* best, friend. ((HUGS))

    3. Happened to my elderly neighbors a couple years ago. The Weavers. The wife was the lunch lady at my middle school, and I knew her well. Always so kind. She retired in like 2017 or 18. Her husband died in like 2021 and she died a few months later.

  3. She’s been the Queen of England longer than most people have been alive. Think about that for a minute. Even if someone was 10 years old when she became queen, it is doubtful if that person would remember anything about George VI . Wow. Prayers for the family and for England.

    1. @MARK HADDOW well ok. I guess we’ve been following the activities of the wrong person all this time.

    2. @T S Ive heard that, while Elizabeth was relatively conservative in her behavior, the Queen Mother, who died at age 100, was pretty bawdy and one time leaned out of her window, drink.in hand, and joked something like “Would one Queen join another for a drink?”. To a gay member of staff outside.

    3. @Allan McInnes I’m a Yank distantly related to Mary Queen of Scots and King James I of England, more directly to William Wallace’s uncle. We Yanks have a voyeuristic guilty pleasure watching the Queen and the Royal family for a lifetime. after all, we fought a war to separate from King George, we don’t want to even hint to ourselves we’re missing a monarch lol! But although I understand the various arguments against a monarch and royal family, it’s been a lot of fun watching them and also heartbreak, sometimes wishing we had a family like that we could watch like a soap opera. Oh yeah, we did
      The Kennedy’s. But our dynasties are shortlived! May blessings and peace reign down on their family and assuage their grief.

    1. Yeah not hard when your born into privilege.
      The blessing was all the hard working folks that bleed and paid for her to have that life.

    2. @Me Off All the hard working folks have been happy with a monarchy since medieval England, don’t blame her for it ?

    3. @Jane Doe I agree that in this 21st century that no country should still have a monarchy,
      but to change that the whole country will have to come to a decision.

    1. Yes, she has — extraordinary. Rarely has there been any type of leader in history to show such dedication as she has.

  4. It sounds , unfortunately , that they may wish to have her pass peacefully at Balmoral , the home she loves , with the people she loves. I saw her being crowned on a littler black and white TV , so many years ago , but everyones time must come .

    1. Here in California my Mom to my sister and I that her and her Mom watch the Coranation on a small black and white TV.

  5. They’ve called in the family. That’s the phrase people have always used to to notify everyone else that the end is near for someone. I’m so shocked to wake up to this news this morning. Praying for her comfort and peace and for the comfort of her family and all those around the world who are hurting.

    1. @Nadine Clarke I don’t know it’s just that she’s been the queen for so long it feels weird knowing she won’t be alive to rule anymore

  6. Her Majesty’s life has been lived before the public’s eye.
    This woman has shown strength, courage, grace, class, and dignity…always with intent to put Britain’s best foot forward.

    Britain could not have asked for a more gracious representative.

    1. @Jordan Pollard Perhaps you should consider that this woman as a young girl stood bravely, and proudly on a crumbling balcony as enemy planes attacked her country. This woman volunteered to stand with her military troops at war time.

      She put herself before an enemy, and displayed both courage and hope for her country….she helped rebuild a nation.
      Her efforts and dedication to Britain provides you the freedom and opportunity to post your sarcasm.

      Obviously, you take for granted that the images we see of Britain are those of civility, grace, and diplomacy…all guarded and practiced these last 70 years by Her Majesty.

    1. @Daniel Di Palma
      How about citing specific examples of what she herself has done.

      It appears to me that you have condemned her for things her ancestors did.
      Imagine if you yourself had been born into the Royal Family way back in the era she was. It is easy to imagine that you would have done no better than she. Or perhaps you’d find yourself following in, hmm, say, Andrew’s mold.

  7. The Queen has lived a very long and formidable life. I can’t even fathom everything she has done for her people. I almost feel as though she’s become a royal grandmother to so many of us.

    I lost my grandparents a couple years ago and it’s so very hard, and with the Queen especially nations will be mourning for her. All I can ask is that she is kept comfortable and out of pain. No one deserves to suffer. My heart goes out to her and her family, and I hope she can rest easy, knowing that she lived a life full of important and wonderful service to her nation. Long live the Queen, and may her rest be peaceful ❤️

  8. It’s with a heavy heart I can confirm Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 96 just over two hours ago. Godspeed my queen.

    I wish to convey my deepest gratitude for the unwavering leadership Her Majesty has gifted the nation and wider world, through the best of times and the worst of times, for over seventy glorious years. Equally I wish to thank the Royal family for their roles supporting the queen. My heartfelt condolences go to the queens children, grand children, great grandchildren, and extended family. As this historic moment unfolds before us I also extend my sympathies to all my fellow Brits at home in the United Kingdom, at home in the greater Commonwealth, and expats living abroad all over the world whom both mourn and celebrate the historic life and thr selfless lifelong dedication of our Queen Elizabeth II. Our dearly departed Queen remained on the throne until the last few moments of her extraordinary life for the sake of the nation and the greater Commonwealth. I find it difficult to even begin conveying my most sincere gratitude to our dearly departed Queen Elizabeth II. At this moment I don’t have the word to justify how grateful I am. Today shall be remembered as a day of profound loss and in celebration of a extraordinary woman, loving matriarch, a remarkable life well lived, and a queen wholly dedicated to the nation, the Commonwealth, and the wider world.

  9. God bless the Queen! I was born the day of the Queen’s coronation. She has such an amazing life story and I feel blessed to have lived during her reign, abd I have alwas had great respect for her. Her two older sons have not made her life an easy one. Long live the Queen!! 💚👸🏼☮️

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