Rachel Maddow Draws Parallels Between Spiro Agnew & Donald Trump In Her New Book 'Bag Man' | MSNBC 1

Rachel Maddow Draws Parallels Between Spiro Agnew & Donald Trump In Her New Book ‘Bag Man’ | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss her new book out today on Richard Nixon's first Vice President, Spiro Agnew, called "Bag Man: The Wild Crimes, Audacious Cover-Up, and Spectacular Downfall of a Brazen Crook in the White House." On the parallels between Agnew and Trump. "I do think Agnew is under-appreciated as the first modern draft of the type Republicanism that ultimately brought us I think Sarah Palin…and Donald Trump. It's a specific type of Republicanism that deviates from what that party brought us in the past." Aired on 12/08/2020.
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Rachel Maddow Draws Parallels Between Spiro Agnew & Donald Trump In Her New Book 'Bag Man' | MSNBC


  1. Trump’s cult of personality is destroying the Republican Party.
    It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group…

    1. You need to get off the CNN & MSNBC addition. It makes you mucho tupido….This is what the corporate news media does. They lie, or at least fail to do anything resembling due diligence as long as what they are reporting hurts Donald Trump and then they clarify. That is not responsible journalism. There is no doubt that millions of people will continue to believe this lie that was corrected in under in less than two hours. As the old saying goes, lies travel the globe before the truth can get its pants on. Make no mistake this vaccine and others, as well as therapeutics, are deeply tied to the president’s efforts on Operation Warp Speed. It doesn’t matter how much anybody hates Donald Trump, the truth is the truth….https://thefederalist.com/2020/11/09/media-lies-about-pfizer-partnership-with-trump-administrations-operation-warp-speed/

    2. @cattycorner I’ll bet you didn’t donate/loan/give t-slime a dime for his ‘legitimate’ voter fraud fund drive.

    3. @BostonBruins 88 if BLM is a terrorist organization – like the PLO – then the Republican Party is like the Wehrmacht.

    1. @Springs & Sprockets It is taught; people (Trump followers) fail to learn. You can lead the horse to water but you can’t make it drink = Dunning-Kruger effect.

    2. Yeah, in spite of our repub-vaunted exceptionalism, as a group we’re kinda slow on the uptake, and childishly impressionable. Thus fat-donnie’s bluff & bluster.

  2. I don’t remember a great amount of detail from Agnew’s days, but I do know the Secret Service used to count the silverware every time he left the White House.

    1. i remember agnew quite well… he claimed that america had no organized crime.. lol …. he was organized crime..

    2. I remember him and his famous complaint about the press: “nattering nabobs of negativism.” Yeah, going after criminals is just sooo negative! /s

    1. @cattycorner
      Stop trying to mislead everyone in to thinking that you ever liked Rachel Maddow. You’re just a pesky little troll.

    1. Tony Soytits, Biden is a joke and breaks bones just walking! It would not have been a fight Trump would have killed Dementia Joe Kid Touch!


    1. @WRK You tards support the most corrupt party on the globe this is 100 percent proof. This is the most alarming evidence i have ever seen of corruption in my entire long lifetime. Joe is in big with china and all those fraud ballots were brought over through the southern border from china the proof is here 100 percent.

    2. @#j G what happened the scotus just denied the pennsylvania Republicans it stands Biden winner of all Pennsylvania electoral votes tell that to your chinese communist friends own that’s got to hurt

    3. @Patrick Cioffi They are all corrupt its not iver yet Texas has the large suit
      We live in the most corrupt country in the world. They even have proof millions of fraud ballots were sent through the southern border and they continue ftom China. A whisle blower even showing them being made in China. Biden is in with China its all right here live today. I hope war break sout and million die because that may be what we have to do

    4. @#j G Do you really get paid for writing this pathetic garbage, Svetlana? Путину, Маленькому Владу Пригожину, СВР РФ и группе Вагнера нужно прыгнуть в кучу дымящегося свиного помета! (Putin, ‘Little Vlad” Prigozhin, the SVR RF, and the Wagner Group can take a flying leap into a pile of steaming pig dung!)

  4. What does thhe stock market and don the con’s claims of election Fraud have in common? Both are FALSE REALITIES! pop pop!!

    1. @cattycorner No, not a fact at all. There are no facts as you claim, none at all. All of donalds cases have been thrown out, no evidence, no facts!

    2. @cattycorner the only problem is, every time the trump organization has a court case, they can’t deliver proof AND skip “fraud”! Already more that 34 are thrown out, even by REPUBLICAN appointed judges…
      Don’t you think IF there was ANY proof of that, it wasn’t already ALL over every front page? But still, ALL you hear is “we have tons of proof” followed by an ear deafening silence…..
      But yeah, it works and trumpers give generously to trumps “defense wallet”.
      I have to give it to him, he found a better and faster scheme then the TV evangelicals!!

    3. Apparently you haven’t seen the video .
      And the FACT these Crooked governor’s . Did not follow legislation rules for changing election rules .
      Bumbling , Stumbling , child touching Biden will still when the popular .
      Not the electro college .

  5. Hey, I am a nurse and I feel that even though I want to get closer to my patients, I must think of my family by keeping myself from getting COVID.

    1. Nothing wrong with that hero. You didn’t sign up for battlefield casualty rates. You’re all HEALTHCARE HEROES.

    2. Autumn Meadows, i tested positive for covid Nov 16th and my sisister was hospitalized the same day. Thank all of you for caring for us and gratefully putting your own lives in jeopardy. I think you all should get a special bill simply because you do put your lives on the line for others.

    1. I too remember, Mitch , but we were kids then , we weren’t that interested. Also, in the ’70’s things couldn’t get as bad as they can now because of the absence of the internet and mass, hysteria , media. Trump is far worse than Anything I remember.

    1. Ro, Bill Clinton was like a president can’t get more disgusting than me and Dementia Joe Kid Touch said watch these kids rub my hairy legs and jump on my lap!

  6. I LOVED this exchange between Rachel and Andrea omg! So professional and yet so warm news doesn’t always have to be doom and gloom and watching these two women have a moment was moving.

  7. Roy Cohn was the archetype. Always on the offensive. Never admit you’re wrong. Facts don’t matter. Laws are irrelevant. The golden rule: he who has the gold, rules.

  8. brilliantly said and broken down, ty dr maddow and ms mitchell. 2 incredible human beings and great hosts! love you both!

  9. Darn, just yesterday I saw a Rachel Maddow interview and was disgusted with myself for not buying her last book when it was in book stores…and now she has another one?
    Shoot, my Christmas book list keeps getting longer and longer.

    1. @Mike Graham “smarter” well you are showing your lack of intelligence. “Opinion”s are similar to butt holes and most stink. For supporting a traitor like Trump makes you a loser, also unAmerican!

    2. @Mike Graham You support Trump, I need not say more. However, I had a 3.74 GPA in college when I was 35 yr old and complete a BS degree in 3 yrs, also retired when I was 47 yr old. How about you?

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