1. 🍔 Trump wants a war because he wants to distract the Squidbillies from his impeachment troubles

    1. Do you read, review, research or simply enjoy moral virtue signalling online, need I bother asking. Best Wishes.

    1. @Timothy Kozlowski Call it what you want because it isn’t your butt over there being shot at and bombed. Hope that ivory tower is well armed.

    2. @Rose Geaber …uh huh?….. Poor Rose, still thinks that Trump will be convicted in the senate… That’s what happens when you listen to the people on this network….

    1. @Democracy Now can you tell your mom I need my toilet cleaned when you get done mowing the lawn? Okay lawn mowing toilet cleaning mexican Americans for Warren 2020

    2. Absolutely and after their children are dead and they can bury them they must suit up and take their turn and fight for the bloated orange turd

    1. DragonFae16 She literally feeds Elizabeth Warren the answers that she wants to hear. Some journalism.

    2. I bet YouTube wasn’t paying them enough, so they were like fine, we’ll cut down our content and try to force more people to buy cable.

    1. @foreigner fan It is not 1977, and should not feel like the first time for anything to you… If you want to debate on the facts, count me in… If you want to grumble like a sad sack who does not know which way is up, carry on….

    2. @Carolyn’s RV Life Carolyn, Dave is not a Russian bot, nor Dave for that matter… Dave does warm the heart of Putin… but it is our educational system that let Dave or whoever he is down… big time… I do a good deal of traveling as well…. Here is to our next great adventure… Cheers…

  2. Threat of war is good news for Putin’s & the torturing Saudi Prince MBS (Murder By Saw) oil prices. Good for republican arms dealer donors too.

    1. @Rodney Boehner You must be mistaken this with the Faux News channel. Go there for your daily fill of lies.

    2. Why is war good for Putin? Especially for an ally of his and place where they train and keep soldiers.

  3. My sincere hope is that tRump’s one term of office unites a majority of Americans who dedicate themselves and teach their kids to get registered and vote – every election – every time. Young people, old people, men, women and everyone in between. Everyone participating in their own way, to support the Common Good for all Americans. Imagine tRump’s reaction to creating an America that stands up to the ultra-rich and breaks up monopolies in main stream media and regulates social media. A majority that insists on breaking up big banks who OWN and PROFIT from massive student debt and designing a universal not-for-profit tax based healthcare system that everyone participates in and everyone benefits from.

    Imagine the look on his face when a majority of every-day American Citizens decide to create a better future for everyone – a reaction driven by the fact that tRump was such a divisive and dangerous dictator “wanna-be” that he woke us all up to the dangers of attempting to allow our democratic Republic to “run on autopilot” while we all paid attention to “other” things. That IS the real reason we’re all going through these current events and it didn’t happen over-night. tRump is only a symptom of the vicious “winner take all” capitalism that has taken hold since the 1980’s. A socially-responsible capitalism IS possible and it is NOT “socialism”.

    When people told us that “Your vote doesn’t matter” a lot of people believed it – and it’s nothing but a LIE. Otherwise, why would a major political party spend so much time and $$$$ trying to convince us of that lie and suppress voting rights and gerrymander voting districts? We had better wake up fast. He’s already talking about a “third term” and/or his kids running in 2024. Personally, I’ve had quite enough of tRump and his grifter tribe for one life-time.

    1. Hey Just Me….63 million + Americans love our President. CNN has not only lied to you for over 3 years but has filled you with HATE.

    2. @Tom Waddle And a 100 million Americans dont cant you inbreds do simple math! Didnt think so bubba

    3. @hKunnit cip R100 Hey hKunnit, you communist still don’t understand what the Electoral College is and why it is in place – You HATE our constitution and our way of life. America voted – TRUMP WON. and will again in 2020!

  4. For a start we could limit every candidate to the same monetary maximum donation as every other American. Next we can outlaw the PACs.

    1. Also limit the air time and no targeted political ads by anyone. I would even go as far as designating a channel for political ads and government funded air time on all major news networks for serious canidates.
      Btw if you have gotten any targeted political ads on Facebook or other apps than that means that the politians sending you those ads have gathered data points on you probably without you knowing or consenting. That should be a serious crime and desperately needs to be addressed.

  5. Wow Iran shot down a commercial air liner and took the Black Boxes to hide the truth what a proud moment for MSNBCLSD Traitors!!

  6. Elizabeth Warren, you have my vote caring about the Americans peoples Elizabeth Warren come 2020, someone who cares about the peoples in this Country!

  7. Liz isn’t buying, selling or lying her way into the race. Clearly she’s a candidate who actually cares about Democracy and about ALL Americans.

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