Rabbi Speaks On Emotional Toll Of Condo Collapse On Surfside Community 1

Rabbi Speaks On Emotional Toll Of Condo Collapse On Surfside Community


Miami-Dade Police Chaplain Rabbi Yossi Harlig joins Ayman to speak on the emotional toll of the Surfside condo collapse.  
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  1. I also want to recognize the excruciatingly difficult job of recovering these victims. The people who did this must be given special care over time as this would be traumatizing to anyone. Condolences to them also. And to the dogs who tirelessly worked till they were injured…

  2. My condolences for all families and friends that lost loved ones. My prayers to the first responders as well. I am thankful all victims have been recovered.

  3. At least those victims won’t have to deal with the pain of the eviction and foreclosure moratorium that’s about to end in America.

  4. I know many Canadians including myself watched what happened our hearts go out to you there are no words that can ease your pain but maybe now that they found the bodies at least you’ll have the peace in being able to bury them. All of us send you our wishes

  5. I only have one problem with this. If an all-powerful god can’t stop a condo from collapsing, then what good are they?

  6. Sending out healing energies to all the folks who lost loved ones in this horrendous building collapse.

  7. You see you people are constantly saying “how can this happen ” easy because you rather focus on concrete and pools. Then corruption greed negligence….Jail Jail Jail for all officials who said this place was Safe! Wake up or your building might be next! Greed did this….Period

  8. Thank you Rabbi, for your updated and for sharing your traditions with us. Now is the hard part, take one day at a time. And it’s ok to let yourself feel how you feel.. we send much love your way. Blessings

  9. Real Jews read about The Holy Spirit in the Torah Isaiah 30:1-4, Ezekiel 37:14, Psalms 91, Psalms 143:10

  10. That whole area will be underwater in the next decade. Abandon it, move inland, stop re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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