Race Car Lost Control at Vernamfield Race Meet in Clarendon | TVJ News – July 17 2022

Race Car Lost Control at Vernamfield Race Meet in Clarendon | TVJ News - July 17 2022 1


  1. Supras are one of my favorite cars. I said to some people in race terms- the Supra dem ago kill so people today(figuratively). Can’t believe it literally happened.

    1. 😁 the verse is not meant like that 😄 we can’t cast spells with our words.
      If we have negative speech it can only affect our own mind / character 🧠

    2. @Chalk Key Can’t believe you are literally giving a meaning to somthing we are figuratively speaking of.

    3. I know that the first comment said figurative but the reason why I put the context to the proverbs you mentioned is because most people don’t realise that the other words before and in that verse are pointing to how their own mouth will affect themself.
      There is no problem to how you want to use it, but (by grace) hopefully what I said will bless somebody and free their mind from the fear of people putting their mouth on them

  2. I am always watching the drag races, and I knew this was going to happen because of lack of barriers at the start of the race. These people think they are metal. Why stand where if the car looses control you could get hit?. I wish it didn’t happen but saw it coming.

  3. On my doorstep not looking good praying for everyone hope to God my relatives are not here today

  4. A true raceway must have a platform for audience to watch race like with Dover Raceway. Then again Vernamfield is not an official raceway and it didn’t crossed anyone’s mind that standing at ground level with no crash bars isn’t safe. Speedy recovery to those who were injured and RIP to the one that died.

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