Race Between Ossoff, Perdue Remains Too Close To Call | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Race Between Ossoff, Perdue Remains Too Close To Call | Morning Joe | MSNBC


MSNBC's Steve Kornacki returns to the big board early Wednesday morning for the latest updates on the Georgia runoffs, where the race between Jon Ossoff and David Perdue is still too close to call. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Race Between Ossoff, Perdue Remains Too Close To Call | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @William H I knew Willie Boy was a loser at heart. After all the misinformation you spread these last months….you’re still a loser. Hope they paid you at least minimum wage to post all that BS buddy.

    2. @sue neil
      He’s one third…
      TUR-tle, and one third
      TUR-key neck, and one third

      There, that about sums him up

    1. @daver 88 Biden, like many politicians, has a habit of putting his foot in it. Does that mean every politician who can’t think on his feet has dementia? There are a few Republicans who can’t think too well under pressure. It was a clever tactic to use Trump’s own cognitive frailties against him. Biden’s team made Trump’s stumbling the focal point of the media, not his own.

      Biden is perfectly lucid. If he was suffering any kind of dementia before 2016, it would be far worse than what you’re claiming now. Reagan went rapidly downhill. He had to be regularly prompted by Nancy about what to say to the media. By your metric, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has dementia because, like Biden, he is a gaffe machine.

      The ONLY reason the right-wing media are bringing this up about Biden is because Trump’s had to deal with people calling him out on his very real psychological issues. There have even been suggestions that Trump may be showing some early signs of dementia. So, your side is now out for revenge. That’s all it is, isn’t it? This is yet another incidence of your side going “we know what we are, but what about you?”

      You lot are absolutely despicable garbage people.

    1. A lot. Republican speculation was that the election was rigged ( it wasn’t) so why vote in an election that won’t count my vote.

  1. A direct result of the BS that the GOP has pulled post-election, including the clown show expected in Congress today. Nobody wants them in power. Congrats to Warnock and hopefully to Ossoff, too.

    1. @John Browneyes The GOP knows they’re dying, hence all the shenanigans to overthrow elections. Their desperation shows.

    1. Well, it looks like Trump and the idiots that wanted Republicans to protest by not voting (?) made enough of an impact to put the Democrats in. I hope that the Republican Party takes this to heart and disavows the traitor Donald Trump.

    2. @Homer G. Muttenhead Priceless!!! You absolute, unmitigated utter fu£kw1t.
      Go find a brain, then and only then try joining in with public discourse.
      You’re an embarrassment to your nation.
      Now go away.

  2. the south did rise again. congrats to the dems for getting out the vote and to Stacy Abrams, well done.

    1. @Mark Earnest and the gap you call your brains, you are not funny. She help make history for Georgia. You, a sour puss!

    1. @CommonSense I been saying this to everyone around me. I also know that Donald Trump did all of this purposely to get back at Republicans for not backing his election coup. Donald knew Mitch would not let the vote on the $2,000 checks through which in turn would crush Republicans chance gain them seats
      Donald Trump single handedly destroyed the Republican party. To be able to turn Georgia blue is an amazing feat itself. Hopefully the next 4 years will be smooth and we as a country can relax. We deserve it.

    2. @• Starrs • I hope he does too but chances of that are slim to none because our justice system is highly screwed.

    3. Let’s get to work on that 400+ pile of House bills that have turned yellow from neglect. Helping to redirect those funds from the thieves to the people.

  3. And of course the sheep will bleat about fraud…unless of course their criminals win, then there is no fraud.

    1. @Noreb yes there is a Russian hoax that’s how that orange and lump of got in the office to begin with but he’s not going to do it again

    2. @Mohammad Chowdhury did you miss out on basic schooling or are you consuming drugs? Or are you just pretending to be very very stupid?

    1. @Obama Care if Ossoff wins legislation from the House will be brought to the floor of the Senate for consideration and voting. For example, the voting rights protection House Bill that has been languishing in Moscow Mitch’s graveyard of legislation since early 2019.

    1. @Don Unfortunately, i think hes made his mark on Americans now, most that follows the cult are unable to think for themselves. I just hope America can recover. And obviously, those in office, should also pay for their part in this circus show

      From this White Male 59 year old CHRISTIAN!!
      Praise GOD ON HIGH WHO STILL HAS ALL…………….

      ……….Wait for it…………..

      D O M I N I O N !!!!!

  4. Incoming call: “Brad I just need 16,000 votes for my guy, Perdouche. He won and he won BIGLY. It’s not fair!”

    1. I am/was a conservative until I recently saw pple treating trump like a God- it’s not about values anymore, it’s about pple idolizing a person. Sickening.

    2. @Dee G It’s called a cult. I always wondered how one person could have so much control over so many people. Now the world have witnessed exactly how it’s done. Cult leaders are basically master manipulators and for whatever reason, people buy into it. They get so deep into it that they lose a sense of all reality. The cult leader’s main goal is to see what they can get from having people blindly worship them. That’s what I have observed from watching this Trump cult happen before my eyes. And you’re right. He’s like a Godly figure to his followers.

    1. It’s not up to the president. Trump tampering with the DOJ was a crime against US democracy. Noone should encourage any president to follow Trump’s lead.
      But Biden certainly shouldn’t pardon any of them.

    2. @Darrin Fry Excellent point. We just want Biden to select a just and impartial AG to hold criminals accountable for their perversion of the law.

    3. I don’t think Biden will get anything done even with the majority. His hands are tied by corporate interests.

    4. @ray kowaluk Eric Holder’s name is associated with the Kenya born muslim extremist Obama (they seriously told my grandmother that in church), so the cult of ignorance would never take his actions seriously. We need a Republican with integrity, like Mueller before the disinformation campaign, or a non-partisan. Preferably ex-military.

    1. @Jason Milton not cleared yet.. when 50% of the population is THAT stupid!! ; it will take still 100 years to fix it.

    1. @Lloyd Favors His term ended on the 3rd so he can’t be part of the Debacle we’re going to witness today.

    1. AMEN to that JOY Do COME In The. MORNING. THANK You Jesus for All THAT You Do . Keep Praying AMERICAN People

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