Rachel and Lawrence Talk The Most Important Question In Trump Org. Indictment 1

Rachel and Lawrence Talk The Most Important Question In Trump Org. Indictment

Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell explore the questions that were not answered in the indictment of the Trump Organization. Rachel tells Lawrence: "I bet we are going to learn about it before too long."
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    1. My dear sweet friend..i have three words for you my friend..i mean it with great respect…hunter bidens computer….why are they not reporting on that scandel?…im not trying to be rude…just time for a little fair…its not right for anyone to attack family just because of politics…the so called tax scemes are not unlike tax scemes used by any other corporation to minimize their payments…just like every other average citizen does what they can to minimize paying so much in taxes..it stradegy..not a criminal scheme..ppl are allowed to use loopholes…and im quit certain all ruch ppl do about the same as trump…giving gifts..tax deductable is not a dirty word…

    2. @Angela Smith Take it up with Rudy Colludy. If he had “evidence” of crimes from Hunter’s laptop, why didn’t he just post it all to Facebook? LOL. Because it was just lies. Enjoy the indictments, sweetheart!

  1. This is just the start of the unravelling of the web of corruption and fraud that is Trump.
    It will creep up to his family and Donnie will slow roll them all under the bus…
    “Daddy loves you…just lie still and be quiet…it will all be fine…over in a couple of weeks….some say”.

    1. @Marie-Flo Reddy yes…Donnie was a Dem…and he is Putin’s puppet and he is corrupt, so…you described Donnie to a T!
      A corrupt Dem puppet.

    2. @Michael Bray In all fairness, Donny was whatever he had to be to run his con. In plain sight he has thrown person after person under the bus when his cons blew up, and the minions will still make excuses for him when, not if, when he throws his own kids under the bus. All along it has been a character test, and 74 million people share his character.

    3. @Cindy Schneider a disturbing possibility, but I think it more complex than that. Donnie appears to allow people the freedom to be themselves, until it conflicts with his wants…

  2. I can’t wait to see Trump throw Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr under the bus. His betrayal of all things decent will then be complete.


  3. Today was just the beginning…The ‘Real’ charges will come & with it Trump’s ‘Real’ problems

  4. Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do when they come for you
    tromp; throw everybody under the bus

  5. We still have a ton of cages on the border. We can put Russian agents(aka Trump supporters) in them till we can deport them to Russia. Since they see Putin more favorable than Biden.

    1. @shane3214 Sorry, the only ones left are the one’s who Trump lost their families.

    2. @Realpeopleneverpost he was down to 480, only 32 with unknown families. The rest just wanted them to stay in America.
      Those are actual facts ladies. Don’t freak out at me.

    3. @shane3214 No shane, Trump was never down on anything, his policy was for them to rot there. Those are the facts.

    4. @Realpeopleneverpost no, that was BS. Just a hater that can’t admit Trump handled the boarder better. It’s a humanitarian crisis now.
      You’re in the stages of grief, I’ll give you space.
      Hey, AZ is turning criminal and Katie Hobbs has been stripped of power. hehe

    1. Whenever a giant building collapses (World Trade Center , Surfside Florida) there is a period time (minutes , hours , days , months) when the toxic concrete dust has to settle back or blow off.
      With the formal collapse of Trump , Inc. via indictments , a cloud of thick nebulous dust is hovering.
      Before speculating or predicting our way into a pile of rubble …… allow ourselves judicious pause to acquire clarity and facilitate jurisprudent process to prevail.

      Normally I am one who storms the Bastille and decapitates vanquished opponents (Trump and his wretched offspring).

      So , presently we should move forward with deliberation.
      We proceed with caution to preempt adjudication dismissively favorable to the felonious Trump clade.
      We avoid prosecutorial errors of procedure.

      Meanwhile …… Lock them Up and then Hang them High !!
      I be glad to do so for a Fistful of Dollars.

    2. My lord, of course it’s a witch hunt. The prosecutors are going to do what politicians couldn’t do, draining the Trump swamp. Every Q and Fascist witch will be hunted down. Back to the GOP. Even McConnell has to make a choice, the GOP or the GQFP.

  6. Trump brags about not paying taxes. The DA we will investigate your organisation for larceny and tax fraud for tax evasion purposes. Doh

    1. He’s been telling everyone who’ll listen for years. Can’t back out now.

  7. I can’t stop thinking on Oprah walking into the Trump Tower and screaming…YOU GOT AN INDICTMENT…YOU GOT AN INDICTMENT!…EVERYBODY GOTS AN INDICTMENT!

  8. When children are raised by narcissistic, and corrupt parents its not uncommon that they become corrupt a-hole adults. Apple doesn’t fall far from the dye job tree.

  9. Trump: “How do I get out of this?” Ron Fischetti: “Sir, you’re going to need a bigger bus.”

  10. RICO time? No worries, Giuliani is an expert with that… ooh, dang Rudy “Pooh-Pooh” can’t do the crooked lawyer thing right now.

  11. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul.” Jesus Christ, Mark 8:36

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