'Race To The Bottom': ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ Author J.D. Vance Deletes Trump Critiques 1

‘Race To The Bottom’: ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ Author J.D. Vance Deletes Trump Critiques


‘Hillbilly Elegy’ author J.D. Vance has apologized for his negative statements about Donald Trump, as he launches his U.S. Senate bid for an Ohio seat. Joy Reid critiques J.D. Vance’s walk back in this edition of ‘The Absolute Worst.’
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  2. One consolation throughout this phenomenon of Republican mass mental illness is that we see who has backbone; and who does not.

    1. Can you imagine being a member of the Secret Service detail assigned to protect this fool – to be willing to take a bullet for his sake?
      Oh, by the way – you’re an ignorant little man, Daryl.

    2. you mean like that list Joke B. handed to Putin at their last meeting. And how we already had 4 cyber attacks this year(6months) and Joke B. has done nothing! Like spinless Joe? Yep we see ya Joke B. Or do you mean spinless like how our borders are being over ran with *illegal immigrants* but he hides behind his wall at the W.H. with troops. Yep we see ya Joke. B that’s all.

    3. @Colorado IsME I see you have joined your brother Ivan, Vlad. You know you could defect too. Maybe I could sponsor you both, bro.

  3. trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a fair democratic election

    1. @Jacques Cousteau Sad to say, Jacques, but yeah, he really did. Sorry, but guilty as charged – you’re being conned.

    2. Sorry Joy, no one arrested at the Capitol was carrying a firearm. GOP doesn’t want to vote for a bill filled with Democrat pork and wokeness crap that has some cash for the police. This is what Joy says is defending the police.

  4. Vance is against taking down statues of confederate traitors because he falsely believes it’s erasing history, but he’ll delete his tweets about Trump in an attempt to erase his history of criticizing him.

  5. I use to think the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch seemed something from an over worked imagination. They depict the Republican party of today.

  6. Trump-“I can’t release my taxes because I’m being audited.”
    SDNY-“We have your taxes and they show you’ve been a liar, a fraud and a cheat your whole life.”

    1. May i drop a little logic on you? The federal and state tax authorities have always had Trump’s tax returns…and they are both perfectly capable of prosecuting fraud. Yet, they said not a word, not when he announced he was running, not at any time during the 2016 campaign, and not now. So what did the SDNY find in Trump’s tax returns that the federal and state tax authorities missed? not a thing. Yet you listed with baited breath for the past four 1/2 years to these losers in the media manipulate you with their nonsense stupidity and lies. Well done.

    2. @Yank ee well, spanks, if the president is in debt to foreign lenders we have a right to know. Think hard, I’ll let you know when I smell smoke.

    1. @Leftist Annihilator
      I suppose the barely literate slack-jawed yokels have to be heard somewhere.

    2. @noragallivant And yet your treasonous political heroes depend on that ‘fly-over’ country full of the people you so ignorantly described for votes, don’t they?

    3. @Diana Beebe You people really need to seek out alternative sources of information, because you’re all being deceived.

  7. I dont really get it i suppose he lied used the highed office to enrich himself and tried a tinpot dictator move and 40% of the country still won’t see him as he truly is

    1. @Diana Beebe I just saw a recent picture of Barron he was with Melania and he was wearing all black clothes and had shaggy hair and he looked like he was in a grunge band.

    2. @MAGAtards are fake patriots junk Hunter used his name to get some Ukrain maffia money ….

  8. The irony!!! GOP men always talk about how they are “alpha” strong men…that the rest are just weak “beta” men.

  9. All these GOP tough guys always talking about them being the “alpha” males while Trump has them bent over

    1. Remember ANIMAL HOUSE? Thank you sir, may I have another. Thank you sir, may I have another.

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