Rachel To Lawrence: Lev Parnas Knows ‘The Truth Will Become Known’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Rachel To Lawrence: Lev Parnas Knows ‘The Truth Will Become Known’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


  1. Parnas didn’t want to be another “suicide” like Epstein or meet with an unfortunate fatal “accident” before the information was out in the public domain..

  2. Parnas saw what happened to everyone who worked for Trump and decided he didn’t want tire marks on his back.

  3. That Rachel Maddow interview with Parnas was like listening to the Nixon tapes. And just like the Nixon tapes, it’s worse than we ever imagined.

  4. Trump denying he knew Parnas was the turning point for him. He knew he was being hung out to dry, on his own & no one can blame him for not wanting to end up like all the other ‘associates’ of Trump, in jail whilst Trumps gets off scot free yet again.

    1. Kathleen Hammett ….exactly. As Michael Cohen and others described, it’s trump’s method to throw his helpers under the bus once he’s done with them or in a bind, so “they” do the time, and Teflon Don is never held accountable.

    2. @LLM Yep. Now we know when Giuliani said ” I’ve got insurance “, he meant it, even though he tried to walk it back. He knows exactly how Trump operates. As they say there’s no honour amongst thieves.. what an absolute corrupt bunch of individuals, I truly hope they all go down for this.

    1. Probably looking at some dank memes. Nobody outside this bubble cares about Parnas. How do you not understand how this game is played? Or maybe you LIKE the game!!

    2. Those flies are all wondering who is going to spill their guts first. Only a few witnesses get a pass, the others eat the crap sandwich.

    3. lil jack russell: Frankly, I’d like to be a voice activated tape-recorder, since a fly cannot be called to testify…

  5. If anything happens to him someone would have to investigate his murder, Epstien’s and the Deutsche Bank guys deaths as well.

    1. Barbara Mulvaney
      The FBI was investigating and BOWERS had Trumps records of at least a 500 million dollar loan. Suddenly he hangs himself! Hmmm.

  6. Imagine hating Democrats with every fiber of your being, and then realizing that the articles of impeachment being given to the Senate isn’t even the worst part of your day

    1. AlphaK91 don’t count on it. Revenge killings are very prevalent among organized thugs. I don’t trust this guy at all. I believe his interview, and he was smart enough to present it with documents but he did this to receive a lesser sentence. That’s all. Glad he did. But he’s a thug like the rest of them.

    2. from the looks of the IMPEACHED presidents associates, he’s marked for life anyway. His lawyers should be pushing fora witness protection program that keeps him under wraps.

    1. What scandal, y’all leftards will believe anything….or want to believe everything….sorry, no impeachment, and 4 more years Baby!!! MAGA 2020

    2. antony michael … Does the FBI have the power to do this.
      I agree, but don’t want any more chaos and ruined careers

  7. Parnas saw Epstein’s murder and knew that he was next that’s why he got his story out and was so adamant about not being locked up in federal prison till his trial… remember William Barr had a secret visit with Epstein in federal prison in NY about a week before Epstein’s death 😳

    1. Barr is trump’s new “fixer”…
      Putin owns the trump White House and the GOP. Putin’s determines to get his payback for his beloved USSR 1989 and trump is his Yeltsin

  8. Good – why not take everyone down with him – we all know that’s what Trump will do. Poor Pence – what’s mother going to think of this?

  9. I’ve been saying for months that Lev’s evidence and testimony was going to be this President’s downfall..

    1. I predict that you’ll be saying it for another 59 months before realizing that it’s not gonna happen. You can hope though… Just like you were sure that attacking a “Gold Star” family would be Trump’s downfall, the Access hollywood tape would be Trump’s downfall, Stormy and Avenatti would be Trump’s downfall, Michael Cohen would be Trump’s downfall, Robert Mueller would be Trump’s downfall, the “whistleblower” would be Trump’s downfall… But who knows, maybe you’re right this time. After all, the Impound Control Act is always top-of-mind for Blue Collar Americans.

    1. @Ronald Richards The truth has to come out. That’s the American way.
      Parnas implicates Trump, Pompeo, Barr, Nunes and more in Trump’s corrupt scheme cheat.
      Truth must come out.

    1. The diarrhoea flows from CHUMPs administration into the Senate REPUBLI-KKK-ANs …… What a cover up…..BANG…BANG…I SHOT THE SHERIFF …BUT THE SHERIFF GOT AWAY…..THE toilet bowl in the WHITE HOUSE is full of Orange sewage ! Pull the plug already….Time for a cleansing of the PEOPLE’S HOUSE an America !

    1. Jeffrey Binder m8 are you not listening or watching? Oh wait! Your “criminal in chief” told you to close your eyes and cover your ears if you heard literature ANY CRITICS!

  10. I think he knows this is the safest way for him not to “commit suicide”. It sounds like Ms. Yovanovich (so) could have ended up another “case of suicide”.

    1. Let’s be careful on this one. The Robert Hyde story is a complete White House produced smokescreen and a way to blow up a completely amateur and risky wannabe.

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