1. Stuck in the middle with you. Is the perfect part of the lyrics for the audience to be there. 0:30 Also how it waited for it to show the person sitting there right after saying stuck in the middle with you. Leaving two interpretations open till the last moment. That’s if you’re only looking at that one scene. Also how the music just cuts out. Leaving the scene just looking at what’s about to happen.

    Then there’s also I just scared of all my chairs. Bringing attention to the person being in a chair. By drawing attention to the opposite of what you’re hearing.

  2. Easy, he watched good movies, bad movies and silky movies and he mixed them all up and added his own personal touch.

    1. that’s what i like about him. he doesn’t ‘discriminate’ movies. he can watch a movie that a lot of people consider crap and appreciate what it has to offer.

    2. Not true. Some people do not like how he handles violence. They can’t do it in their own films because morally they feel they can’t cross that line. Makes them feel dirty. Obviously Tarantino doesn’t think morally in those terms but all the worst people Iv grown up around who are violent love his films.

  3. If you watch older cinema than Tarantino you will see a lot of shtick he has pulled forward from them. That and original content. I’m glad he admits it.

  4. I’ve met Mr Tarantino .
    He was a coolest guy to me .
    When I saw Kill Bill my mind went blown out of proportion..
    Thank you Mr. Tarantino …

  5. Tarantino has to come up with a movie that glorifies peace, he’s the only polymath who can wake up all of humanity overnight.

  6. I like how the style of acting goes. How the table toss for example in Pulp Fiction wasnt in the script and they just went with it and it worked beautifully in the “say what” scene

  7. No one builds tension like Quentin. He can make you interested n care about who’s on the beach while showing you a tide closing in for their imminent death. He lights small, medium n large flames within 1 scene while maintaining your attention on something subtle and unexpected. Suddenly you’re like a ball in a pinball machine. Getting ricochet by multiple plot points, character deaths, one liners n imagery you will NEVER FORGET.(like throwing a can into someone’s face or seeing woman pluck someone’s eyes out mid combat). Quentin without question is one of the greatest directors of all time.

  8. Tarantino scored high with our people when he made The Inglorious B. Every Jewish-minded person loves this movie. It’s actually a WW2 dark comedy with over-the-top violent scenes. That was always Quentin’s unique film style, as I describe it.

  9. Jackie Brown is my Tarantino favorite; the key I believe was the sweet love story which is something I believe is rarely associated with a Tarantino film.

  10. He’s just so humble talking about his own movies. Just a genius could write something like that. I love all the movies and the man himself. He’s the one who gives my life a light on the horizon, every single day. Thank you Quentin! And finally, see you next year in London. A dream come true.

  11. Awesome writer and director. He is all over the place of multi layers of characters developing. He needs to write another the movie with John Travolta. 👍🏼💙

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