Questions: U.S. President Joe Biden on Kabul airport attack, vows to retaliate


    1. Of course he is . The biggest pupet the world has ever seen next to Trudeau. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a ventriloquist doing the talking

  1. I tried an experiment, I taught my dog to say yes or no by barking. One bark yes, two barks no. Here’s how it went…

    Hey pup, if you had to evacuate a country would you evacuate the military before civilians?
    Bark Bark

    My dog is smarter then the president.

    1. Double-jabbed no doubt ^
      Awaiting boosters to continue…
      Unless of course sarcasm purely intended..

  2. “All contacted me, usually by letter”

    Love those carrier pigeons.
    Always on point, no deflections.


  3. He could help by strapping himself and the Jamaican anchor baby to an ICBM and launching it at Afghanistan.

  4. The only win Biden will ever get from his Afghanistan fiasco is knowing that he did, ultimately, make Obama’s Benghazi screw up look trivial by comparison.

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